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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Thank you everyone for following Jason's blog.
We can't thank you enough for your letters and  words of encouragement throughout these past two years.
Your support was more appreciated than you'll ever know.

Elder Glowa comes home on October 18th at 1:30 AM....
So on Monday night  if you're having trouble sleeping come join us at the airport..... LOL!!
For all those who were planning on coming with us.
Elder Glowa will be arriving on the Canadian side at the Airport because he is coming in from Toronto.
His flight number is Air Canada 7784 arriving at 1:35 am.

Thank you once again, We love you,
Fatima & Jay


Last email from the mission field in California.

October 15th,2011

Just a quick note, today is preparation day because next week is going to be transfer week and its on Monday this is the day president switched to preparation day. I just wanted to say thank you and that I'll see you around 1:35 am in Montreal Tuesday morning. Its crazy to think about what is happening. I am so tired it feels great I am going to work until I pass out tonight and then I will be seeing you all soon and give you the up dates of my life. I just wanted really to write that and make sure you had my Itinerary for my flight. I'm pretty sure you do, anyway I have to get going because we are trying to get everything done really fast so we can work as much as we can today seeing as its the last working day I will have in california. Hey so I hope you have been able to talk to the YSA elders so I can go with them on Tuesday for my last hours as a missionary.
I love you guys,
See you soon,
  Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El mexicano del Norte"
     -Forever Strong-
I understand I will be really weird for a while so just please bare with me as I try and get sane or at least some version of it. We went to the Temple yesterday and I felt so weird and awkward all day. It was just weird not having a definite companion even for a couple of hours, I just felt lost so bad, I hope you can still love me even though I'm crazy. LOL!!

Second to last email from California.

October 10th,2011

Hola Montreal,
So Monday for me is all travel so  won't read an email so you don't have to bother writing one. Oh and get this so because transfers are next Monday instead of the Wednesday we have another preparation day this week. Its on Saturday so the week all I want to do is work to the grind I have to have another prep. day. So I think we will just do laundry and get to work after that. So you can write on for Saturday I think I write one last email to you all.

Anyway enough of my babyness, so this is it. I'm not going to lie I am really weirded out by this and I'm going to be weird for a while so please just bare with me as my life does a complete 180 and I try and cope with it. On Tuesday if you can get Court, to call the YSA elders that would be great. I would love to go out with them and teach that day, hopefully I can call some of my friends and we can teach them. Anyway so please contact them and we will need to make arrangements for me to meet them somewhere probably after studies so like I guess around like 10:30, 11. Yea if you could talk to them and give me an update of what you know for Saturday that would be golden. 
This past week has been really up and down, we have been cycling through investigators like there is no tomorrow. Its crazy, I love it though, we are just running around teaching and committing everyone to baptism and they either drop us or we drop them for not keeping commitments. I am on a full sprint and its crazy, I am so tired I can hardly stay awake if I'm in one place for to long. So I need to stay on the move. But i am loving every second of it. I always want to do more, i wish we didn't have to be in by 9 i feel really limited when its 8:50 and we need to be home on time and are just running around looking for people to talk to. But the rules are there for our protection so I guess its a good thing.
We had presidents interviews last Saturday and it was great, we had a zone meeting and I was able to see elder Christian for the last time. I love that elder it was great to serve with him and see him progress in his mission. I have receive amazing new this passed week that bunch of the people that I have taught in past areas have been baptized and are now in full faith and fellowship. Its awesome, even though I was not there i know that i played a part in someone's life and its warms my heart for the joy that they now have being a member of the church.
One miracle I want to share with you is that last week we where, I guess we have been impressed to see this family in the ward that we really don't know to well and so we had a team up and went over and talked with them for a while got to know them. A very nice family, as we talk we come to find out that the husband is not less active but not even a member at all. It was crazy because he asked us to come back and we are seeing him tonight so keep your fingers crossed. Its so amazing, im excited to see all the little miracles that happen as you do all that you can.
I love my mission so much, I have seen great times, hard times, and sad times but I have become the person I am supposed to be. I know that I am different then when I said good bye thoughts 2 years ago. I hope you can tell me what is different because I don't really see a difference but I know that this has only happened because I have given my all. I can honestly say I have done my best. And I am so happy to say that. I have one week left to tare it up and I'm going to do my best. I know this gospel blesses lives and that this is the greatest happiness in the world. I love you all so much. Thank you, even though you have been far away you have made my mission. Mom and dad thank you. To all else who read this thank you for what you have done for me and know that this is Christ's church on the earth. Everyone that wants to know it can and I hope that they will. I know Joseph Smith was called to be the prophet of the restoration and that Christ is at the head of this church. The book of Mormon is the word of God and we have a modern prophet. 
I love you all, 
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano Del Norte"
     -Forever Strong- 
Mom and Dad I'm not trunky but I want you to know that I am excited to see you again, I love you.
On Saturday my email will be short because I'm going to try and just work as much as I can that day so sorry if its not as long as this one. Love ya anyway.

So this week was awesome !

October 3rd,2011

Hey everyone!
So this week was awesome, what really comes to mind out of everything is General Conference! That was so powerful I felt such a spiritual smack down it was great it just got me super on fire and ready to go out a work my butt off. There were alot of talks that really sunk deep into my heart and alot of them I will never forget. One of the ones that really hit me was Elder Waddell of the 70 Saturday afternoon, I felt as though he was talking right to me. I know that I had to hear that talk it was great. I couldn't look away as he spoke not even to write notes it was all 100 percent on him. I loved it. I love conference because i got alot of answers for my investigators. I loved the talks on the book of Mormon and the way they explained it, i have taken some of what I have heard and been able to use it to explain certain things better for example the support that the bible and book or Mormon give each other. I really feel my teaching and spiritual sensitivity have gone up just this weekend alone hearing and applying conference to my life.
So your having trouble with the seminary kids eh? Well just give me 10 mins a baseball bat, 2 cattle prods and some super glue and I'll have them begging for there old way of learning back. haha, I'm just kidding..........sort of. Don't worry mom and dad the kids will learn I think they pick up alot more then you think they do, I remember I learned I lot more then I thought I did. When I have needed my seminary knowledge on my mission magically it has been there. It sinks into the spirit of there minds and alot to the time we don't know we have it until we are back up to corner and we need it to survive.
The timer is running out on my because we are at the library today, so I'm sorry but ill have to end in a little. I just want to give you an update on the area. We have been working our butts off trying to find, teach and baptize and its been awesome to see the miracles of people coming out of nowhere are we work hard and try to talk with everyone. Its been great. One of the greatest blessings i have seen in the last week or i should say week and a half is a sister who has decided to come back to church. She is so amazing, we randomly went by and she was there and we got to know her and shared a scripture. After a church tour a couple of days later she said she was planning on coming back to church and has come every week since. We have met with this sister and I have seen the gospel light up her life.
On a similar note there was one sister who was completely posted to ever coming back to church or missionaries coming by but through a series of events one night we were able to contact her with the bishop. The spirit was not a all in here home, there was not a good feeling in there at all. She said she had been praying for us to come and help her. We have been by a number of times and she is reading the book of Mormon regularly and the spirit is in her home as well. Although she has not come to church yet I know that it will be soon.
Miracles of reactivation are happening so much we are just working hard and i know that the lord has provided us with some form or success to keep us going, i know that this is all the lord. i claim no part in anything other then just being a warm body in a lesson as the spirit tells me what i need to say. The lord is by my side and i know that the spirit is my best companion, our companionship is a threesome with the holy ghost and we have been blessed with great power in our teaching because of it.
I love you all so much and am grateful for all that you do and have done. For all the sacrifices you have made for me a owe my mission to you mom and dad. Had it not been for you i would not be here. Thank you for always encouraging me to do what's right.
I love you all.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
"El Mexicano Del Norte"
  -Forever Strong-

Monday, September 26, 2011

Alright so this week I actual have time to write!!!!

September 26th, 2011

Hola everyone,
Alright so this week I actual have time to write. So no more excuses I will tell you about the amazing week of Elder Glowa. So this pasted Tuesday was zone conference and it was great. The only bad part was we got home only in time to plan for the next day so we couldn't do any proselytizing. Well that's what happens when you live 2 hours away from anything.
Anyway, so the zone conference was a blast I got to see a ton of missionaries that I have known and served around. It was awesome. We got some training from president and sister Gelwix and it was great. I love listening to president, he is a great motivator and truly knows that gospel and lives it. I can really feel the spirit strongly as he gives us inspired training on how to be the missionaries that Heavenly Father wants us to be. The only part that was a bummer was that day was when we had the testimonies of the incoming and departing missionaries. I knew my name would be called but it was still weird. I never thought the day would come. But it does, it so strange I can't believe it. So I promised myself long ago that when I got up there to bare my testimony I wouldn't give a thankamony or a missionamony, or a repentanceamony. No I would and did give a testimony of what I know to be true. I bore it sat down and surprising enough I didn't cry. I thought I would have but I managed to keep myself well composed not like youth conferences growing up, oh my goodness...... I can still remember thoughts days " I know............sob......sob......sob.....muffled words....... brother.......sniff........rock!........ amen. I have come along way now people can actually understand what im saying. its neat.
The other event that happened this week was the exchange. We had an exchange with our district leader and it was awesome. I went with him in his area, elder Riding. He is a cowboy from Texas. We have become really great friends. I learned alot from him and am learning alot. I think that's what I have come to really understand on my mission, is the fact that I am learning all the time. Its awesome I am growing and becoming better all the time. Hurray for progression.
Elder Makahilahila and I have been working our tails off this past week and it has been paying off we had a less active lady at church this past week who has not been there for like 20 years and a brand new investigator there. Its been amazing. I know that it is nothing that we are doing it is all the Lord and His tender mercies. I am grateful to be an instrument in His hands. I don't know what it is but I feel the spirit so much more apparent and so much more strong now in the transfer then I have my whole mission. Its crazy, I feel like I am the best I have ever been and my companion is top notch as well. We are in perfect unity all the time, it is crazy. I love this work so much and can't wait to get back to the grind tonight.
I still have time to do all the good I can and I will. I love baring my testimony everyday, its crazy the power of the spirit as truth is said. It is a really tangible thing, the spirit is amazing, I am so grateful to work with it. I am loving every second of it. I love you all and thank you for all your support.
Elder Jason A. Glowa
"El Mexicano Del Norte"
    -Forever Strong-
Its so close to the end that I'm not going to be writing mail anymore, so tell everyone who has sent me letters thank you but I'll talk to them in person or call later to thank them, I need to stay focused. Tell Merr especially that I'm sorry but I'll make it up the her in a couple of weeks.
Since I'm going to be a missionary for an extra day because I get in at 1:30 in morning and I don't get release until that Tuesday night please tell our missionaries that I'm planing on being with them for the day and I have some friends I need to stop by and share the gospel with.
love you

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'M COMING HOME AT 1:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY ?????

September 19th,2011

Alright so story of my life but we have been crazy busy today and so I only have 5 mins for this message because we have a teaching appointment and we need to be there on time.
My companion and I are working hard and seeing alot of promise in Coalinga we are talking with everyone that we see no matter what. Our motto is "why not"  and then if people don't want to listen to us we just say alright well "MEH" and move on. I know that Heavenly Father has high hopes for this area and I just pray that I can do my part in helping this area grow and do my best.
I am so tired its awesome, every night I just want to crash out on my bed and do nothing  but sleep. Its just that, we go out and hit the grind everyday, we are teaching alot of interesting people but not alot of them are progressing at this moment so we are going to move on and find more people, that is the biggest trap I have seen from Satan on my mission is missionaries getting comfortable and just seeing the same people over and over because they will let them in but the investigators will just do nothing.
Well I know that Heavenly Father has me and elder Makahilahila here for a reason so the miracle will come. I know it will with all my heart. We just need to keep but our part and the miracle will come.
I wish I could write more but I have to go I love you all.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

So I'm back here in Coalinga

September 12th,2011

Hey everyone!!!!!
Elder Jason Glowa checking in this week to give you an up date of the life and time of the one and only me! So I'm back here in Coalinga and it is great really awesome. President really has high expectations for me and Elder Makahilahila. Its humbling to know that president trusts us to tear it up here and baptize!
Hey this week is going to be a short one because I have to really get going we have been held up all day and so I'm sorry but like I always say I will make it up next week.  We are working super hard here, I am so happy. Its amazing to continue to see the blessings of the work. The people that got baptized right after I left, Jessie and Geronimo Soto are still active and doing great.
We are expected by president to see baptisms here so that is what we are working towards, all our efforts are to find those who are ready to receive us. We have been able to pick up a couple of new investigators and see some others progress so I am excited to see what happens.
Most of the people we are working with are teenage kids which is good because this ward needs more youth to support it. There is one kid that really stands out to me and that's Tye he is a great hearted kid, he just needs a push in the right direction. I hope that Heavenly Father continues to help us with him.
We had a lesson last week and it was a crazy experience, one of the people was saying some not very friendly things about the book of Mormon and I bore powerful testimony and could feel the spirit work it was crazy everyone when silent and the entire mood of the lesson changed. I have come to really understand the power of my calling. Its more then I can even imagine sometimes, I shock myself at somethings that I have been able to do or see others do.
This is truly the work of the Lord, if it wasn't then I know I would not have the companionship of the spirit that i do. I love every minute and work to have no regrets. I love you and thank you for everything guys!
Love you!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano Del Norte"
     -Forever Strong-

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm being transferred! My last 6 weeks in another area !

Hola Everyone!
Its weekly email day!!!!!! Yea!!!!!! Alright so to give you an update on the amazing Adventures of Elder Glowa in Reedley. We got transfer calls this past weekend. And guess what? That's right,I'm being transferred! My last 6 weeks in another area, but the funny twist is my companion is Elder Makahilahila. He is an amazing Hawaiian missionary that I know and I'm going back to Coalinga! So its pretty amazing, I'm just excited to do the Lord's will and finish off strong. I just got to keep working to the grind everyday. I'm sad and super excited at the same time. It's sad to leave Reedley again but I'm excited to stay focused and have some new adventures!
On a side note from this, when elder Makahilahila gets home we will now have a valid reason to go to Hawaii, not to mention a place to stay! So I know mom will be happy with that because she can be on the Hawaiian beach with a good book while me, dad, and Ben and Elder Makahilahila, go surf and explore around the area. Hope that sounds like fun!
So our baptism fell through this week, its going to be on the 18th of this month. I know that I wasn't able to baptize the 6 weeks I was back here but I am happy with the work I have done and I know that I have done my best. We have alot of great potential for these next few weeks, I am excited to see what happens to Reedley ward in 2 months.
So to say good bye I bore my testimony on last Sunday and sang As I have loved you in sacrament meeting (I picked that one because I like it alot and its bishop Mcintyre's favourite hymn.) Then Bishop got up and gave the final testimony and said something really touching I don't remember 100% but he said from what I remember"Seeing elder Glowa leave feels like we are sending one of our missionaries on there mission, he as a pit stop in Coalinga before he goes to Canada but it feels like were sending him from home"
I love this ward and am grateful for all the fond memories and good times. I'm sad to see them go for now but its all in the Father's hands and plan. I have to get going but I love you all and hope that everything is going as great as it should be.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano Del Norte"
    -Forever Strong-

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sorry I promise I will repent and write more next week...... man I say that alot.

AUGUST 29th,2011

Hola everyone,
I need to keep this one short, because we have alot to do today. Preparation day has been crazy today and so all I have time to say is that I am so happy with everything that is going on.
Our baptism got postponed until next weekend and so we are baptizing this weekend. The work is really picking up we are have some hard times finding but i know that the lord will provide.  We just got done about an hour or so ago playing dodge ball with glow in the dark balls it was awesome it was crazy and hard but really fun.
We have really begun to clean house in our area, we are focusing on thoughts who will progress and just finding the prepared. The Lord is really blessing us for our efforts and i am grateful he trusts us enough to bless us with people to teach.
Transfer calls are this weekend so keep your fingers crossed that I stay here in Reedley I think I will but no one knows but the lord. I love you all and are so very happy for all that is being done in my area and as I look back on my mission I am really happy about it. Time...... its one funny thing, maybe one day I will figure it all out. But I know that even though I don't have it all perfect our Saviour does. He is the rock and the light of the world and I love to testify of Him in his name. it is so powerful to feel the spirit confirm what I am saying is true not only to the people I talk to but to myself as well. I wish I had more time to write but I have to get going. Sorry I promise I will repent and write more next week...... man I say that alot. Oh well, got to love me anyway..hahahaha
I love you
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
  "El Mexicano Del Norte"
      -Forever Strong-

We are having a baptism this Sunday.

August 22nd,2011

Hey everyone,
Elder Glowa in california checking in after a great session at the temple. It was amazing to go in and feel the sprit as the zone went through a session together, it was really powerful. Something I have really learned is that the spirit in most cases will not just come to you. You are the one that has to be looking for it. I noticed when I was in the temple yes the air was different and the spirit was there but the only time I began to feel the spirit intensely was when I began to ask for it and seek for it. That is such a power full principal, to seek for something. Its funny the more and more I learn about the gospel and different applications in my life it just seems like a whole bunch of new options and doors open up and suddenly I have alot more to learn then I think I did.
This week we are preparing to see a miracle this weekend. We are having a baptism this Sunday at 2! Its for Gloria, I'm not sure if I told you all about her or not but she is a Philippine lady and is super nice. She has a great heart and a great desire to follow the saviour. She has asked me to baptize her and I am really excited for it, but I want to talk to her and maybe I can get her to chose elder Christian instead of me. How great would that be. That would set the tone for the rest of his mission. So I hope she goes for it, that would be awesome.
I love this work so much, and you know what its hard. It is the hardest thing is think I have ever done and I am so happy. Even when the day is hot and no one wants to listen to us I know that by doing my best we will see the miracles. I know that the Lord has prepared many miracles to happen in our area so we need to focus on finding thoughts people who are ready.
This week we have what's called special Oops and its where young men from the stake get to be missionaries for a full day and see the blessings of the work. We have been told that we will see a miracle this weekend as we keep working hard. So I am so excited, we need to keep finding but that's half the fun of missionary work is the finding. Its going to be a great week I can feel it.
I have been doing exchanges, I started last week and I have been on one for the past day so its has been great to see and learn new things from other missionaries. I'm going on another one tonight and so it will be fun. It with one of the missionaries I knew when I was in Visalia zone Elder Wadsworth. Its going to be great. Anyway I have to get going but one last remark which is the reason I started this paragraph is that yesterday Elder Sete explained the sport or Rugby to be and I am not going to lie it sounds like the greatest thing ever. So hopefully I'll get to try it after the mission because we can't play it as missionaries. I am just excited about everything all the time and I am ready to keep going strong.
I love you guys and thank you for everything that you have done for me and given me. President is talking to me this Friday about my extension so I will let you know this Monday coming about what is going on. Juts remember the gospel is true, even in california. And that God lives and loves us, that Jesus is the Christ and this is His church. Remember to always share the gospel because we have it to share it.
I love you all!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano del Norte"
     -Forever Strong-

I know that this is the Lord's work

AUGUST 15th,2011

Hola Everyone,
It feels like yesterday I was here at the computer writing you my weekly email, I just don't get it. How does time go so fast, i bet its in the scriptures. I'm going to have to study that in my share time at night. I think the biggest thing that i am learning now is the refining that still needs so take place, I know how to work hard but the smart working and focus is something that I still need to improve on. I can go out and work but unless I get more refined my hard work is only sweat not results.
This week we have been seeing alot of miracles. We had zone conference this week and it was amazing, I love zone conference because it always gets me pumped but and ready for harder work. I loved getting all into the work its amazing. Sometimes i feel like a horse with blinders on, I know the world is there but it doesn't matter. Its so awesome.  The theme that President really emphasized was NO REGRETS and i am really happy to say that i have none on my mission. I know that i have always tried to be better and improve day to day. I know that i will not be perfect but by golly im going to try.
These last months im going to keep giving Satan a run for his money. Im not going to lie, Satan is a punk. He is the worst brother ever, serious he just has a grudge and so i love this work because i get to punch him in the face everyday im out with a smile on my face. Ha take that Satan, thats what you get!
So anyway sorry for the tangent I just go off like that sometime, so President said that in everyone's area that there is someone to be baptized every month. So we have been looking and looking and nothing. We have been sweating and riding around in car and bike talking to everyone doing all we can and nothing. We have invited everyone to be baptized and follow Christ example and still nothing. We have build great potential for September and nothing for August. I know the lord knows this area and use. He has given us a miracle last night as we where teach one of our investigators Gloria about the doctrine of Christ she felt the truth of our message and will be baptized august 28.
I know that this is the Lord's work and that He is above all we need to do all we can to bring is children home to him. We have a living prophet and I know I am here for a reason. The Lord always provides a way and I know that more so then ever.
I love you

Monday, August 8, 2011

So this week we had an amazing miracle happen.

August 8th ,2011

Hola from burning California,
So its not really burning or super hot it just feels like that when your on your bike riding around. But I would trade that feeling for the world...... I take that back maybe a nice bottle of ice water that would be awesome.
So this week we had an amazing miracle happen. It was actually during a dinner which makes it all the better. So on Wednesday we when out to eat with one of our members Brother Seay. Every time we go out to dinner with him we always go to the same place for Chinese food. So as we drive there we pull in and its closed so we get a little sad.(not really but it adds dramatic effect to the story) Brother Seay remembers about another place in town that he hasn't eaten yet that someone told him he has to try so we go to this Mexican/ sea food restaurant and sit down to eat. Our server comes over and of course she is Hispanic so she comes and the first thing she say are "Usteds son Mormones Verdad?" (your the Mormons right?)  And i say " Si " Which means yes and she starts talking to us about how a year ago missionaries were coming by and then they (her and her husband)  moved to a new house and lost contact with the missionaries and so she asked if we could come by after she talked to her husband and so of course we say yes. So long story short we got her number and have been in contact with them, she works quite a bit and is going to call us soon so we can pass by. But it is just amazing how the Lord works, I know that it really can a miracle we found her and I know that Lilly (that's the girl) will have us come over soon. Oh and the food was great too.
Its just really amazing to see miracles happen all the time. I want to share more but we have to get going so ill shut if off here and talk about some of the stuff i didn't get to next week. Nothing really big happened this week, other then some conformations and alot of sweat. We have been working to the bone and it makes me feel really good.
I love you guys and thank you for all that you do for me. Remember why we are here and where we came from. If we can remember that we CAN NOT fail. We just have to remember and everything will work out. I love you!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano del Norte"
       -Forever Strong-

Life is amazing !!

AUGUST 2nd, 2011

Hola Everyone,
Life is amazing, I cannot believe I'm here again. My new companions name is Elder Christian, he is from Baltimore. He was actually born in England and lived in canada as well before coming to the states so we have a common understanding of the world outside the US. He doesn't have an accent though. It is really fun to train again, it is really motivating me to continue to do my very best. Not going to lie, i am more tired then i have ever been on my entire mission....... And I am loving every second of it. Elder Christian and i just work like crazy all day everyday, its been amazing, we are going to baptize if it kills us. 
Its funny how your mind changes on your mission, I look back on how I used to think and the things i used to do and i wonder to myself why i wasted so much of my time doing basically nothing for 19 years.  But, its alright im different now and i have really come to understand repentance alot more on my mission. Its just awesome.
So the ward is happy to have me back and so are the old investigators I had when I was here that were still being taught. It has been great to see everyone, ion Sunday as my companion an I were introduced at ward council I was called "the recycled elder" Its funny because its true.
Well I have to get going because Prep. day is done in like 5 mins so I am going to wrap up here. The work is moving forward and i am happier then ever. I know this is the work of the lord, I can feel it and I will never be able to deny that I know this is true. I am grateful to proclaim his word. Speaking of which that's what im going to do now, so good bye.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!
Elder Jason A. Glowa "El Mexicano del Norte"
-Forever Strong-
Happy Birthday Uncle Tim.... you rock !!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We had an amazing baptism !!

July 26th ,2011

Hello everyone,

So this week Emily Anderson got BAPTIZED!!!!!!! It was a great service and the spirit was really strong. The young women sang right before Emily got baptized and it was great. I will always remember that baptismal service, it was just out of this world. We have been by to teach Emily after her baptism and she is always smiling and so happy she told us that she is so happy to have the holy ghost. Its awesome to see that.

I got the computer last this week so this email is going to be short, so im sorry but ill make it up next week. This week past weekend we got transfer calls and im getting released as a zone leader. President has made a lot of changes this transfer, he is pretty much starting a fresh, he released 10 out of the 22 zone leaders. Its crazy the whole mission got flipped upside down. So i bet your all wondering where I'm going, I don't know if i want to tell you, that may have to wait for next week........... now as mom gets mad at me for stalling ill tell you guys where im headed. Im going back now i say back because I'm going to REEDLEY!!!!!!! I know right, that is crazy, its so awesome, im excited beyond belief but sad at the same time because we have alot of work here now that Elder Constantino and i have busted our humps for and im leaving before our influx of baptisms. Its alright though, i know this is the Lords will. 

So like i was saying president called and released me and I'm thinking alright im free, just then he asks me if the Lord asked me to do something really hard, what would i say...... and so i answered the way that i know that i would. So i said here am i send me. And so president asked me to double into Reedley (meaning both missionaries that were there are leaving and im coming in) and im training again. So doubling into Reedley. training a new missionary and then he asks me to be a district leader on top of it all. So im not going to lie........ I am excited out of my mind. This is a whole new adventure and im ready to jump in with both feet first. This is going to be great. 

Im sorry i have to cut it short but we have an appointment and my time is about up. SO im going to end it here, i love you guys so much, mom  you talked about loving us and remembering our births and being apart of you, i am so grateful for the love that i have been raised with, not many people experience that kind of love. thank you mom and dad, and of course Ben. You have helped me find my saviour and know him. It is through your examples that i have learned the love of Christ and know i get to share that with the world. I know this is his way and i help people on the way home. This is his church, and i will stay here forever.

I love you all,
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Forever Strong 

I will go forever strong!

July  19th, 2011

Hola Everyone!

Alright so this week was a pretty normal week in terms of missionary work we have really been working our hardest to find, teach and baptize. And it will be coming to pass, this week! Our hard work is bringing forth righteous fruit!!!!! We are having a baptism this weekend. Its going to be great we need to set the time but it will be happening around this weekend. We are going to be baptizing Emily Anderson. Im pretty sure i have mentioned her before if not tell me and i will give details about anything you want next week. So needless to say Elder Constantino and I are happy as all get out.

So you have seen pictures of me have you...... well i hope you enjoy them, my weigh is something i don't really want to talk about but i maybe dropping some here and there........ you will have to wait and see.

Oh so i just remembered something amazing that i have to tell you guys. So our mission president, always says that he will never ask us to do anything that he isn't willing to do so Elder Constantino and myself decided to take him up on that offer and asked him to come out with us and ride bikes last Saturday afternoon. And he did we went out and taught someone and ate with him and super taco! And then we got on the bikes and did some contacting. It was great to see my mission president in action. I am so grateful he came out with us. It was an awesome experience. We got a bunch of pictures i will up load them next week.

It has been a good week. I'm stressed and excited because this week is transfer week so this Saturday we find out what is happening with the transfers, you think i would be used to it by now but nope. Its just like Christmas. I love it, I'm just excited to go out and work myself to the bone this week.

This work is amazing, i know that this is not my work but it is our Savior's and because of that i need to get better and work harder because i not only promised him my best but i made a promise to my friends before this life that i would find them. I need to find them. That is why I am here. I know this is the work of the lord and that he qualifies me for this. I know that the message we bare is true. we have a living prophet and i will declare it until the end.

I love you all,
Forever Strong,
Elder Jason A. Glowa

I have relay been thinking a lot about what it means to be forever strong so i have adopted that for my mission because i will go forever strong!

My new president is amazing!!

July 12, 2011

Hello everyone!

So first things first, I'm going to answer all the questions mom and dad have asked me. So my new president is amazing! If you every watch the movie forever strong the way he is portrayed there is pretty much exactly the same way he is in real life. He is a great man and I know he is called of God to be our mission president, he is one of the most inspired and amazing men that I have ever met, in a lot of ways he reminds me of Dad mixed with uncle Tim. So if you can imagine the awesomeness that would come from a man like that, that is about how great president Gelwix is. So but if you haven't yet watched forever strong you should do it because it is amazing.

To answer the next question, our teaching pool right now is kind of small but we are building it up. Im excited though because next week going to be having a baptism!!!! We are baptizing a girl her name is Emily Anderson, she is solid. Its amazing, i am so happy everything is just falling into place for this baptism. So just keep her in your prayers please. Other then that we are teaching some other people here and there and trying to help them come unto to Christ. Its amazing though i am so ready to find, teach and baptize.

This past week we had leadership training and it was amazing. I love how president Gelwix teaches it really feels personal. I really cannot describe it any other way its just amazing. We talked about going out in our true identities as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and it has just been so powerful. I love teaching it makes me feel so go, following the spirit and help others see the truth. I really have found that to be one of my talents as I have been on my mission, to teach people not just lessons to people.

The other super fun thing as yesterday we got the Hanford zone, our zone and the Porterville zone together for a tri-zone activity. It was amazing we got hamburgers and hot dogs and we Bar-B-Q it was amazing while me and Elder Wilson (another zone leader) were Bar-B-Q  we had everyone play sports, we have soccer, football (flag) and ultimate Frisbee. It was a great day we played we ate and played some more. It was a good day. I also cam to understand that i love to Bar-B-Q. It is super fun and i can really make a mean burger so it makes me happy.

The reason I'm finding out new things i like is all due to sister Gelwix, she talked to us about what we have learned about ourselves on our missions and the thought came that i really haven't consciously realized many things so I'm making a list and figuring it out. So its really crazy what i have learned about myself on my mission, my talents and things that i am just interested in doing.

So I have to get going but that is my week in a nut shell, hope you are all doing well. Something i want to ask you guys o do is read the talk by elder Holland called teach the Atonement, it really gave me a new way of thinking about the gospel and missionary work so i want you all the read it because there is not other way to salvation save through the son of God and his Atoning sacrifice. That is why missionary work is so important, because it is only through baptism but proper Authority that we can access the Atonement. So remember that and how important preaching the gospel really is. I know this is the work of the Lord, i feel him so close when i teach most of the time its like he is in the room with me. I'm so happy all the time, i have never been so happy and i am eternally grateful to a God and a father in heaven that lets me feel his joy from time to time. I love you very much mom and dad and also my brother Benjamin. The three of you have changed my life forever and will  forever me my family. you are all i ever needed growing up, i see that now and am grateful for the that knowledge.

I love you all
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Life moves on as we move forward and the future is looking really bright

JULY 5, 2011

Hola Everyone,
Alright so we have had one messed up day and due to unforeseen things we are e-mailing really late so this one is going to be really short because Elder Constantino and I need to get out and work.
This past week we said good bye to president Gonzalez and welcomed our new mission president. President Larry Gelwix. He is amazing, he relates pretty much everything to sports so its awesome. He is fun, out going and just an all around great man. I know that I will love him as much as i loved president Gonzalez. I miss president Gonzalez and sister Gonzalez, I am grateful for all they have done for me personally, they have been like mission parents. They were amazing.
Life moves on as we move forward and the future is looking really bright. Im excited because of all the many miracles we are seeing as a zone and in our own area. We were able to set a new baptismal date this last week with the sister of a recent convert. Her name is Emily, she came to church this last week and is just on fire with wanting to know about the gospel. I love teaching people who want to learn and listen, it just goes alot easier when they want it.
The zone is really ready to move forward and baptize, we didn't reach our last months goal but we are just dusting ourselves off re evaluating and moving on. Its great, i love this zone and this work, how blessed and grateful i am to have this work to do. It is the hardest thing to do sometimes but it is so worth is, my companion has come up the the phrase: feel the sacrifice. So we always say that when its hot and no one wants to listen to us, we just keep moving on and stay happy.
I have to get going because we need to work, but i love you so much and am grateful for all your examples.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Congrats Pat and Anik!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So this past week has been crazy!!

June 28,2011

So this past week has been crazy, and it really doesn't look like its going to let up any this week so I'm excited. I love crazy because it keeps the ball moving and its exciting so it ready to work my hardest and find, teach and baptize! So last week we had a zone conference with president and sister Gonzalez. It was the last one and our chance to say go bye to them. They will be leaving tomorrow morning and president and sister Gelwix will be here to stay.
Last week just flew by we worked our tails off and it felt really good to go and work hard. I love being a missionary, working is just so rewarding even if you don't talk to anyone. You get on your bike in the 103 degree weather and bike and talk to everyone and do your best. It just feels so good. So on Wednesday we went to one of our investigators graduations to support them and show them we care and love them and are not just there to baptize them and move one. It was great plus we got free food so everyone was happy.
Thursday was the zone conference and our good bye, it was hard and really sad but we will continue to move forward, because that is what the lord needs us to do. I am excited to meet president Gelwix, he seems like a great man and i am so happy to work with him I know that we will see miracles. Friday we were about the weekly plan and then we got a call from one of our district leaders that one of our sisters was hit by a car. So we jumped in the truck and went down there to help. We stayed with the companionship until everything was figured out and gave her a blessing. She is doing well and still working, she only ended but with a couple of bruises and scraps and thats all. It was a miracles in and of itself.
The Saturday we planned a bit and worked like crazy and then Sunday came. On Sunday i had a chance to go back to the sequoia branch and baptize on of my old investigators Randy Muston. He asked me to baptize him and so we went on a split after church and I went up there and saw all the people i remember. It was a very amazing experience. I loved it, i felt the spirit really strong as i baptized Randy. I know that this is why im here to help others to come unto Christ. I know my purpose and it is a great witness to me that all it as it should be. I love this work with all my soul. This is the greatest time of my life. I am so blessed to have the gospel and a forever family. This means more to me then anything else i could have in this world. My heart is full and my joy over flows.
Thank you for everything, for the prayers and help and the example. I love you all with all my heart.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Oh and also, mom if you and dad could not ask me about trips and what not after my mission until I am home that would be great. I'm really trying to stay focused and its harder if you ask me to start making plans about it. So I'll send you any info I get as to my flight and the date of my return but please do not ask me anything in terms of planing because me mind and heart are here and I need to keep them here until the end. Thank you I love you guys!
So the benefit of daily scripture study: It is were I prepare and have the spirit with me for the rest of the day, if something happens and my studies are not as great or i can't do them, the day does not go as well. It is in the morning studying that i gain my focus for the day and set the tone for that day. Each day is condensed version of a life, each day is new and is very much its own, to start it right we need our Father in Heaven to guide us to the goals that are worth our time. We talk to Him and He answers through the scriptures back to us. It has changed me into the man I am today to study and focus. The scriptures are some of the most important things I have. There are only two things I never want stolen on my mission. My camera and my scriptures, we have been marked and re marked and noted and have a bunch of answers that have helped me and will help me as the days go by.
Hope that helps, I love you guys! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So this week in the life of Elder Glowa things are getting super awesome

            June 21,2011

Hey everyone,

So this week in the life of Elder Glowa things are getting super awesome. The work is going really well picking up and we are going to have a baptism this weekend. Caelum Gantt he is 10, he is getting baptized. He is a great kid and is just super smart, I am excited for him to grow up in the gospel and become a missionary and serve the Lord. He just absorbs everything like a sponge. 

The Lord is truly blessing us with miracles, we are seeing a lot of new people. We are still looking for that family that I know is here somewhere, so we continue to pray and so what we can. We are working hard and being as obedient as possible to get all the blessings we can to do this work. I'm really excited for this week because we have a lot going on. 

Last week we had a zone meeting and got everyone together to build zone unity. It was awesome we talked about fishing and having our line always in the water. Me and elder Constantino acted out 2 fisher men for this example and it when great, then we did a get to know you exercise and bore our testimony and witness of this gospel. It was great and powerful, we have really been trying to do different things to help out the zone and our area.

The last thing I wanted to say was something that happened yesterday, we got to watch forever strong as a zone, president Gonzalez asked us to do that as a mission so we would be able to get to know back ground on our new mission president, president Gelwix. It was great but made me really understand that i am not ready for real world movies yet. I think for a while I will just stick to Disney movies and see what happens.

Anyway I have to get going I'm sorry that I haven't written to much, it has been weird I haven't been able to stay on task today, so I'll make up for it next week. I love you all and thank you for everything.

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh yea, so this Sunday is FATHERS DAY!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!

JUNE 14th ,2011

Hey everyone,

Alright so I'm not going to lie I am really thinking of moving to America after my mission because all the stuff and the length of time it has taken to get my new license because you my country is ridiculous. I can hardly believe it, I know that mom and dad you have been doing all you can its my country fault. Well I guess I can't complain to badly my companion is getting his license so we will have a way to use our car, just think biking all the way around to drop off all the packages in the zone and supplies, that who actually be kind of funny. I could get a little red wagon and pull it while I'm riding to Visalia. Yea, so don't worry i am do great I'm just ranting a little because 1 I can and 2 because it's actually kind of fun and stress relieving. 

Anyway, so I don't have a lot of time today because I have been printing off my fax Information so I'm going to have to keep it short. I'm sorry about that but i only have a little time left. So we got transfer calls this week, and Elder Constantino and I are staying together here in Exeter! I am so excited, we are going to baptize up a storm this transfer. I am so happy, when we got the call we went through the roof we were so happy. Life is going great we are losing president and sister Gonzalez on the 29 and welcoming President and sister Gelwix. I'm really excited to meet them. The zone is doing great we have a great load of potential for now and the coming months so we will continue and push. I have really been able to grow in my love towards others as well as my patience, it is being tried pretty much all the time, but i am learning and i have seen growth, whether it be from missionaries or bad California drivers it is coming. I have really learned when you ask for something heavenly father doesn't give it to you but gives you the opportunity for let it grow.

So we are doing are transfer thing the next couple days so on Wednesday everything goes well. There is alot more behind the scenes things then i thought there was, but it really makes me appreciate the other leaders in the mission and of the world and the church, leaders don't have it easy, but i think that is why they are looked up to.  


So i have a little more time so I'm going to share one of the cool things that happened last week. Elder Constantino and myself have been seeing a great companionship struggle so we decided to help them out, so thinking outside the box, we came up with the idea of not just a normal exchange but doing a double team. We both went into there area and saw all aspects of the work. It was a great way to help them and learn and just see why things are happening the way they are, in the end it was great we built unity and helped them a lot. They had an amazing week last week after our double team. It was so fun to do that, we have to keep coming up with outside the box ideas so if you guys think of anything cool and effective let me know so we can try it.

I have to get going but thank you for all your efforts on my behalf, i know that you are doing your all and that it is not your fault. So just remember the phrase i tell myself and everyone else when trials come "Just keep on keeping on" and of course " Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". I know this gospel is true and that all we have to do is our best once we have covenanted with God and made his promises, then he will do the rest. I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything.

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Just do your best and forget the rest. (that is also a good phase)

I want to send Pat a wedding card but its not going to get there in time so next week im going to write a message for him, if you could buy a card you think i would get and then print and paste the thing inside the car that would be great, thank you!

There is nothing more that I love to do then to find, teach and baptize. Not even new trucks.

                        JUNE 7th, 2011


So this week I'm writing Wednesday because we had our exchange with the assistants yesterday and needed to work as much as possible so they could do a final stewardship. So this is the last week of transfers and it feels really weird, I really do not like the feeling of time just flying by. I really hope that Elder Constantino and I stay together another transfer, that would be amazing, but whatever happens I know that it is the Lords will and that I will do what he asks of me.

So that's great to hear that Patrick is getting married, I'm happy for him, its messed up to actually think about so I usually just push thoughts like that away, but if you guys see him, please tell him I'm happy for him and that I love him and that he is one of my bestest friends pretty much another brother to me. Tell also that I know he is doing the right thing.

So I did write Grandma and Grandpa this week the letter should be on its way to them I'm going to send it tomorrow, I haven't had to much time to write the envelope so I'm going to do that tonight and send it. So it is on its way, but in the mean time if you could let them know that I love them with all my heart and that I want to thank them for doing there best in bring our family up in the gospel. Oh and Vava will probably be jealous of me saying that so tell her that I love her too and remember to tell Vovo that as well.

As for my last week it was great, you know everything about my last Zone Leader Council, so from that point to now we have been running around a lot, we have been doing our best to just go out there and find, teach and baptize. It has been crazy but fun, we have really put a big focus on finding in our area. Last Saturday we organized ourselves as a zone and met at the church building on Caldwell and we blitz an area of the zone, one of the companionship's has been really struggling to find and to work so we went in together and now they have a lot of potential to go and see. It was great to work in unity, I love this zone so much and I pray that not to many changes happen for the transfer.

We found out that President and Sister Gonzalez leave on the 29th, and that is when President and Sister Gelwix come in. I am sad to lose my mission president, but excited for the new things that will happen as a new president comes in. It will be an adventure and a half. And you know me, boy do I love adventure! I'm so excited.

The last up date that I have for you all is the stuff that has happened today. So we had our last district meeting and it was a bitter sweet one, but the kicker is me and Elder Constantino had to leave early to go to Sanger. For a vehicle switch up, well not just a normal one, the mission got new cars and so we gave our old one to another companionship and we are now driving a brand new (only had 6 miles on it when i got behind the wheel) 2011 Chevy Colorado! And its red (like a maroon) color. Its a truck!!! It is so amazing, it handles well and just is amazing, I love it so much I can't believe it.

The more exciting thing now is that we get to go out and work! There is nothing more that I love to do then to find, teach and baptize. Not even new trucks. I love you all so much and am grateful for the time that i have to represent Christ and bring his message to all the world. God lives, we have a prophet on the earth and Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.

Thanks for everything,
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I had a great birthday !


 Alright so first of all I want to say thank you so much because my birthday was amazing, I had a great day. The funny thing about birthdays on you mission is that well, its just another day. Its actually been really humbling and filled me with gratitude to see that in the end even if there is no celebration or mountains of presents that it doesn't matter what really matters is that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I know His plan and I have an eternal family. That is all I need so remembering that really makes everyday a happy birthday. 

So this week was the week of zone conference and we in the Visalia zone were the host zone for the Porterville zone. So it was 2 zones with us all in Visalia and since neither me or my companion have ever done that before it was a great experience. I have learned that I stress externally a lot and that I need to work on patience but it was awesome and fun none the less. We had our vehicle inspection that day and there was a competition to see who could have the best car and the companionship with the best car got 100 extra miles. So me and my companion took the challenge and we got there extra early to make sure to clean it once through again because we are out in the country area and so our car gets dirty like 20 seconds after we wash it. So we completely perfected the inside, the windows, we armor-alled the tired and the cleaned the engine on top of washing and waxing it. That car was so nice we got a 10.5 out of 10 because we missed one spot (we forgot to rub in the wax all the way.) We would have had an 11. But it was great we won 100 extra miles for the next four months. So needless to say that was a good birthday present and it made me feel good inside.  

We have been really working hard as always and this last week me and Elder Constantino committed to find a family this week. It has really consumed all my mind, its strange I just think about this family I don't know all day everyday. I have to find them, its crazy, there has never been this much focus on one thing in my mind before. I mean you know me I have a short attention span, but I know what I must do and will do. We have to find this family and help them come into the gospel.  We came together as a zone today and talked about what we need to do and how many baptisms we need to have to help reach the goal of 550 before July first, and so our goal for June in 16. I know that we can do it. We are all so excited and we will keep up the momentum from April and may and help our brothers and sister come to the gospel. That is why we are here to help them and the only way they can return to live with our Father in Heaven is by entering into the way, that is baptism. It is my purpose and my life and I know we will do this.

We have picked up alot of new people, we are teaching a couple. Its our ward mission leader's brother and his wife. And we got back into the home of the Orijel family and were able to sit down with the wife and the husband as well as one of there sons. It was great we didn't even have to re-teach the restoration because she read the pamphlet and she understood it perfectly. We one had like 7 mins with them so we answered a question from the husband about the need of the book of Mormon. It was great, they were attentive and really wanted to learn. We didn't have time to commit them to baptism, so I kick myself for that, but we will next time we meet. I am so excited we are finding and are going to baptize I can feel it in ever fibre of my being. I really can't think of to much else to say other them. I am well, I am happy and I am 100 focused and dedicated. I am giving my all for this call. Hey that rhymed, I feel cool now. 

I know this gospel is true and it does bless the lives of all who let it. I know we have a living prophet and that Christ is with me. I feel so amazing all the time. I would never change anything that has happened. I will look forward, I learned something important the other day. We can change the past, because today will soon be yesterday so all we have to do to make our past better is live a great today.

I Love you all,
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

that vava story had me rolling in my chair laughing, thank you for giving me the great up date, oh and tell Ashley I say hi.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Short and Sweet

Hello everyone!

Alright so we are always on the move and like pretty much every week I'm running behind. So this week I don't really feel so bad for writing very little because we just spoke like 2 days ago so you’re all up to speed in my life. We are really working hard to find this week. We have pretty much dropped all of our investigators because they aren't progressing so we need to move on to those people who are.

My companion and I are getting along great, Elder Constantino. He is amazing and we have a lot in common and we are pretty much best friends. We talk a lot and we are always open with everything. He is really one of my favorite companions. He is a great teacher, hard working, humble and really prepared to do anything and everything the Lord asks of us.

I really don't know what to say. There is nothing more that has happened since I spoke to you. So I guess I'll end my email here. I love you all very much and I'm so grateful for all that you have given me and all that you continue to give me. I know that if it was not for you, mom and dad, and for my ward family I would not be the man I am today. It’s really weird to think that I'm going to be 21 so soon. It feels like yesterday that I was in Lindsay and I was turning 20. Time has a way of sneaking up on you. I know that I will never waste my time again. My mission has really been like my personal fruit of knowledge of good and evil. My eyes are truly open now and I know what I must do and even though it may be hard the Lord is with me and so I will never stand alone.

Thank you for everything, I love you

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hey Everyone,

I am really strapped for time today so I will keep it short because I'm calling home on Sunday anyway. So any question can and will be answered then, I promise just ask and I will answer.

In some amazing news, we had a mission conference this past week and it was amazing because we were instructed by Bishop Burton and Elder Snow of the 70. It’s amazing, we almost met Elder L. Tom Perry but he was doing a meeting after with the stake presidents and bishops. So I just missed him. It’s alright though because something I have really learnt is that you don't have to see them to know they are called of God. We received great instruction and insight; I have taken some thoughts to apply to my teaching. I’ll explain more on Sunday because I will have my notes with me. A lot of it was talking about after mission things and I had a realization that it is alright to go home. For months I have been with older missionaries and seeing my friends leave and I keep thinking how I don't want to leave. I still don't but I realize that if I don’t go home, it is because of my selfishness. This is a season of my life and it will end, that's what they say at least. But I'm starting to accept it little by little.

Anyway, the reason a lot of this has come about is because Elder Bryant as well as a bunch of my missionary friends have left today to the big transfer in the sky. My trainer Elder Machen went home today too. It is really weird. I am starting to feel really old. Anyway, my companion is gone now and so tomorrow on transfer day I will get Elder Constantino. He is my new companion and a new Zone Leader so it will be fun to learn and grow together.

I have a lot of high hopes for the next transfer, I am excited to continue to work and have fun. This area is amazing and the members here are great. I know the work is about to boom because the miracle is right around the corner; I just have to keep going.

So with having 2 stakes by 2013 that means a lot of baptisms have to happen. So that means a couple of things. You need to start giving the missionaries referrals and also going out on team ups with them. That is the only way to better the work. The great investigators and the ones that last are ones that missionaries receive from members. So help out mom and dad, both of you have a great missionary spirit and I know you will do great things. Thank you so much for everything! I have to get going but I will call you on Sunday between 1:00 and 2:00 my time so be ready.

I love you all and thank you for everything!

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Tell grandma Glowa I love her and happy birthday and a happy anniversary (tell that to grandpa to please.) And also to all my moms and grandmas can you tell them I say Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you.

Mom I know I want you to wish others happy mothers day but I want you to get a very special one. You are my mom and are one of the most important people in my life. I love you and will always love you. Remember I may be 3000 miles away but I'm always on the couch in spirit.
    Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Talk to you on Sunday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This past week we saw an amazing miracle in the Exeter ward.


Hola Everyone,

So first off I want to say a special hello to everyone reading this whether it be you mom and dad or anyone who is reading this via my blog. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You guys are amazing, some have been reading from the beginning, some have just started but you are all apart of my life and have help make me who I am, so thank you I couldn't be who I am today without you. I love you all.

This past week we saw an amazing miracle in the Exeter ward. We had a BAPTISM!!!!! Cameron Chipchase was able to be baptized, it was so amazing. I just keep think back to teaching him and learning and growing with him over the past 2 weeks and it has just been a great miracle. Cameron is so awesome, he is coming out on a team up with us this week, we is teaching in elders quorum next week and he is also getting the priesthood next week! He is just taking everything in and loves the church so much. It is juts amazing to see true conversion happen.

My life is so great, we just came back from the temple and boy was that a great relief to be able to finally enter into those doors after about four months. (That is how often we get to go) As I sat there I realized how blessed I am to have a temple in my mission which isn't the case for other missions. I felt humbled and privileged to be there and I know that for those who cannot attend that the Lord truly has given a greater portion of his spirit to them. I thought a lot about Ben and what he maybe doing or going through. I love that kid a lot. Man mom and dad when we were in the pre-existence we really drafted an all-star family team.  

I know that I am so blessed. I was able to bare testimony of the power of prayer with one of are investigators and I felt prompted to talk about you mom and dad and how you followed the spirit as to when you were to have your children. As I was sharing my witness of this true principal I realized how amazing you guys are, mom and dad thank you so much for following the Lords council,for had you not. You may have only had me or maybe no one. You would have just had the dog with you.  I cannot imagine where I would be or what would happen if I had not been born of goodly parents and taught much in the learning of my Father in Heaven. 

My mission and the service I render is a mirror imagine of how I was raised. Thank you so much for raising me unto the Lord in righteousness. I know that sometimes I may have not been the best to get along with but through those times of hardship came happiness and joy. I am filled with Love for all, always, it is so amazing to be able to proclaim the truth of the gospel, I love it and never want it to end.

This past week has been great, I am continuing to learn a lot and I am progressing, that is something that I am so grateful for. Is progression, I don't know what kind of person I would be if I didn't take my mission serious thus far. When we give ourselves over to God, He helps us progress in an eternal way. I have learned this week more then anything that the way of the world is nothing. It is an abomination. This is the only true path. There is no other way, if there were a bunch of different ways to get to God then I wouldn't need to be here because anything would be fine. That is not the case through a Modern Prophet and the restoration we have all the blessings of the priesthood once again on the earth. It is only by ordinances done with that authority  that we can return home to heaven Father.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to live with my family forever, Mom, Dad, Ben, Me, Lobie, Tommy, Bunny, grandma, grandpa, vava, and soon Vovo. We are all sealed together by binding authority. Mom I have received a sure witness on my mission that Vovo will be fine and that I will baptize him. There is no question anymore, no nothing he will be with us forever. I know it and I know that God has promised that to me, I think of that everyday. That is what drives me,  in exchange for my service the Lord will give us Vovo, his heart will be softened and we will be happy forever.

I love you all more then I can ever describe with words, you are everything to me. There is nothing that I could gain from this mortal world that I would ever exchange for the knowledge that I have that we are all in this for the long hall, together. Nothing matters, this church is true, Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God. We have a Prophet today that leads and guides us, Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. I know the book of Mormon is true and that no one can deny its truth if they really are looking. You will never get a no when you ask to know this truth from God with the true desire to follow him. It is true there is no lie. Thank you all for everything.

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

I know a lot of it was testimony in e-mail, I just felt that this is what really need to be said this week.