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Monday, September 26, 2011

Alright so this week I actual have time to write!!!!

September 26th, 2011

Hola everyone,
Alright so this week I actual have time to write. So no more excuses I will tell you about the amazing week of Elder Glowa. So this pasted Tuesday was zone conference and it was great. The only bad part was we got home only in time to plan for the next day so we couldn't do any proselytizing. Well that's what happens when you live 2 hours away from anything.
Anyway, so the zone conference was a blast I got to see a ton of missionaries that I have known and served around. It was awesome. We got some training from president and sister Gelwix and it was great. I love listening to president, he is a great motivator and truly knows that gospel and lives it. I can really feel the spirit strongly as he gives us inspired training on how to be the missionaries that Heavenly Father wants us to be. The only part that was a bummer was that day was when we had the testimonies of the incoming and departing missionaries. I knew my name would be called but it was still weird. I never thought the day would come. But it does, it so strange I can't believe it. So I promised myself long ago that when I got up there to bare my testimony I wouldn't give a thankamony or a missionamony, or a repentanceamony. No I would and did give a testimony of what I know to be true. I bore it sat down and surprising enough I didn't cry. I thought I would have but I managed to keep myself well composed not like youth conferences growing up, oh my goodness...... I can still remember thoughts days " I know............sob......sob......sob.....muffled words....... brother.......sniff........rock!........ amen. I have come along way now people can actually understand what im saying. its neat.
The other event that happened this week was the exchange. We had an exchange with our district leader and it was awesome. I went with him in his area, elder Riding. He is a cowboy from Texas. We have become really great friends. I learned alot from him and am learning alot. I think that's what I have come to really understand on my mission, is the fact that I am learning all the time. Its awesome I am growing and becoming better all the time. Hurray for progression.
Elder Makahilahila and I have been working our tails off this past week and it has been paying off we had a less active lady at church this past week who has not been there for like 20 years and a brand new investigator there. Its been amazing. I know that it is nothing that we are doing it is all the Lord and His tender mercies. I am grateful to be an instrument in His hands. I don't know what it is but I feel the spirit so much more apparent and so much more strong now in the transfer then I have my whole mission. Its crazy, I feel like I am the best I have ever been and my companion is top notch as well. We are in perfect unity all the time, it is crazy. I love this work so much and can't wait to get back to the grind tonight.
I still have time to do all the good I can and I will. I love baring my testimony everyday, its crazy the power of the spirit as truth is said. It is a really tangible thing, the spirit is amazing, I am so grateful to work with it. I am loving every second of it. I love you all and thank you for all your support.
Elder Jason A. Glowa
"El Mexicano Del Norte"
    -Forever Strong-
Its so close to the end that I'm not going to be writing mail anymore, so tell everyone who has sent me letters thank you but I'll talk to them in person or call later to thank them, I need to stay focused. Tell Merr especially that I'm sorry but I'll make it up the her in a couple of weeks.
Since I'm going to be a missionary for an extra day because I get in at 1:30 in morning and I don't get release until that Tuesday night please tell our missionaries that I'm planing on being with them for the day and I have some friends I need to stop by and share the gospel with.
love you

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