Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Saturday, June 19, 2010

                   WEEK 36  ( 9 months !!!!)  from COALINGA , CALIFORNIA

Hola Everyone,
So this week we were able to help out the ward with baptisms in the Temple, and it was awesome. It was a great time but I wish we could have been out working. The ward I'm in now doesn't have that many people or priesthood. It's about the size of a larger branch. Anyway most of the ward members have been here on and off because summer vacation just started up so everyone's going on vacation and what not.
Man, being a missionary is great you are so detached from the world it's amazing. This is true freedom. I finally realized that this is true joy and freedom. I don't have to care about anything other then the eternal welfare of my investigators! Its amazing and I am so glad for this great experience, I am growing so much and what is even greater is that I'm able to see the progression of people to eternal life.I have seen the greatest miracles that Heavenly Father can give, which is that change of heart. As we listen to the spirit and do all we can to progress He changes our heart for us and makes it better. He does this because it will make us happy. I'm so glad for the opportunity to see this change of heart in people.
This week we were able to commit two of our Heavenly Father's children to baptism. It is an older couple that we are working with, the Ramirez family. They are so amazing and are some of the sweetest and most kinda people I have ever met. It is such a great blessing to know them and have them in my life. My companion Elder Eagar is really great, he has been on his mission for about 20 months so he knows how to be quietly dignified and has that great experience that keeps making me better. I need to be better, I know that I'm a good missionary but I still have so much to learn .I wish that I could just stop time and learn how to be a perfect missionary then keep going and do the very best I can.
I know that the Lord puts us where we can do the most good so even though I'm learning I know that I'll learn the most here and be the best I can for the people and my companion. Everything is going great and I can't wait to see the great miracles that will happen this week. Alright, that's all for this week, hope that I can hear from you next week.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
(For DAD)
HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I'm saying is now because next email you get will be after it so ill write it again then but till then. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

          WEEK 35 ..... First week in COALINGA 

Hola From my new area COALINGA!
Ok so this area is really cool, its an older ward so there's not to many middle age people, just kids and parents and 5 younger couples. It's really awsome the members are so nice. It's another small town, it kinda reminds me a little of Vulcan, Alberta. It's out in farm country. It's awsome to get here you just go past the middle of nowhere and then keep going and you find the sweet little town of Coalinga. We also cover 3 outlining towns called Avenel, Huron, and Kellington city. We don't really have to much time to get to the out to thoughs towns to much because we have alot of work here in Coalinga.
We have a bunch of investigators here and its really amazing. There is one family, the Ramirez family, they are coming to church and we are going to commit them to baptism tonight for the 26th of June! I'm really excited because this area is amazing. I can't wait to see what blessings unfold from Heavenly Father this week.
My new companion is of course a district leader that's the 5th companion in a row. It's funny because Elder Larsen, my old companion was released as district leader to become a trainer so of course I had to get moved. My new companion's name is Elder Eagar. He is a really good missionary, he is really humble and has alot of love for the area, people and for the work. We get along very well and all is going great, this is going to be a great transfer I can feel it.
So fun fact about Coalinga is that it's the hottest place in the mission. So hooray, its going to be like biking into an oven pretty soon. Good thing though because I'll just sweat out all of the fat and as long as I eat well I'll shed some major pounds.
This last Saturday I was able to go to the Temple and better yet we went with a recently reactivated family and got to see them get sealed for time and all eternity.
It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen and I am so grateful for the chance that I have to be able to do that someday, as we live the commandments and do all the things we need to, that is when we can enjoy true and everlasting happiness.
So if that wasn't cool enough it turns out that Madera 3rd ward had there temple trip that day! So I got to see the first ward I served in at the Temple! It was awesome and even better one of my recent converts was there! It was great to see the Gospel bless the lives of the people I knew and worked with, and they even remembered me :D so it was great they all said they missed me a ton and that they wanted me to come back to Madera.
That would be way cool and I know that the Lord will send me back one day. But right now I found out my MTC companion, Elder Kirk is now serving in Madera! Its awesome, man I'm so glad that I am here on a mission, there is nothing better that I could be doing right now. There are so many blessings that I have seen and I know that I will never be able to deny the truthfulness of this church. I know I have said it before but I declare with Job " I know that my Redeemer liveth". I'm so grateful for the great opportunity I have to serve, and I can't wait for the miracles this week.
Thank you for all that you do and for all the prayers and love. That's going to do it for me this week, till next time you stay classy Montreal.
Love Elder Jason Glowa

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

                    WEEK 34 .... He's going to COALINGA

Hola Everybody!
Ok Mom and dad you really have to save my email or something because it's a major bummer every time I come to the computer and there is no email from you. Ok  I'm sure Vava is nagging like crazy so tell her that Elder Glowa says hi and he loves her and that he is safe almost.........some of the time. Haven't goten stabbed yet but I'm planning on coming home with some sort of stab scar or bullet hole so be prepared to see me with something new or missing something. Now that your all freaked out right now know that, that statement is just a joke. LOL!
Alright  this was the last week of the transfer and Elder Larsen and I really gave it all we got to finish it off right so we did all we could and saw a bunch of miracles! First at the beginning of every month we council with Heavenly Father about what our goals will be for the month coming and then we work towards that. With the work and faith of the missionaries and members combined we were able to have all of our goals reached or surpassed. This is the first time that it has happened to me on my mission and I am so happy right now. We were able to set 3 baptism dates last week projected to be baptized in the month of June.  And last week we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!! Isaac got baptized and it was one of the greatest experiences of my mission. To see that change of heart happen to someone as they learn and grow and come unto Christ. Hoary for the Spirit, it is the really worker, we just do the best we can and sit there while the spirit takes our message to the hearts of the investigators. 
The dream team (Me and Elder Larsen) were able to see all these miracles because of the great love and mercy from our Heavenly Father. So we got transfer calls this Saturday that just passed and well you guessed it, there breaking up the dream team. I"m headed out of Lindsay and going to a place called Coalinga. Elder Larsen is staying here in Lindsay and is going to be training a brand new fresh from the MTC missionary. Would you guess it, my next companion is another District leader. I have been a companion to a district leader every transfer of my mission, even in the MTC. I think president wants to keep an eye on me, which is why he's doing this :P. Just messing, I know that it is all inspired of the Lord for me to become better and there is someone in Coalinga for me to go find and teach because the great thing about the Lord , He always puts us were we will do the most good and learn the most and with a companion who we can learn and teach the most.
Everything is for our benefit and so I'm excited to see what adventures lay in wait for me. It's really sad leaving an area because you really come to love the people like your own family. Its really cool to see this change in me. I see the people as my brothers and sisters, I mean I know it's true and everything but its different now, I honestly care about there salvation and I'm sad when we get turned down to teach. I know that everything is a process and one day they may accept the gospel, but still. I honestly feel for these people and I have been here for 3 months so its hard to say good bye. But just like the song says we must press forward with steadfast faith in Christ, the Scripture that corresponds to that part is 2 Nephi 31:20. Look it up its one of my favourites.
Al-rightly well that's it for this week, next week I will probably write you on Monday because in Coalinga I think the library is open on Mondays. So be ready to write me Sunday night next week.
I love you and thank you for everything.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
You stay classy Montreal.