Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There are miracles ever where !!

           WEEK 42 ...... Reedley , California

Hola my beautiful family!
So I heard the amazing news! Ben is now endowed! That's so awesome, I can't believe that time is passing so fast in a few short months he will be out in the mission field and I will be half way done with my mission :(. I know I've said it before but I really don't like time. It's stealing itself from me, so much to do, so many to teach and I'm running low on time, snap this is crazy. I can't believe all that has happened and all the amazing experiences that I have had. This mission is such an amazing thing, there is no way I will ever fall away, I have and do see the gale of darkness and the people are in and I know that I am much better to help if I stay in the light. So this week I have seen so many blessings and I want to share them with you.
On Tuesday we had the baptism of Manual, and boy was it amazing , we had a pretty good turn out, the ward has really been pushing and doing amazing with missionary work. Even though there is a language barrier that doesn't matter, they are truly trying to get passed that and come together. The baptism needless to say happened and was a great success. I love baptisms we had Manuel's fellowship brother Mendoza baptize him and I know that that's the way it should be. It would be so easy for me or Elder Christensen to do it but there exists such a tangible bond when someone baptizes another that it is so much better for a member to do it because missionaries move and members will always be there.
I have done alot of growing up since I left little old Montreal. I can feel it, I'm not the same anymore and nor do I want to be. I have a drive, a purpose and calling and I have a work ethic now. There are just so many things that happen and I feel like I'm going through a rapid growth. I'm not the same person I was, even yesterday, each day i get (or at least try to get) better. Tomorrow who knows. I like to think of this as a spirit steroid if done right the mission will change the missionary forever and he will come home the man that Heavenly Father has intended him to be. That's why we serve with all our heart, might, mind and strength. Because as we give it all to the Lord he takes us and perfects us in him.
I know that I'm no one really special, I mean sure I'm unique and have my own life experiences, but all success comes from our Father in Heaven and anyone can gain it when we do His will. When we sacrifice our will and give it to Him the blessings of heaven come down like there're no tomorrow. This area and my mission is living proof of that. We are teaching alot of new people and they are amazing as we taught a girl named Lupita this past Saturday she felt the spirit and asked us when she could be baptized! It was truly amazing, so many blessings and I can't believe it.
The last amazing miracle that happened this week actually took place yesterday. We had found no new investigators all week and that above all was what we were striving for so that we can keep up our teaching pool and keep up the amazing work and miracles. Our goals was for 3 and as we went to our appointments Sunday night we came to Ivan's house and we asked if anyone else wanted to listen in and lo and behold 2 of his friends were really interested in what we had to say! We were able to get 2 of the 3 we wanted and it is such an amazing miracle.
 I know that it really doesn't sound like the heavens were open or anything but it is still an amazing miracle. I have learned that God shows us miracles all the time and we don;t realize it. Most of us wait for a divine sign or light bright miracle but we have no need to look further then our own personal conversion.
I have to end things here because I'm out of time but I want to say thank you for your love and everything you do for me and for the Lord
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Hola from beautiful Reedley

          WEEK 41 ..... Reedley ,California

Hola from beautiful Reedley!

 Ok so I only have 14 mins because it's summer and the kids are on the computers so we could only reserve time for 30 mins so I am going to have to keep it short this week, and I am really sorry for that.

But on a lighter note we are going to have a baptism tomorrow! It is for a man named Manuel and he has been investigating the church for a while and finally is ready to take that leap of faith. We actually set the baptismal date like 3 days ago because he is leaving for Mexico for a while so we set the date super close and its awesome.

We are so busy all the time and just dead tired constantly. It's awesome, I have never worked so hard and been so blessed and felt so much love in my entire life. We have been seriously working our hardest and getting our area in order and doing all we can with the ward and also with branch. We are doing so much it's amazing that there is even time to breath. This is the best feeling ever! I am so overwhelmed all the time and I know that I have no strength or stamina left but some how I keep going its amazing!

The bishop is so awesome I love him alot, partly because he is amazing and on the ball and party because he reminds me a lot of dad. It's so great to work around strong members who want nothing more then to help us fulfill our calling and purpose. We are so blessed and are truly finding those who are prepared to receive the gospel and are really getting alot of new and amazing investigators. I will send some great pictures home soon but I can't today because like I said I have no time. But it doesn't mean I don't love you, because I do and that's something I have learning alot on my mission is the love that can exist within someone for others. Its amazing to look back and see how much I have grown and to see how far I have come and who I have been able to teach and come in contact with. Life is great, the gospel is true and there is no other life I would wish for.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa