Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Friday, April 30, 2010

WEEK 29 .... Lindsay , California

Hola my family
So this week was a really good week we set another baptismal date with a man named Jose Vallaquez . He is really cool, he is so open and ready for the gospel. I know that the Lord has prepared a way for all things He is amazing and I know that there are even more blessings just around the corner.
So I am doing fantastic, I haven't lost any weight and its bugging me so I'm going to start running in the morning with Elder Larson so that I can get some muscle on me. Gah, being a Spanish missionary is amazing but there is just so much food directed  at you left right and centre. I know when I was at home I would always want more then one serving and here if I don't eat more the one plate then the members get well pushy...... yes pushy is the right word. When we are not with members I have really learned the value of eating healthy. I feel really good because of that we have a rule in the mission that the mission presidents wife calls 5 a day, so that's 5 servings of fruit or veggies a day. I have to tell you it helps, just not snacking and eating fruits and veggies does wonders, I can work better and I have alot more energy.
So this week we did something amazing! We got the standard of excellence, which is a standard that we strive for every week so that as a mission we can keep going forward and progressing . The standard is 3/2 which is 3 member church tours and 2 non member church tours. It is amazing to see the blessings that come from being obedient and trying our hardest. We don't always get the standard but we are always trying our best. I know that the Lord moves us forward, despite the balanced eating and 8 hours of sleep sometimes I'm just so tired and overwhelmed with what must be done. I have felt Him, with me pushing me along and being there to help me every step of the way. I have come to know that He truly in always there, and that He loves us unconditionally.
This week in my our studies Elder Larson and I came across the parable of the ten virgins and used it to teach. As we taught and read the parable with our investigator I suddenly knew how to explain it better using the book of Mormon.
 At the end of the parable the foolish virgins ask to be let in and the Lord says I know ye not. So in Mosiah 5:8-10 it shows us why the Lord didn't know them. So read that this week and tell me what you think about it, I thought it was pretty neat. 
I know that Lord gives us the things we need exactly when we need it. He is always there guiding and showing us the way, I am so grateful for him and his blessings and teaching that I have been able to see and apply in my life. I am excited to be here and serve him. 
And just to get you excited mom and dad, I'm calling on May 9th which is mothers day. So get ready because you get to hear from your missionary man. Sorry to give you the early excitement, just don't tell Vava to early or else you wont hear then end of it. Alrightly well that's all for this week so I'll talk to you all next week. I love you and thank you for everything!
Love Elder Jason Glowa
We can use some cool emoticons in the emails now so ill be sure to send some more next time.
Happy Birthday M.J  and Auntie Nat !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WEEK 27 ..... Lindsay , California
             Hola familia!

 So this week we got transfer calls! Guess what. Nothing changed for me so it's awesome. I'm still going to be here in Lindsay with Elder Larsen for at least another 6 weeks. I'm super happy because we are doing amazing and will be able to see alot of success this transfer. We got two new investigators and one of them has a baptismal date! We are so blessed to see the Lord's hand as He has prepared people to hear the gospel.
I got a letter from one of the Elders I knew in Madera. Elder Kaczmar, he wrote me and told me that the two of the Orea kids have been baptized and that the other two are going to be soon. That made me so happy you can't even imagine. I know that every single part that a missionary plays is important. Even though I didn't seen the baptism I know that all is going well. I did my part and the Lord has another course for me to take.
Oh and speaking of letters Mom I need Jonathan's mission address so I can write him and the same for Patrick.
Oh and I just thought randomly about Dwight and Sadie (the family that stayed with us) so if you could get me their address too so I could write them that would be amazing.
Alrighty so question answer time : No , I have not made a CD back up of my pictures, I know , I know what am I thinking. How will anything good happen if I don't prevent the bad. First off I can't get a c.d. backup because I haven't printed pictures in 3 months so I'll get on that . I'll put all my pictures on a CD to send to you. I'll do that next week so mom don't fret. I don't take my camera with me unless I know I'm going to use it, like for service activities and zone conference. I don't have it in my bag daily so its not going to get stolen.
Ok so something I did two weeks ago that made me feel super awesome and feel like I was in Mexico . I was eat the corn that they have in Nocho Libre. There are bike vendor people everywhere selling ice cream and corn and stuff so one of the members bought us a corn and yes it was amazing and yes it looks the same as the movie and yes I felt super Mexican. No mom I'm sorry I didn't take a picture but I promise next time I will, just for you.!!! LOL !!
Ok next answer for my birthday We were in Walmart the other day and I saw the coolest thing ever its called the "Perfect Multi-gym" It as a super pull-up bar thing that can be used for a number of other work outs, and it would be amazing and help me get a better work out in the morning. So remember its the "Perfect Multi-gym" not perfect pull-up or perfect sit up of perfect push up. man there's alot of things claiming to be perfect these days :P !!!! HAHAHA
Ok and for some other ideas just black socks and some ties that are conservative. (no designs) Oh and a burned copy of the church music we have. So there are some ideas, I hope that helps you out. 
Thank you so much for your weekly updates and everything that you have given me, I am only the way I am today because of your help and guidance. Know that I always given thanks to our Heavenly Father for you all. You are all amazing and I am so blessed here in the mission field. I feel all of your prayers and know that there is a great love back home. Thank you for always being there and being the sure foundation I need in my teenage years especially I know that alot of things can happen to someone in this time and I hope that the young men are doing well. If their not give a kick in the pants for me. I'll pray for them and please send them my love.
Tell Ben ,that I'm very proud of him ,and look forward to finding out where he is going on his mission.
Wish Ashley a very happy birthday.
             Thank you for everything
             Love Elder Jason Glowa

Friday, April 16, 2010

WEEK 26 ........  April 13th 2010 ........ Lindsay ,California

Hola como estas
Ok so I got your last two emails, sorry for the guilt trip,LOL!!  but I couldn't resist. I hope you didn't take it to heart. Before I get to my letter I need to ask something. Mom I need Jonathan's mission address so I can write him and the same for Patrick. Oh and I just thought randomly about Dwight and Sadie (the family that stayed with us) so if you could get me there address too, so I could write them that would be amazing. Thank you so much in advance for this. (Ha now you have to do it cuz I said thank you :P)
This week was amazing, we did alot of recent convert, less active work. Growth and retention is out #1 goal. So we were invited to this bible study thing and we thought why not. It was actually really good the people are really nice, we tried to talk about the Book of Mormon but got shot down. We were at a lose of what to do because we don't want to offend but we don't want to waste our time there is no progression is going to be made. We were just feeling down on ourselves for kinda putting ourselves in a corner. So we were of course talking to Beto and he said one of the most profound statements that I think has come from a person. He said " Your purpose isn't to study with them its to teach them what you know , which is about the book of Mormon and restoration." I know that seems kinda like a no brainier but it really hit me.
We have been asked that time and time again, why do you use the Book of Mormon so much to teach and not the bible. I finally know, its because they already know the bible. I am called to give them the truth, that we have everything back that was lost, that's there is no finding the closest truth but showing them the right one. I am so blessed to be here to meet all of these people. I am really understanding the meaning of love and what I need to do better. I am in pain, my heart hurts so much all the time. The people I see on the street, not wanting anything to do with me, my investigators not wanting to go on. It hurts and its happening because Satan knows that the best spot to attack a missionary, not in breaking commandments, but in hurting the people around him. He is a cruel personage, its hard to think that you can hate so much as to try and destroy everyone around you. It's ok though because I have friends, that's right friends and we all do.
He doesn't ,he has people that he commands, but no one is his friend. We all have the chance to be built up. We just need to have friends that will bring us were we need to be. I have seen alot of experiences in life and on the mission, friends are what influences the most, the family does help alot with that but they are not the ones you are around always. We need friends who will help us reach to where we need to be. We can all get higher, that is what is promised to us. I love this gospel because it gives us the chance to always get better, we can never think that we have done it all, that's when we have to start worrying. The Book of Mormon is specifically made to help us with that. That's why we must continue to read it because we will always find something new and amazing in there. The Book of Mormon was give to us, not to keep on our tables or shelves but in our hands and hearts. We must read it always because that is where we will find the way home. (sorry that was kind of a rant) This work is amazing, I feel different, not like I have changed but like I have grown. The spirit is amazing, it always leads and guides but we have to look for it. This week as been such a testimony to me that we must continue to do better and rely on our heavenly father, because he will give us strength. Thank you for all your prayers, I can really feel them. I love you all so much and thank you for your example.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! For your present this year ummmm I'll think of something awesome to send, like the pictures I have, ok sending them soon......sorry for the hold up mom. Oh and one more thing I have 6 months in the field tomorrow. :D Time flies when your teaching with the spirit.

WEEK 25 ..... April 6th , 2010 ...... Lindsay , California

Hola Mom and Dad
 ( DISCLAIMER : We had sent Jason an email but sent it to the wrong email address !! , and because we weren't home we only realized our mistakes that night. Even though we re-sent our email to him ,he only got it a week later ) 
Ok, so first off ,thank you for writing me this week hahaha, it's a funny joke because you didn't. I'm glad I heard from Ben or else no emails for Elder Glowa this week. I know that you're busy and all and that's find but even one line saying I love you son would and does mean the world to me.
I am whole heatedly dedicated to the work of the Lord but that doesn't mean that I don't want to hear updates or how life is. I miss you guys and it makes me so happy to read what is going on in your lives.
To give you an update on my Easter activities they were really awesome we didn't do an egg hunt or anything but we got fed like crazy, we ate like 3 times in the space of like an hour and a half. We didn't have lunch because we were helping the other elders in our district with a baptismal service, so a member brought us burritos because we were starving so we scarfed down two before  conference and then ate the last one after conference's afternoon session. Then a member called and told us to come over, so we did and she had made us the greatest thing in the world. "Carne assada" (fried meat) with beans and rice and cactus (nopal) it's amazing. So we got stuffed there then we went over to an English member's house and got stuffed with a potato casserole thing, ham and lamb. So apart from getting fed like crazy we went and had and amazing time strengthening members.
GENERAL CONFERENCE IS AMAZING! I felt the spirit so strong and now feel sad for all that I missed while not paying attention before my mission or just not taking it seriously. So many amazing talks.My two favourites were President Uchtdorf's on Patience and also Elder Holland's on not having lust. Both so amazing and powerful I feel like I can go baptize all of Lindsay now! Elder Holland has amazing , it made me truly understand that we must love always as the Saviour did. In the beginning he was addressing pornography and I thought alright here it comes Elder Holland's personal smack down on Pornography. But nope he goes beyond that and simply states. "Pornography is bad but lets stop cutting the branches off and worry about the roots." Amazing just goes off on the evils of lust and wow man it was so inspiring. I want to teach with boldness like Elder Holland does. That's what I have found that is so good and effect, is being bold and knowing when to use your testimony.
Apart from those amazing things that came to pass this week, I had the single greatest compliment of my life. There is a member named Beto and he is an amazing man. He changed his life around and got reactivated and goes out with the missionaries all the time. We were driving a missionaries named Elder Gutierriez back to his area after our exchange and I have no idea what or how the subject came up but they started talk about missionaries specifically me. Beto smiles his amazingly big smile and says with all seriousness, Elder Glowa you have a spirit "tan fuerte" (so strong)about you, you just radiate love and have good heart. You are Alma the younger today. I smiled the biggest smile I have , and for all those of you who have seen me smile you know my eyes get really small. LOL !!!! So I said if I'm Alma then you're is Amulek. So that's how we say hi now. I feel so amazing and don't worry my head didn't get any bigger from that, It was just an awesome thing for someone to say about me .
Anyway the work is good and if all goes well we are going to have a baptism coming up soon. I love baptisms they are amazing! They are such a great blessing to witness. I want to thank you for all that you have given me and for helping me on my road down the teenage live. Who knows were I would be without you and your guidance. Thank you for all you do.
Hope all is well
All my love Elder Jason Glowa
Please write me next week

WEEK 24 ...... March 30th ,2010   ...... Lindsey, California

Hola familia!
 Did anyone speak Spanish to you yet? I'm sorry that was a dumb question. First off please be nice to everyone because someone you meet I may end up teaching later on in my mission. So represent the church well. Ok first off I knew Ben and Court were going but I was really surprised to hear that Brooke is there, are you trying to replace me with another I know your having a blast because Mexico is awesome but I want you to know that if you need to drink something get the Jarritos (its the soda brand) And the best one is Tamarindo its like a brown soda it is amazing, I drink that so much here and it's best hot cause is called Tapatio, its got a Mexican guy with a sombrero on it. So have fun in Mexico for the next two weeks I think is how long your staying.
I had the best personal study of my whole mission today. First off I completely when I went through D&C 11:21 and looked at every cross reference and what's not that took about half and hour or so then I decided to read the rest of the section because it felt like what I should do. Anyway I got some amazing insight for my investigators and I have never marked the scriptures so much in my life. Not going to lie I think ever verse is marked in that sections because I just went to town on it.
I'm restarting the Book of Mormon and I am going to do that also, just go through everything. I am so excited to study and it is amazing what I can learn with just praying and having my Heavenly Father's help. The most amazing thing is that no matter what I read I always end up using it for something that day. The Lord leads and guides us through everything, anything and everything.What we do should reflect Him because at any moment He is going to need us to act, because we as members of the church have the witness and testimony. The Lord will use us to bring His gospel to the world. That's one of the great things that I have seen recently.
Studies are so amazing and important. This week I realized that one of our baptismal dates Jaime is like the Mexican version of Ben. Its awesome, he is going to be baptized on the 10th of April and it is such a blessing to have someone amazing to teach. The scriptures say that if you labour all your days and only bring one soul to our Father in heaven, how great will be your joy with him in the kingdom of your father. (trying to write it from memory so may not be exact) But this to me is the greatest promise and blessing that Heavenly Father can give us. There is so much joy in doing the Lords work. I can't describe how much joy and love I feel. I really want and need to share this gospel with everyone. It's an amazing desire, all I truly want to do is bring about my Fathers will. Elder Larson and I are working our hardest to find new people and to be exactly obedient to bring about that blessings of heaven. This is serious work, the salvation of souls. I'm so excited all the time! I feel like a super hero. I know I have already explained how that is but I really do, I am in the business of saving souls and I am loving every minute of it. Life is amazing! Thank you for all you do. Have fun in Mexico, try not to miss me to much, and mom and dad even if they don't want to go to the ruins because they are AWSOME!
Love Elder Jason Glowa
After the mission we are going to were Lehi and Nephi landed and following the Book of Mormon. We are going to use it as a guide to find the land bountiful where Christ came. I know you may think I'm crazy but think how amazing and how much fun it would be to read the book of Mormon and follow its account of travelling. Think about that while your in Mexico.