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Friday, April 16, 2010

WEEK 25 ..... April 6th , 2010 ...... Lindsay , California

Hola Mom and Dad
 ( DISCLAIMER : We had sent Jason an email but sent it to the wrong email address !! , and because we weren't home we only realized our mistakes that night. Even though we re-sent our email to him ,he only got it a week later ) 
Ok, so first off ,thank you for writing me this week hahaha, it's a funny joke because you didn't. I'm glad I heard from Ben or else no emails for Elder Glowa this week. I know that you're busy and all and that's find but even one line saying I love you son would and does mean the world to me.
I am whole heatedly dedicated to the work of the Lord but that doesn't mean that I don't want to hear updates or how life is. I miss you guys and it makes me so happy to read what is going on in your lives.
To give you an update on my Easter activities they were really awesome we didn't do an egg hunt or anything but we got fed like crazy, we ate like 3 times in the space of like an hour and a half. We didn't have lunch because we were helping the other elders in our district with a baptismal service, so a member brought us burritos because we were starving so we scarfed down two before  conference and then ate the last one after conference's afternoon session. Then a member called and told us to come over, so we did and she had made us the greatest thing in the world. "Carne assada" (fried meat) with beans and rice and cactus (nopal) it's amazing. So we got stuffed there then we went over to an English member's house and got stuffed with a potato casserole thing, ham and lamb. So apart from getting fed like crazy we went and had and amazing time strengthening members.
GENERAL CONFERENCE IS AMAZING! I felt the spirit so strong and now feel sad for all that I missed while not paying attention before my mission or just not taking it seriously. So many amazing talks.My two favourites were President Uchtdorf's on Patience and also Elder Holland's on not having lust. Both so amazing and powerful I feel like I can go baptize all of Lindsay now! Elder Holland has amazing , it made me truly understand that we must love always as the Saviour did. In the beginning he was addressing pornography and I thought alright here it comes Elder Holland's personal smack down on Pornography. But nope he goes beyond that and simply states. "Pornography is bad but lets stop cutting the branches off and worry about the roots." Amazing just goes off on the evils of lust and wow man it was so inspiring. I want to teach with boldness like Elder Holland does. That's what I have found that is so good and effect, is being bold and knowing when to use your testimony.
Apart from those amazing things that came to pass this week, I had the single greatest compliment of my life. There is a member named Beto and he is an amazing man. He changed his life around and got reactivated and goes out with the missionaries all the time. We were driving a missionaries named Elder Gutierriez back to his area after our exchange and I have no idea what or how the subject came up but they started talk about missionaries specifically me. Beto smiles his amazingly big smile and says with all seriousness, Elder Glowa you have a spirit "tan fuerte" (so strong)about you, you just radiate love and have good heart. You are Alma the younger today. I smiled the biggest smile I have , and for all those of you who have seen me smile you know my eyes get really small. LOL !!!! So I said if I'm Alma then you're is Amulek. So that's how we say hi now. I feel so amazing and don't worry my head didn't get any bigger from that, It was just an awesome thing for someone to say about me .
Anyway the work is good and if all goes well we are going to have a baptism coming up soon. I love baptisms they are amazing! They are such a great blessing to witness. I want to thank you for all that you have given me and for helping me on my road down the teenage live. Who knows were I would be without you and your guidance. Thank you for all you do.
Hope all is well
All my love Elder Jason Glowa
Please write me next week

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