Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WEEK 27 ..... Lindsay , California
             Hola familia!

 So this week we got transfer calls! Guess what. Nothing changed for me so it's awesome. I'm still going to be here in Lindsay with Elder Larsen for at least another 6 weeks. I'm super happy because we are doing amazing and will be able to see alot of success this transfer. We got two new investigators and one of them has a baptismal date! We are so blessed to see the Lord's hand as He has prepared people to hear the gospel.
I got a letter from one of the Elders I knew in Madera. Elder Kaczmar, he wrote me and told me that the two of the Orea kids have been baptized and that the other two are going to be soon. That made me so happy you can't even imagine. I know that every single part that a missionary plays is important. Even though I didn't seen the baptism I know that all is going well. I did my part and the Lord has another course for me to take.
Oh and speaking of letters Mom I need Jonathan's mission address so I can write him and the same for Patrick.
Oh and I just thought randomly about Dwight and Sadie (the family that stayed with us) so if you could get me their address too so I could write them that would be amazing.
Alrighty so question answer time : No , I have not made a CD back up of my pictures, I know , I know what am I thinking. How will anything good happen if I don't prevent the bad. First off I can't get a c.d. backup because I haven't printed pictures in 3 months so I'll get on that . I'll put all my pictures on a CD to send to you. I'll do that next week so mom don't fret. I don't take my camera with me unless I know I'm going to use it, like for service activities and zone conference. I don't have it in my bag daily so its not going to get stolen.
Ok so something I did two weeks ago that made me feel super awesome and feel like I was in Mexico . I was eat the corn that they have in Nocho Libre. There are bike vendor people everywhere selling ice cream and corn and stuff so one of the members bought us a corn and yes it was amazing and yes it looks the same as the movie and yes I felt super Mexican. No mom I'm sorry I didn't take a picture but I promise next time I will, just for you.!!! LOL !!
Ok next answer for my birthday We were in Walmart the other day and I saw the coolest thing ever its called the "Perfect Multi-gym" It as a super pull-up bar thing that can be used for a number of other work outs, and it would be amazing and help me get a better work out in the morning. So remember its the "Perfect Multi-gym" not perfect pull-up or perfect sit up of perfect push up. man there's alot of things claiming to be perfect these days :P !!!! HAHAHA
Ok and for some other ideas just black socks and some ties that are conservative. (no designs) Oh and a burned copy of the church music we have. So there are some ideas, I hope that helps you out. 
Thank you so much for your weekly updates and everything that you have given me, I am only the way I am today because of your help and guidance. Know that I always given thanks to our Heavenly Father for you all. You are all amazing and I am so blessed here in the mission field. I feel all of your prayers and know that there is a great love back home. Thank you for always being there and being the sure foundation I need in my teenage years especially I know that alot of things can happen to someone in this time and I hope that the young men are doing well. If their not give a kick in the pants for me. I'll pray for them and please send them my love.
Tell Ben ,that I'm very proud of him ,and look forward to finding out where he is going on his mission.
Wish Ashley a very happy birthday.
             Thank you for everything
             Love Elder Jason Glowa

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