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Friday, April 16, 2010

WEEK 26 ........  April 13th 2010 ........ Lindsay ,California

Hola como estas
Ok so I got your last two emails, sorry for the guilt trip,LOL!!  but I couldn't resist. I hope you didn't take it to heart. Before I get to my letter I need to ask something. Mom I need Jonathan's mission address so I can write him and the same for Patrick. Oh and I just thought randomly about Dwight and Sadie (the family that stayed with us) so if you could get me there address too, so I could write them that would be amazing. Thank you so much in advance for this. (Ha now you have to do it cuz I said thank you :P)
This week was amazing, we did alot of recent convert, less active work. Growth and retention is out #1 goal. So we were invited to this bible study thing and we thought why not. It was actually really good the people are really nice, we tried to talk about the Book of Mormon but got shot down. We were at a lose of what to do because we don't want to offend but we don't want to waste our time there is no progression is going to be made. We were just feeling down on ourselves for kinda putting ourselves in a corner. So we were of course talking to Beto and he said one of the most profound statements that I think has come from a person. He said " Your purpose isn't to study with them its to teach them what you know , which is about the book of Mormon and restoration." I know that seems kinda like a no brainier but it really hit me.
We have been asked that time and time again, why do you use the Book of Mormon so much to teach and not the bible. I finally know, its because they already know the bible. I am called to give them the truth, that we have everything back that was lost, that's there is no finding the closest truth but showing them the right one. I am so blessed to be here to meet all of these people. I am really understanding the meaning of love and what I need to do better. I am in pain, my heart hurts so much all the time. The people I see on the street, not wanting anything to do with me, my investigators not wanting to go on. It hurts and its happening because Satan knows that the best spot to attack a missionary, not in breaking commandments, but in hurting the people around him. He is a cruel personage, its hard to think that you can hate so much as to try and destroy everyone around you. It's ok though because I have friends, that's right friends and we all do.
He doesn't ,he has people that he commands, but no one is his friend. We all have the chance to be built up. We just need to have friends that will bring us were we need to be. I have seen alot of experiences in life and on the mission, friends are what influences the most, the family does help alot with that but they are not the ones you are around always. We need friends who will help us reach to where we need to be. We can all get higher, that is what is promised to us. I love this gospel because it gives us the chance to always get better, we can never think that we have done it all, that's when we have to start worrying. The Book of Mormon is specifically made to help us with that. That's why we must continue to read it because we will always find something new and amazing in there. The Book of Mormon was give to us, not to keep on our tables or shelves but in our hands and hearts. We must read it always because that is where we will find the way home. (sorry that was kind of a rant) This work is amazing, I feel different, not like I have changed but like I have grown. The spirit is amazing, it always leads and guides but we have to look for it. This week as been such a testimony to me that we must continue to do better and rely on our heavenly father, because he will give us strength. Thank you for all your prayers, I can really feel them. I love you all so much and thank you for your example.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! For your present this year ummmm I'll think of something awesome to send, like the pictures I have, ok sending them soon......sorry for the hold up mom. Oh and one more thing I have 6 months in the field tomorrow. :D Time flies when your teaching with the spirit.

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