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Friday, April 16, 2010

WEEK 24 ...... March 30th ,2010   ...... Lindsey, California

Hola familia!
 Did anyone speak Spanish to you yet? I'm sorry that was a dumb question. First off please be nice to everyone because someone you meet I may end up teaching later on in my mission. So represent the church well. Ok first off I knew Ben and Court were going but I was really surprised to hear that Brooke is there, are you trying to replace me with another I know your having a blast because Mexico is awesome but I want you to know that if you need to drink something get the Jarritos (its the soda brand) And the best one is Tamarindo its like a brown soda it is amazing, I drink that so much here and it's best hot cause is called Tapatio, its got a Mexican guy with a sombrero on it. So have fun in Mexico for the next two weeks I think is how long your staying.
I had the best personal study of my whole mission today. First off I completely when I went through D&C 11:21 and looked at every cross reference and what's not that took about half and hour or so then I decided to read the rest of the section because it felt like what I should do. Anyway I got some amazing insight for my investigators and I have never marked the scriptures so much in my life. Not going to lie I think ever verse is marked in that sections because I just went to town on it.
I'm restarting the Book of Mormon and I am going to do that also, just go through everything. I am so excited to study and it is amazing what I can learn with just praying and having my Heavenly Father's help. The most amazing thing is that no matter what I read I always end up using it for something that day. The Lord leads and guides us through everything, anything and everything.What we do should reflect Him because at any moment He is going to need us to act, because we as members of the church have the witness and testimony. The Lord will use us to bring His gospel to the world. That's one of the great things that I have seen recently.
Studies are so amazing and important. This week I realized that one of our baptismal dates Jaime is like the Mexican version of Ben. Its awesome, he is going to be baptized on the 10th of April and it is such a blessing to have someone amazing to teach. The scriptures say that if you labour all your days and only bring one soul to our Father in heaven, how great will be your joy with him in the kingdom of your father. (trying to write it from memory so may not be exact) But this to me is the greatest promise and blessing that Heavenly Father can give us. There is so much joy in doing the Lords work. I can't describe how much joy and love I feel. I really want and need to share this gospel with everyone. It's an amazing desire, all I truly want to do is bring about my Fathers will. Elder Larson and I are working our hardest to find new people and to be exactly obedient to bring about that blessings of heaven. This is serious work, the salvation of souls. I'm so excited all the time! I feel like a super hero. I know I have already explained how that is but I really do, I am in the business of saving souls and I am loving every minute of it. Life is amazing! Thank you for all you do. Have fun in Mexico, try not to miss me to much, and mom and dad even if they don't want to go to the ruins because they are AWSOME!
Love Elder Jason Glowa
After the mission we are going to were Lehi and Nephi landed and following the Book of Mormon. We are going to use it as a guide to find the land bountiful where Christ came. I know you may think I'm crazy but think how amazing and how much fun it would be to read the book of Mormon and follow its account of travelling. Think about that while your in Mexico.

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