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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

           WEEK 23 ..... From LINDSAY , CALIFORNIA

Hola evreyone!
Lindsay is amazing, I love it. The members are so amazing and always willing to lend a hand to the missionary work. Sometimes I feel like we burden them with asking for team ups and what not, but they will actually get mad at us if we don't "impose" on them. It is really funny to see how much the members truly love missionary work and understand the importance of it.

So this week we set two new baptismal dates so life is going great. We are having a real difficulty with one of our baptismal dates. Rey , he needs to stop smoking, so we are trying with our all to get that accomplished. I know it can be done because the Lord is on our side.

Being in a small town is great, it has the feelings of home for me. Its kinda like Chateaugauy, but it has a place called Mc Dermont which is the coolest place on earth. Its indoor basketball, and soccer and rock climbing and skateboarding and wave riding and a gym and there is even laser tag in then basement. We got to play laser tag last week with a member and I won out of the three of us. It was amazing. So much fun and even you can play it mom because there's no pain just guns and the impression of dying.

Ok on to your next question ,what would i like from Mexico? My companion and I have come to the conclusion that we need ponchos a green one for him and a red one for me. We need it because we are Spanish missionaries and we basically live in the Mexican parts of the mission  so it just goes with the whole look. So in a nutshell I'm saying we need them to be better missionaries!!!!  LOL !!!

Weather is amazing out here the sun is shining and I can feel the fat melt but I am starting to sweat from every pour, its great and horrible at the same time. And the degrees have no where to go but up. Yes mom I got the packages, thank you but now the Easter one is looking really tempting so I have to put in the closet. And yes you told me that Matt got married. Good I think that's all the questions, jeez this is hard, so many questions, can't you wait two years when I can just answer them face to face :P. LOL!!

This week has been going great we set baptismal dates, we have 3 new investigators and the Church tours are going amazing! I love the mission. Ok so in my studies this week I have begun to study Alma the younger and his story from the beginning were he is mentioned to the end where he is translated. He and Amulek were the greatest missionaries.  I want to learn all I can from him because his accounts and way of teaching are marvellous! So that's all for this week, I know its not much but its really all. So thank you for everything, tell everyone that I love them and am thinking about them and also, please tell Ben to write me because its been forever since I have heard heads or tails from him. Have fun holding down the fort and have fun in Mexico!
Mi llama mucho mi familia y tambien todos de mi familia del barro Lasalle. (Translate that, have fun)
Love Elder Jason Glowa

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