Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

          WEEK 20 ....... March 1st 2010 ........ MADERA ,CALIFORNIA 

Hello everyone back home.
Madera is amazing, we are seeing so many miracles and I am so blessed to be here.
So to answer dad's question about the food we get alot of rice and beans and meat( I say meat because I honestly don't know were it comes from). When the Lord sent me to California I didn't think I would be serving in Mexico. That's what Madera is, honestly its Mexico number 2. It's amazing.  We get mostly Mexican food but sometimes they try and cook us american food and well lets just say they cook Mexican food for a reason. We had stew from one sister and it was literally like corn syrup or starch it was just this thick gelatine thing with meat and potatoes, it was way weird but what made my day ,she tried so hard to please us .I had to laugh when Elder Price looks at me and with all the sincerity in his heart said, elder....... "I can't eat this",poor Elder some of us have weaker stomachs than others !!!!
 So life is going amazing we had some of the Orea family come to church today, and it was stake conference so it wasn't the greatest Sunday for them to come but for some reason or another they liked it and are going to come next Sunday.
Its amazing to see the complete love that people can have for the gospel. The people I serve here in Madera are so nice and humble they truly are amazing and I can honestly I love them, and for some reason they love me back and some even want me to live here forever. I told one of the members I'm coming back after my mission to live in his new house (we helped him move so I'm reserving it as pay :P.......not)
Anyway he says to me  "Glowa your gonna come back and live here for a couple of months when you finish your mission ?.... right".  Its amazing the love and connection that can come between people. I LOVE MADERA! This is the greatest thing I have ever done and I am so happy that I am here and working.
I have had some experiences that are really to sacred to say, the Lord blesses the obedient. I love this gospel, I am just in awe of how much work it takes to be a good and effective missionary. But its so worth it and I know that Heavenly Father helps me along, alot. I have His help and that is the only way that the work can get done. Thank you for all your prayers and help, I can really feel your love and prayers they push me forward when I don't think I can can go on. Thank you for everything, you have no idea how much you all mean to me.
I'll write you next week
Love Elder Jason Glowa

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