Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

          WEEK 19 ....... FEBRUARY 22, 2010 ........ MADERA , CALIFORNIA

Hola everyone!
How are you doing? I am doing amazing, life is so busy that  I find myself most of the time waking up to just get right back into bed. The days pass by so fast it isn't funny. What I thought happened last week happened yesterday and somethings I thought happened yesterday well you guess it, happened yesterday. I honestly think that time just doesn't go normal on the mission. It's like I'm in a weird place where time moves so fast and yet so slow that everything is just a blur,but I do know something, I miss poutine, alot.
You don't understand until you have left it, its crazing how much you come to appreciate the small things in life when you're out on your own. So thank you Mom and Dad for all the small things, like ironing my cloths, buying me food and razor stuff and most importantly for cleaning the bathroom for me. Mom if your afraid of cleaning the bathroom after me try and get 10 year old neglecting Elder stuff plus me every week. Sounds scary I know but its not that bad, my apartment is really not bad at all . It's way funny to hear about some of the other apartments.
This week we have been doing amazing with teaching we taught 40 lessons this week. We have alot of people who are reading and praying but they don't come to church, that is the hardest thing to do, is to get people to church. Honestly if everyone just came to church then a super huge weight would be lifted off. But that's just the way people are, but sometimes I just wanna drag them to church myself, but then that would be crippling them, blah, blah, blah. Arg I wish I could take away agency for a spilt second sometimes its would make the work alot easier if people didn't have agency. :P Sound like anyone in particular? That's right that's Satan talk. And if any missionary ever feels this way then your not doing your job! The work is so much more rewarding and there is such I joy when people come to the choice and understanding of what they must do. I think the most joy I have ever had was baptizing someone. There is an amazing feeling of peace that just radiates for the baptismal service. I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!

              Please give my condolence to auntie Nat and uncle Tim on their grandfather passing away .
Ok funny moment time. This week I heard the funniest thing as an argument about the bible.
So this is how it plays out.( the guys name is really Juan by the way)
Juan: You know how I know that bible contradicts itself!
Elder Glowa and Price: Yes, and?
Juan: God created man to rule over the earth, and he went and rules the heavens right.
Elder Glowa and Price: Yea, sure, and?
Juan: If God really did it that way then why do women take charge and rule over everything!
Elder Glowa and Price: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!
And yes everything really is funnier in Spanish so because it was in Spanish this conversation was hilarious!
Something i read this week that is really dear to me is that everything boils down to a belief in the book of Mormon. That is the real concern that people must over come because if the book of Mormon is true then Joseph smith was and is a prophet of God and if that's true then all the laws and commandments we have are of God, so we must follow them. Everything can be answered by the book of Mormon, so i would invite you this week to use the book of Mormon when talking to someone or just to talk about the church, because this gospel is amazing and it truly blesses lives.
I love you all
Love Elder Jason Glowa
Men if you ever get into a conversation like the one I had with Juan and a woman is either next to you or present, just go with it and deny, deny, deny.
Stay safe!
Love Elder Glowa

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