Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

          WEEK 18 ...... FEBRUARY 15 , 2010 ......... MADERA , CALIFORNIA

Hola familia!
 About my bike , I had bought a rubber tub for the back wheel about 4 weeks ago and it had been working great ,no flats or anything. But then I broke a spoke (its the rods in the bike wheel) so I had to get it fixed and my bike needed a tune up bad because we ride through everythings . Then after that the bike guy tells me to get the rubber (its a full rubber tub so no air) tub out of my bike because its slowing me down and just really not to great for the bike because there is no give when I hit a bump or pot hole. So  three or four days after that and I have to get on the sidewalk with the bike or else I'm gonna get hit by a car and then bam, I hit the sidewalk hard with the back wheel and well yea 140 dollars later I have a new back wheel .
Sorry for the money being spent on the bike, I'll make it up to you some how.  I really didn't mean for this to happen and for anyone who is thinking about it , I wasn't drifting!!!!  LOL !!! There is no drifting possible, believe me if there could be I would have tried it. 
Anyway so to answer dad's questions. I am being obedient and working hard and seeing many miracles because of it. It has been a little hard because appointments keep falling through but that is why we always plan back ups so I have learned the value of not only plan a or plan b but I have learned the value of plans g, h and even
The Suarez family (the ones who sell tamales) are doing great there going to be baptized! Luis and Salvadora want to be baptized but Myra is having a little trouble, its coming along but I know the Lord will provide a way and they will be baptized on the 27th of February!.
Elder Price and I are doing well he is a great person and well not as excited as me but I can't ask that much of him because I know I'm an odd person like that, but hey someone has to be right.
The message I want to share this week is that the Lord uses each of our specific talents and personalities to get his work done. I have found the beauty in prayerfully studying for a family and receiving revelation for them, studying and teaching them exactly what they need to hear. And the way I teach will not be the same as other people, not two missionaries are alike, which is why the work is so successful because you get to humble young men put together with different lives and thoughts and they come together and use the spirit of God to teach. It is His spirit that is the same and that is why the work will always progress, it is His work and His glory, and I am so grateful to be apart of it. I love this work and everything that I am able to see. God is a God of miracles and I know that He hasn't stopped because I see them everyday with people I talk to and teach. This is why I'm here, because I know that Jesus is the Christ, that He lives and died for all of us. I Love you all!
Love Elder Jason Glowa
P.s. Happy Birthday Cody! and Happy birthday Uncle Mike (Alberta uncle mike)
Pictures are coming I'm still labelling them and well I need more stamps because I have to send them by package so yea I get them there ASAP!
Love Elder Jason Glowa

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