Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new transfer and new responsibility as district leader.

                    Week 60  ..... Tulare , California

Hola Padres!
Aright so I really can't write to much this week because I don't have to much time. Also because well you talked to me on Saturday so you basically know everything that is going on im my life.
So the real news is that I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! I can't believe it I have spent a quarter of my mission in this area and I'm kind of sad I'm leaving it. I love the members and investigators in this area , some of them have become like family to me. There was quite a few tears when I said good-bye on both sides.  I really feel the love from everyone and it's a great feeling.
So in other news ,relating to my transfer, this next transfer I'm going to be a district leader so I'm really excited and nervous. It's going to be a great experience. My new companion is actually from the Philippines so I'm going to try and get him to teach me some Tagolic. There is some new responsibility and some new challenges ahead but I'm ready for them. I'm going to a place called Tulare and I'm going to be in the Tulare 2nd ward, its going to be great. Something I am looking forward to is my exchanges because one of the areas in my district is LINDSAY! So I get to go there twice and so I'm going to get to see all the old investigators and members I used to know, its going to be awesome.
I only have 4 mins left to write, so everything is great its sad to leave but I'm excited for the next great adventure! I know that this email was really short and I'm sorry for that. I'll try and do better next week. You guys are awesome and I'm looking forward to coming back with you after my mission..... We could come back for American thanksgiving! That would be awesome.
I have to get going but I want to you to know that I love you and it was great to hear from you. I'm excited all the time and I don't know why. Christ is our King and our redeemer and I know that we have a living prophet today!
Thank you for everything
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!! Week 59

Hola mi familia

Estoy animado para decirles que todo va muy bien, espero que podemos lugar todo nuestras metas este mes por medio del gracia del salvador. Yo se con todo me Alma que vamos con dios y vamos a ensenar con poder y autoridad! Que marviosa is mi llamamento, siempre estoy felix cada dia porque soy un servo de Jesucristo, este es mi vida. Ahora voy a hablar in ingles porque no creo que usteds sabe lo que dije.

Alright, so have fun translating that and understanding my Spanish writing; it isn't one of my strong points, so I’m going to work on that this week. But to answer all of your questions, Spanish is going great. I love it a lot and I’m so happy for every bit of my call. So this week the email has to be short because we have too much to do. We just got back from the temple and still have to do everything. So I’m sorry if I’m brief with anything. If you want further details on this week please ask specific questions in the week to come so I can answer them.

I’m so happy not just because of the great miracles we are seeing left, right and center with our mission and with my area but because its.......... CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FALALALALALALALALA!! I am so happy all the time! We just got a new Christmas CD of Alex Boye. He is amazing and I love listening to Christmas music. Oh and singing it, I basically do it all the time. I hope my companion doesn't hate me for it. Oh and dad I’m not training him its his second transfer so he pretty much knows all he needs to do. I’m just more of a "step trainer" I guess you can say just smoothing out the rough edges. Anyway random side note.

So sister Ayers told me that she sent you pictures of my companion and me at the Christmas party and a video of me singing. She also mentioned that you cried, I don't know if that’s because your ears were bleeding or if you liked it? Hopefully you liked it. So some of the Elders in our district are getting together and we are going to sing "Mary did you know?" I kind of laughed because we used to sing that every year at home: you, Ben and me. So it reminded me of good old fun. So no matter where I go or how far I am from home that song always follows me.

Shoot I can't believe Christmas is already here. We are going to have a lot of fun and I’m kind of excited for it but I’m kind of a Grinch about it also. It’s funny; it’s the only real day of the year we don't work. That really bugs me because the work gets kind of slow around this time of year so I’m a Grinch in that I wish I was working instead. I just want to always be teaching and finding. It’s funny, I can't stop being happy and preaching the gospel. It’s going to be weird when I can't do it 24/7, but we wont talk about that.
So my week this week was pretty basic we are setting up Aimee's baptism for the 23rd and everything is going great for her. We are really excited and I am going out of my mind with happiness because of all the success I am able to witness by the Lords hand.

We set a baptismal date for the 26th of December with a man named Mario Garcia. He is awesome and super humble and really wants to follow the Lord. He is having some trouble so if you could keep him in your prayers that would be amazing.

Bill Yeager backed out of his baptismal date because of personal things, which he has to focus on. We understand but I’m just sad because he is such a great man and baptism is something that would be so amazing for him.

Something I have realized this week is that I am really uncaring of number, in the end if we have done everything we can, then no matter what the numbers say we did good. I am so grateful for all that I have seen and heard and been apart of so far in my mission. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Christ is our Redeemer and that we are called to the work.

Thank you so much for all you do and sorry that this email didn't talk too much about my week but the next one will. I really have to go and finish the day’s preparations so I’ll talk to you next week via email and telephone.

I love you all
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Let the Good Times Roll... Week 58

Hola everybody,

So my life is amazing right now, I don't think even Santa could give me better gifts then the ones I am seeing right before my eyes. It is crazy I am seeing the great harvest of the last hours of the year in my beautiful area. I love this area so much! I just can't believe that I have been blessed to be here for 5 months now. I am so happy all the time, this is really my home, and I truly feel that way. The members here are amazing and we have so much great support, and the investigators, oh my goodness, they are out of the world prepared for the gospel. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing right now then this.  If only I could put into words the feeling and the gratitude I have to my Savior, I really feel like Moroni when he states in the book of Ether, about his lack of ability to write as great as the brother of Jared. Well I guess in two weeks I can tell you over the phone.  So I have no idea what time I’ll be calling.

Tell the Hammonds that I miss them too. They are the best! I still remember risk and making comics for them when I was a kid, man that seems like yesterday but it was years ago.

We had lunch yesterday with the Aro family and I was showing them my picture book that you sent me last year and I forgot that there was the lederhosen picture, anyway needless to say after explaining myself and well my mom and her ideas of cute and funny I have finally come to terms with that picture and now accept it as a part of my life. Just thought you should know that mom so that you don't think I’m sad or embarrassed of my childhood.

As for uncle Mike deciding or predicting my future, I have kind of already decided what I need to do and what I’m going to do. I know that that’s really vague but just ask me about it over the phone and ill explain more. But in short I have decided to go to BYU Provo after my mission as per what I’m going to do, I’ll tell you in 2 weeks on Christmas just remember to remind me.

Oh just some random info that you would probably like to hear just because I know you guys. The work here in the area is about 60 percent English and 40 percent Spanish. My Spanish is pretty good; I can understand basically everything and express what I want to both about the gospel and normal conversation. I still have a ways to go before being fluent in the language but I’m trying my best and it’s really paying off. My companion Elder Gracia is the Mexican shorter version of me. We are a lot alike which makes it a lot of fun. So I am pretty much adopted into like every family in the Reedley ward and Sequoia branch. It’s so awesome. Yesterday, sister Aro told me that Hunter (their 12 year old) said that when I leave, he is going to cry because I’m part of the family.
It warms my heart to feel such love from the members and to be roped in and loved.

We are having another baptism this weekend for one of our investigators Aimee Garcia. She is awesome and is really ready for her baptism. I am really excited, we are seeing so many miracles and I really don't think I deserve them all, the Lord always knows what to give us and of course when to give it to us. In the mission we are burning the midnight oil and using every single thing, basically pulling out all the stops to reach our mighty goal of 1200! We have received the greatest council and direction and are now ready to baptize. We have been charged and committed to commit everyone we see to baptism! That’s right everyone; that means everyone we are teaching to basically every single street contact. A scripture reminds me of what we are doing in our mission. It’s of my 2 favorite missionaries Alma and Amulek its Alma 16:21. AMAZING!

This week we have been working as hard as possible and are seeing a lot of great things we have been preparing Aimee for her baptism and also have all the paper work and everything done for Robbie Nielsen’s baptism. I feel so amped; it’s amazing! We need to keep working and proclaiming the gospel, as it is right now I am really bothered by the fact that I need to sleep. I mean think about it, that’s 8 hours every day that I can't teach or talk to people. I wish I could just not need sleep and teach 24/7; all day everyday, that would be so amazing. But rules are rules and I have to sleep and eat. I have really learned how much the mortal body holds you back, holy talito. Getting tired and hungry and all that nonsense... I wish I could over come it all and still be at 100 percent to teach but I need to put fuel in the tank or I don't work as well as I would.

The week has just been a normal week other then that, one miracle I want to share really quick because time is almost up. On Sunday we went and contacted a referral in the Sequoia area named Bill Yeager who is basically the coolest guy I have ever met. He is so fun and open to the gospel and really loves the church a lot; he has had the opportunity to hear missionaries before but didn't go through with baptism. Yesterday we were with brother Aguilar our new Ward mission leader (Yea Brother Holladay got released, I was so shock it was like the room was spinning. I now know that I really don't do well with shocking news. Needless to say, I’m sad but happy at the same time because brother Holladay was like the best ward mission leader ever but I know that brother Aguilar will be great and that the lord needs brother holladay’s ‘amazingness’ elsewhere in the Church) Anyway, so Brother Aguliar bore a powerful testimony of his conversion story and everything and with that and Bill being 100 % golden, we commited him to baptism for the 26th and he accepted!  We are so excited and know that Heavenly Father is watching over all this work.

Christ lives he is our king and we owe everything to him and the father. I proclaim of his truth and glory and do it boldly and without fear because I know why I’m here. I love you all and thank you for everything!

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Here is my letter to president.

Hello president,
This week we had heard of the commitment to commit everyone to baptism so we have been trying to apply that in inviting everyone. We were able to see a great miracle last night as we went and contacted a man named Bill Yeager (who we got as a referral from one of the members in the Sequoia branch) He has been prepared and wants to be baptized. We have set his date for the 26th of December and he is so excited for his baptism! On Friday we are having a baptism for Aimee Garcia and she is really excited for her baptism. I know that the Lord is working his mighty miracles in our area. Our less actives are not making to much progress but our recent converts are doing great. For the most part, they are coming to church and doing very well. My studies have been very fruitful and amazing; I am really diving into the Book of Mormon and seeing all the great principals that can help my investigators come unto Christ and be perfected in him. Thank you for all you do President

My two favorite book of Mormon scriptures are: 1 nephi 22:24-26 and Ether 12:4 and to give you a third one (because I’m awesome like that) Alma 26 11-12.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lots of running around but loving it !!!


Hola Everyone,
Alrighty so I have my brand new companion and he is awesome. His name is Elder Gracia and we are having a blast. I was really stressed out this past week because we are shaping up to have 5 baptisms this weekend. I am so excited! We have been seeing alot of blessings from the Lord.
Most of last week we spent running around making sure that our investigators knew everything that they needed to know and that we had the interviews set up. It was a really intense week because with a new elder coming in and Elder Illu leaving I really felt the weight of everything on my shoulders. I really don't think that I got a good nights rest till Friday. Elder Gracia really helps alot, he is picking things up really quick and we have alot of fun. We are alot alike so we are happy all the time and hard working, we are doing everything possible and I know that the Lord is blessings us more and more.
These people that we teach and try and bring unto Christ are more then just numbers, they are my brothers and sisters . I am so privileged to know each and every one of them. The five people getting baptized are Ivan Garcia and Aimee Garcia, Yesina and Cassandra Zaragoza and Robbie Nielsen. They are all so amazing.
Ivan and Aimee are brother and sister and really want to be baptized . They have gone through a lot and know that the church is true they have really solid testimonies. Ivan is 18 and is done high school and works for his dad in construction. He is really humble and doesn't want to do anything wrong ,he always thinks of others before himself. Aimee is 15 and is still in high school.  She is so excited to come to church and be apart of young women, she feels so happy and loved .I know that its good leaders and fellowship that make all the difference.I have a great testimony of church auxiliaries and of what these Presidents and leaders can do .
Yesina and Cassandra they are a mother and Daughter who have been taught for a year or 2. They are really fun and have a great spirit about them. Cassandra is 12 and is really, really hyper, I don't remember being that hyper when I was that age but I may have been so sorry mom and dad for that. Anyway, they really want to be baptized and recognize the spirit. We took them on a church tour  back in October and they are going to be baptized on the date that we set. Before we showed her the "First Vision" video we told her to pay attention to her feelings. Yesina had a really spiritual experience as she watched the video she cried and felt the spirit so strongly, she knows without a doubt that this is what she needs to do, it is amazing. We have been kinda struggling alittle while to keep them solid for there dates but I want to relate a miracle that comes with following the spirit of the Lord. Two weeks before this one, what they were struggling with  knowing for sure that this was really what they needed to do. So the spirit prompted me to tell them  to keep reading and praying and that they did they would receive their answer on the 20th of November. The weeks went by and last Saturday we went by and sat down and talked about anything and everything they needed to. As we did that Yesina told us that she and Cassandra would be getting baptized on the 27th.! And so guess what day last Saturday was, thats right it was the 20th! I couldn't believe ,just as I have promised weeks before the Lord fulfilled what he told me to say, it was an amazing miracle one that I will not soon forget.
And last but not least, Robbie Nielsen ,he is awesome he is a 10 year old that is super smart and pretty much knows everything that we teach him. He gets shy kinda easy but is really bright. He is getting baptized by his older brother who just got home from a mission in Arizona and we wont see it but it will happen.
That is basically what happened this week ,running around and transfers. We are doing well and I know that the Lord will provide always as we do our part. I love you all and thank you for you support and kindness.  I'll write down my 2 favourite scriptures next week just remind me again because I forgot my sword in the car..... I know not the best thing to do but yea so ill answer that next week.
I love you all and thank you for everything, this is the Lords work and Christ is our redeemer and advocate with the Father and I get to proclaim that truth every single day! Keep being amazing and remember to give the missionaries referrals.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Dad I remember that episode of Bugs bunny a lot, I can't wait to watch that stuff with you again, my favourite was always the one where bugs fights the crusher. "Whats the matter crusher"
pictures will be there soon.
Could you send me some stamps to Canada and some american stamps and ask uncle Timmy if he got my letter.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm staying in Reedley !!!!


Hola from my beautiful home of Reedley.
Alright first things first , mom I got my packages 2 weeks ago I just kept forgetting to tell you, sorry about that I get my packages about a week or 2 after they are sent. Life is going great .To answer one of Dads questions yes ,Elder Illu and I are getting along great and we are working hard as always.
So its transfer time again! And I have been freaking out a bit because I love Reedley and don't want to leave. So we got them this morning because President had literally no time this week to do them. I'll explain why in a little bit. So back to transfers I'M STAYING IN REEDLEY!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy its awesome I didn't think I would service another transfer call its awesome. I'm so happy we are going to have 12 baptisms!!!!!! The only down fall or sad part is, is that Elder Illu leaving he is going up to Pattersen, California. Which is in the north part of the mission. So I wont see him for awhile which is really sad because we have had so much fun and great times together .I know he will do great and I am so glad for the opportunity I have had to train Elder Illu.
I really feel like he has trained me I feel more comfortable as a missionary in my own skin , I guess you can say. My new companion is Elder Gracia. He was best friends with Elder Illu in the MTC and so I'm what is called "step-training" so I'm his second companion. It's really cool, elder Illu says I will like him and I'm really excited. Who am I kidding I'm always excited!
So this week we had our zone conference and guess what, yea that's right we got instructed by a 70! Elder Sybrowsky .He is awesome and guess what he served his mission in Montreal and his wife is also from Montreal and their son is serving in the Laval area right now! So according to him I'm going to the celestial kingdom (which isn't a bad thing to hear from a general authority) It was so great. He taught us how to work better and smarter by using what we have at our disposal. Man, who would have ever thought up that. Its funny what you realize when someone tells you. It's so simple and odious but its something what we over look constantly.It was great to get instruction from him and see the light in his eyes as he testified for truth. I love it ,I know for a fact that our general authorities are called of God and that they have all the rights and powers to preside and help the church grow. I am so blessed and grateful to be here, thank you for your fast I know that we will reach our goal.
Hey so how long have the elders been out that are in our ward right now? Anyone end up meeting Ben? Or me? 
As of right now we have 5 people committed for a specific date of baptism. I learned something interesting at zone conference, we have in total about 18-20 investigators we are actively teaching, 5 of which have a baptismal dates set. As I heard that I thought wow we are seeing so many miracles and are so blessed .Then Elder Sybrowskys said something that hit me to my core. It wasn't specifically to me because we all pooled are investigators and baptisms dates to see how the south end of the mission is doing. He said we are doing great but asked a very simple and direct question. "Why out of all the people you teach do only  a quarter have baptismal dates?" So Elder Illu and I pondered on this and we learned about action plans for our investigators .So we did that for every single one of them and we now know what date we are going to get them to committed for and how. I'm so excited we are going to see so many miracles this transfer!
I want to specifically talk about one of our investigators that means the world to me .I am so honoured and privileged to know David and Cassandra. Mom and dad they are a couple who I have taught pretty much since the first day I got to Reedley. I have seen them progress and fall .Now they are happiest people in the world, they are amazing. I love them with all my heart. I just didn't know or understand the true love that I would feel on my mission. These people are not just numbers, another notch on my baptismal belt they are people and I love them so much. I truly want to do my everything to get them baptized. We have talked with them a lot and they are ready they just need to be married. So Elder Illu and I are going to commit them for the 11 of December and it looks like we are going to have a wedding also. They are awesome, David is one of the very few truth seekers that I have found and Cassandra is just amazing always fun and in a great spirit they are truly amazing. I have seen the face of my Saviour as I have seen them smile.
So mom thank you for making me go early with you to all the dances and parties to help decorate .I think your interior design and planing really have rubbed off. So I can now plan and help with weddings and interior design...... of course its in a man-ly way ,but from what I hear its a good thing to have. LOL! I'm excited to use it to help David and Cassandra.
Dad thanks for teaching me always with your example, with patience . Teaching me to have fun and love ever part of whatever I do, if it wasn't for you I don't think I would be the missionary I am. The person who is able to connect and have fun with my investigators and members of the ward.
I am the way I am because of the example of righteous parents.This is as much your mission as it is mine. I always hear from everyone I meet that " I love the way you talk about your parents ,I can see that you have alot of love for them and they for you" I am so happy and blessed beyond words, thank you, thank you thank you. For making me the Elder Glowa I am today a reality.  I love you all that thank you for everything.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Alright so this week I will be writing Vava and uncle mike and Grandpa glowa to thank him for serving and keeping our country safe. Hey can you tell Paulline and Merr and everyone else that I have  written them back, thank you!
Alright Christmas time..... hmmmmmm.......... Can I get like 3 short sleeves ,18 neck white shirts because my white shirts are have are turning off white. Oh and also 1 long sleeve shirt . And maybe a new belt. I think that's about it ,thats all I need. Oh and anything cool you want to send me from Concordia like a t-shirt or hat or what ever. And some more syrup , and cheese kerds please. That's all I want/need from Santa, so thank you in advance.
Mom I'm making a cd copy of everysingle picture that I have taken so far on my mission which is 1222 so im sending them either this week or next week so.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!1

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hoping to stay in Reedley a little longer.

              WEEK 55 ....... Reedley , California

Hola everybody,
All right so I'm really sorry but I literally have no time to write this week, I have like 5 mins because we have been gone all day and we still need to go shopping. I'm really sorry because I was going to address all the things mom wants me to in this email ,but I guess it will have to wait a week. To make up for this next week I will write out my basic life's story of the week as well as answer questions from this week and next week . Also I'm printing cd's of all 1077 plus pictures that I have ,so mom it looks like you'll get an early Christmas courtesy of Elder Glowa the first (That's me Elder Jason Glowa) .
All right, so we find out about transfers this Saturday and as always I'm freaking out. I don't want to leave and most of all I don't want to leave Elder Illu we are the most unified companions in the district and are doing amazing. Ummm yea we changed our sacrifice on letters a bit so we are just holding off on letter stuff till Monday so I will write and respond to mail  on Monday, so anyone can send me letters again. Thank you everyone for understanding. This week has been crazy we have so much to do and so little time just when I think we have time to breath we just turn and get another appointment or teach some more, it's a great problem to have .I'm excited because miracles and baptisms are right around the corner. This week we are having one of the 70 tour in our mission . We had a super zone conference and I got to see all the elders that I have made friends with in the past year that I have been out on my mission.
Please forgive the briefness of my email but I'll make it up to you if you have any further question please refer to 1 Nephi 13:22 that will answer any questions you have for me.
I'm safe and happy and healthy and I am doing a great work. God lives ,we have a living prophet and I know that we will all be with our Heavenly Father together one day. I love you all
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elder Glowa answers some question we asked ( FINALLY !!)

WEEK 54 ...........Reedley , California !!!

Hola from cooling and beautiful Reedley California!
Alright well we had to do a missionary survey so time is running down I think I have like 20 mins or so but anyway I will start by answering all your questions then I'll go into describing my week.
How was your week-end ?
-My week-end was really good we had our Halloween party and a great miracle, we had our ward Halloween party which was really fun but the best part was that we had investigators there! David Cassandra and Elizabeth. It was so amazing , there were games and a spooky haunted house. Our investigators had a great time. Then at the end of the night there was a trunker treat. It was cool its like trick or treating but from trunks of cars, and of course Elder Illu and I put our heads together and came up with the coolest thing ever! We carved a pumpkin and got dry ice and made our trunk all freaky with the fog and a glowing pumpkin. It was great fun and laughts was had by all and of course we had to dress up so we put on sunglasses and went as the MIB! DON'T WORRY MOM I HAVE PICTURES OF THE MAIN POINTS OF THE EVENT.
Did your investigators come to church?
-Yes they did not all of them but we had 4 investigators at church this week, it was awesome. We had Ivan who will be baptized this weekend and also we had Randy an amazing and humble investigator in the sequoia branch area . We also had Yesena and Cassandra they also have a baptismal date its on the 27th. It's amazing, I'm so excited for this week and the miracles that lay in wait, because after investigators come to church there is always a great leap in the commitment and in their desire to grow in the gospel.

How many baptismal commitments do you have now ?Right now we have 5 people committed to be baptized to a specific date and it is great by the end of the week we want to have 8. We have to recommit two people who didn't come to church this week but I know that they will accept.

 Did you get lots of Candy  for Halloween ? Did you go trick or treating ?
- Not to much candy this year just alot of giving it out and nope, no trick or treating..... I just realized that it's my first year ever of not trick or treating because I did it last year in the MTC.

Is it still hot there ?
-Not really it's cooling down its between 60's and 70's so nice but not hot anymore

Are you riding a bike ?
-Yes, that's how we are having so much fun and success. We are only using the car to get to the towns and then riding bikes all around. This way lets us talk to everyone and it makes me feel like a better missionary because there is no barrier between me and the people I'm trying to serve.
Did you get your packages ?
-Nope I'm going to get them soon though, this week sometime.

Did you get your dear-elders ? How long has it take you to receive them  once I send them?
-Yes, I got the dear Elders they take about 2 days to get here from the when you send it..... or something like that.
Who has been writing you ? 
-Umm the Blakemores have been writing me and the Ohrans and of course you guys, hey can you ask uncle Timmy if he got my letter, cuz I sent him one like 2 months ago and I haven't heard a word, I think there are more people who have written but right now I can't remember I will write the rest next week.

Mom ,Please Thank everyone who has written  and tell them how much those letters mean to me. Tell them I'm may not be a good letter writer , but I'll try to get better. It's not that I don't want ,it's just I have so little free time.
How much money are you getting from the church per month ?  
I get 135 for food and supplies like office stuff and most of my other needs.
Any pictures in my future ?
Yes, PICTURES ARE COMING SOON!, can you please stop telling sister Ayers that I don't send any pictures I have sent you guys like 700 and the others are on there way soon, its been a year and I have taken 1017 pictures .Alright so hold on Im sending them next week I just need to print them onto CD's this week.
Alright I only have 7 mins left on my computer so I'll try to describe my week and some awesome things that happened. We had Ivan come to church and it was amazing.
Ivan is really excited to be baptized and then to be able to baptize his sister the week after. It's going to be a great site to see.

To think that Ivan is  someone that I found with my companion and see he baptized,WOW , Hooray for miracles!

So Halloween Sunday was a blast we had a great dinner with the Aro family, they are the bomb, there just always willing to help us out and do all they can for us. They are so going to the celestial kingdom. Alright then we had a spilt with the Elders Quorum presidency to be more effective because we can cover a lot more ground, but not super because it was Halloween and no one was home. So we met back at the church and didn't have anywhere else to go,so we ate leftover nachos from the day before. We talked and built a greater unity between us and the newest member of the elders quorum presidency Justin Smith .

 Dang ,I'm out of time but I'll write more next week and go into better detail sorry, it's not my fault this week. I had to do a missionary survey that took up all my time. Anyway I love you, I'm safe and I'm fully trusting in God.
I love you all
Love Elder Jason Glowa
Alright so the first 2 pictures are for mom and the last one is for you daddy in loving memory of all the fun Will Ferrell movie times. The first one is Elder Illu and I ,with our trunk of wonders, the fog had left by then..... sorry mom!

The second one is of Elder Illu and I being awesome as always.

The third one is for my daddy, its of me with "the lone wolf on my back there" "cuz I'm a lone wolf like on my back there". Hope you guys like them.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Elder Illu and I are sacrificing a lot ,so that we can stay focused on the work and the Lord

     WEEK 53 ... Reedley, California
Hola everyone!
This is Elder Glowa reporting form still beautiful and sunny Reedley California!
This week we had our zone meeting. There we came up with the zone sacrifice to not listen to music in the coming month so that we can reach our personal goals for the month (ours is 7) and our zone goal of 31 baptisms. This has not been done before in our mission, we are truly trying to call down the powers of Heaven. I know that as we sacrifice we will see our Father's hand in his work. I want to ask you guys at home to be praying for our goal of 12 baptisms by the end of the year in every prayer so we can rally our faith together and call down miracles.
All right to achieve our goal of baptisms Elder Illu and I are sacrificing a lot ,so that we can stay focused on the work and the Lord. So that we can receive the blessings that we need to baptize that 12 by the end of the year. We are sacrificing music, we are not listening to it and are focusing our minds and conversations on the Saviour and the gospel and our investigators. We are also not buying or eating fast food, and finally we are not I repeat not writing anyone but family during the month of November. We are not reading anything but family stuff and so we can really be focused so tell everyone this and that if I don't write them back for the next month it's not because I don't love them its because we really need to pull out all the stops to get our goal .We are leaving behind the very hardest and closest things to us and pressing forward for the good of the Lord and his children.
During our trainer/trainee meeting with president , we learned about communication and about how to be better missionaries. It is amazing to receive council from our mission president, he is truly inspired for God and I know that we are more blessed then we can imagine in this mission because of him.  
 All right so this week had its ups and downs but we are doing amazing we are going to have our first baptism this weekend, and would you believe that it's going to be in Arizona. We are doing everything here and because Robbie's (our amazing investigator) family is in Arizona they are going there so that his brother can baptize him. He is one of our baptisms ,the service is just in a different state. It is really great! That will be the first of the 12 and the miracles will keep on coming!
This week has been a real blur, I really understand what missionaries mean when they say how fast time fly after your year mark, its crazy I feel like I just wrote you guys yesterday. So last Tuesday we had the opportunity to teach one of my favourite investigators that we have, David and Cassandra. They are amazing, we have been teaching them about the plan of salvation and they are eating it up. We saw a great miracle with that lesson when we gave Cassandra the book of Mormon to read. She read the verse and then could not put the book down, it was amazing. She expressed that she had not been able to pick up a book for 4 months because nothing caught her interest. But when she picked up the book of Mormon she said that she was really interested and takes that as a sign from God, that she had the interest to read this book . I saw in that moment the true and awesome power that the Book of Mormon has, we need to use it more then anything as we teach and testify of our Church and of Jesus Christ because that is how people will know that it is true ( our message).
On Wednesday we didn't see to many people but we were able that night to see one of our other investigators Randy, he is awesome. He has been investigating the church since June and comes every week to church we have to wait to get permission from President to baptize him. He is a really humble man and loves the gospel with all his heart. I cannot believe the love and the truth that I can feel when someone who is not a member of the church tells me how he knows that it is true. Its is such a testimony builder and such a strength to my testimony of the truthfulness of this work and the power that is in the truth.
 One last investigator what we have that I want to mention . His name is Ivan and he is awesome, he knows that all we are saying is true and that what he is listening to the truth. We are so excited for him, he is going to be baptized on the 6th of November, he always tries his best in everything we ask him to do and loves the gospel, his family and our Heavenly Father.
I am so privileged and blessed to be in this area and to see all that I do. There are more miracles that lay in wait and I am so excited for them. Its time to sacrifice, and I know it will be hard but it will be worth it.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elder Glowa hit the half way mark on OCTOBER 14th

Hola everyone
This is Elder Jason Glowa checking in. Everything is going great here in Reedley we are seeing so many blessings and are truly seeing miracles left right and centre. Elder Illu and I have been kicking it into overdrive here and are doing amazing!
 Alright so as you all know we here in the miracle metropolitan of Reedley have the goal to get 12 baptisms before the end of December. So we have been working harder and harder and harder every single day. It's amazing I thought I was working hard before but it turns out I still have more.It's amazing we com home and literally want to collapse into bed, but can't because there's still more to do. Even though that sounds like we are working really hard we can still do more, I'm so excited I've never been so happy and so tired in my life.
So this week we have been blessed to see 3 of our investigators accept the invitation to be baptized. So we now have 6 people so far preparing to be baptized in November! We have been blessed with so many great investigators.
Ivan,Amy, Roman Garcia , Santiago Aguayo, Yesena and Cassandra are the amazing people who have been prepared and have committed to be baptized. I really wish I had time to explain them all to you but I will do that next week, please remind me because as my mission has progressed I have been worse and worse at remembering anything but Spanish and stuff about the gospel. So please remind me about that.
I really want to tell you everything that has been going on I really want you to know its annoying that I have this desire to write fast but these huge fingers that hit like 5 keys at a time when I try and write you so yea, I wish I could write more and fast but I guess that will come after this life when I have my awesome celestial fingers! 
I know that this email is really vague and not to much filled with my day to day but it will come next week because I have to go, we have to much to do and literal no time to do it.
I will make up for it next week I promise.
I love you guys so much and thank you for your love and patience.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Year already on Thursday October 14th 2010.

Hola Everyone!
All right bad new I can only write for like 10 mins so it's going to be a short one, sorry about that but I'll write more next week. The reason being for my short email is that we only have 30 mins to write because its Tuesday and yesterday was Columbus day so libraries were closed. Anyway my new companion is Elder Illu! I still can't believe I'm training a brand new missionary, more importantly one that met Anziano Glowa in the MTC! It was super funny and to make life weirder he was born the same day as Ben July 30,1991. That's right, isn't that cool how that Lord prepares a way for all things.
My new companion is so amazing he is super in-tune with the spirit and we are going to have a ton of success. I'm so excited and he is also, he is a lot like me and Ben it is so awesome! We get along so well, he's like my brother and we are going to baptize all of Reedley, our goal is to have 12 baptisms in our area by the end of December so we have 2 and a half months to do it, the Lord is behind us on this goal and we are continuing to seek guidance and revelation from the Lord on how we can be better to reach our goal and so we can help others come unto Christ!
So I got my companion last Thursday and we arrived back in our area at about 5 right in time for our DA. So the last part of the week has been running around and trying to get people to come to church and we were able to see almost all our solid investigators. We saw a great miracle and had 4 people at church, it was awesome. I'm so happy, I wish I could share more with you but we have to get going so I know that this is really not much to wet your appetite for my mission but just hold on for another week and I'll jam pack the next one with everything!
I love you all, stay safe!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
The pictures are for me and my new companion!
The Ayers family gave us Canadian Thanksgiving diner so I got one this year, hurray for Canada!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jason becomes a trainer.

          WEEK 49 ... Reedly , California

Hola Familia,

 So how does it feel to be empty nesters? Is it fun? How many parties have you thrown without us? I hope you're doing good and I would like to echo the words of Elder Holland from the conference in saying thank you mom and dad for everything you are doing and have done for me and my mission, I am truly grateful for you and for everything that you have given me. I would not be here if it was not for you so thank you, thank you, thank you I'm sorry for before not giving more detail in my emails, this mission is as much your mission as it is mine and the words from elder Holland made me realize that.  I'm going to try and do my best with telling you how my week was and give details some times I may give more or less depending on the time restraint I have, if you want anything else apart from what I write please tell me and ask me so that I can make these emails up lifting for you and so that they can help you feel and understand all the joy I'm going through.
 Alright so I have to tell you my "highlight" of the week, by the way I'm going to give the highlight first every week.  So we got transfer calls and this saturday was super crazy because I really don't want to leave this area so I always get nervous.   So we were waiting all saturday and we get to saturday night and bam, nothing!  We were on edge for nothing all day, mind you I was not on edge when I was in conference it was super amazing , holy crow this was like the best conference ever, anyway I digress, that's right I used the word digress hooray that I haven't lost all liberal arts powers! Ok so we wait and it gets to Sunday and we wake up and do our morning thing and it gets to 8 o'clock in the morning and here I am minding my own business eating toast and I get a call from President Gonzalez my Mission President and he says:
 PG:Elder Glowa do you love the Lord?
EG:Yes President
PG: Good Good, Are you will to do what ever the Lord asks you to do?
EG Yes president of course will
PG: That's great Elder Glowa I want to thank you for all you hard work with Elder Christensen in Reedley and call you as a Senior companion and to train a brand new missionary!
PG: Alright thank you so much and good luck Elder Glowa.
EG: Thank you President!
 Not going to lie, I am so excited I'm going to train a brand new missionary and we are going to have so much fun, I pick him up on Thursday and so yea pretty much life is amazing, I'm on cloud nine right now and can't wait to do all that I can and grow with this experience!
 So let me give you a minute to translate this to Vava and Vovo and call people and take in everything I just said. Alright is everyone back in composure?............. Dad are you ok, oh no please don't cry it's really alright, oh great now you made mom cry come on guys I know its awesome but you don't have to cry. (If you can't tell I'm really happy today)
 So it's really funny because my companion is going home and now I'm switching him for a brand new missionary. I have been with missionaries from Elder Christensen's generation for about 7 and a half months (Elder Larsen, Elder Eagar and Elder Christensen.) So half my companions will be home in 2 days and I'll be getting on in my mission age.  It's so weird to know exactly what I was doing this time last year, it's kinda funny to think that in 10 days I will have been in the MTC last year. Hey Ben may have met my new companion, who knows.
 Alright I don't really have a ton of time left because my companion still has to pack and what not so I only have about 10 mins or so left so ill tell you what's going on in my life. Well, my investigators are doing great let me tell you a bit about them.  So we are teaching these two brothers and sister about the Gospel, Ivan and Amy and Roman. Ivan and Amy have accepted a baptismal date and we just started teaching Roman like 2 days ago. It's really cool they aren't coming to church yet but are absorbing the gospel and the restoration really well. They are late teenagers and are really bright and in tune with the spirit.  (Just a quick side note, nothing super fantabulous or story moment wise happened this week so I'm just going to tell about some of my investigators and the members and what we have been doing with them and basically that, hope that's what you want/like.)
 We are also teaching a  great man named David he is super cool and always willing to let us in and talk with us he really understands the restoration and is just an all around nice guy he loves the Lord and is really progressing, he wants to come to church and his daughter is really excited to come as well. We have been able to bring the primary president over and help her feel comfortable. Everything is going great I'm so happy and blessed to have amazing people to teach and grow with.
As you know I think either last week or 2 weeks ago I was telling you about the Esparsa family, they are doing great we just need to go over more, it's sad because I'm going to be out of my area for 2 and half days because Elder Christensen leaves tomorrow so I will be in a threesome with the Elders in Kingsburg Elder Smith and Peterson then Wednesday Elder Smith will leave and ill be with Elder Peterson for another day and a half before we get our trainees'. 
 There is one more investigator I want to tell you about, its really funny I have been feeling so much love for my investigators and the people I teach that it's overwhelming at times, I am so grateful that this charity is starting to develop. This last person that I'm going to tell you about is someone that I found when I was tracting, well to be technical we street contacted her when we were in the process of tracting. Her name is Mary and she is Portuguese from Portugal, well the Azores, but mom you understand.  So it was amazing when we talked with her it was unlike any contact I have ever had, we just talked and explained what we did and she said we could come by whenever we wanted. So we talked on Tuesday morning and boy is she awesome, she has had a lot of Mormon associates in the past and know the Ayers family (the family you're writing to mom, yea that's right I know, I know it all your secret emails, hahahaha) So we have been talking to her and she really wants to know about the church, our stand points, our doctrine and what we really believe and know to be true. It warms my heart truly to talk with her and all my other investigators I have a special place in my heart for every one of them.
 I'm out of time, I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you about my members but I will next Monday and I'll talk more about my trainee and everything that's going on, I hope you like my email this week if you want anything more or to know anything specific let me know so I can help you understand more of my life and how I am doing. I love you all very much and thank you for everything you have done, are doing and will do with me and the Lord.
 With much love: Elder Jason A. Glowa
Alright so the first to pictures are of me getting my call from President Gonzalez and the last one is one I took when I was on an exchange with Elder Nielsen (we were waiting for a member and noticed that he had a boat and took some awesome pictures one is called "ON WARD TO ADVENTURE!"

Monday, September 13, 2010

There is nothing better then going out and giving 110 %

                             WEEK 48 , REEDLEY , CALIFORNIA

Hola Everyone,
Ok so this week I have to keep it short because I don't have much time because we have a ton to get done.
 I pretty much said alot of what is going on in my last email. We finished up our training from president and boy is it amazing. I loved it, applying it has made me a way better teacher and more important a better listener. I'm glad we had training meetings but I am also glad they are over because now we can get out and work till we crash again! I"m so excited and happy!
There is nothing better then going out and giving 110 % and coming home super tired. That is such a great life, you meet and make alot of great friends and people out here. I can't believe some of the experiences that I have had. It's crazy, I know that the gospel is true and that all of the things we talk about bring us closer to God but I never imagined in my wildest dreams how many miracles and people who are ready to hear the gospel that I would meet.
There are no words to describe the great love and power that I am able to feel as a servant of the Lord.There are so many things I still need to do. I see around me so many people who are hurt or in need of comfort and it's amazing to know that I can help them. Serving others is such a great feeling and calling. I know that it is something that I will not only do on my mission but through out my life.
Blessings are pouring in and I know that I have my Heavenly Father watching over me to make sure that I'm alright and that nothing happens that I can't handle. Right now we are in the main stages of finding new investigators but we are being so blessed with the inspiration that we need to move the work forward. We are going to take this week and put the petal to the metal. I'm so excited for all the time we have to work this week. So here we go pushing forward for our mission goal of 1200 baptisms!
Thank you for all the prayers and love that you have for me, there are so many things I wish I could say to you guys face to face but I guess it will just have to wait, know that I'm safe and happy and most of all health.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear blog readers: The last four weeks of Elder Glowa's letters were only posted now because I was away in Portugal !!!

                    WEEK 47 ....... REEDLEY, CALIFORNIA

Hola from California where the work is amazing and the summer is winding down.
Ok so first off I want to say wow the back yard looks completely different. It looks so cool, I wish I could have helped with that but it looks awesome. So is Thomas buried under the tiger fountain or just next to it? Anyway it's so nice and weird to think that things are changing back home. I knew they would but its funny to think of peoples lives moving forwards.

My companion if I haven't mentioned this before is leaving to go home in 4 weeks. It's crazy, he isn't thinking about home at all ,he is really focused but we have had talks about stuff like that at night, it's scary to think that I have been out on my mission for 11 months, I don't like to think about that at all, I really don't want to leave. There are alot of Elders I know that are leaving.  Basically in 2 transfers half the mission will be different.
It's a scary thing to think that I'm getting old in the mission. But I can take comfort that I am still a Jr companion. I think it would be super fun to be a leader but I'm completely content with what the Lord needs me to do. Alot of Elders especially at my state in the mission really want leadership positions and place such a focus on it that honestly their works suffers. It's sad and I do not want to be like that, so come what may I will bear what the Lord calls me to bear.
So this week we have had alot of meetings. We are getting trained on becoming better teachers and it is so amazing to see the blessings, and the way peoples attitude change as we focus on them and not just checking off a box for baptism. It is so amazing to feel the spirit, I have learned in this past week as well as my mission to feel it out and use it and work with it. I often remember back to when I was first in the MTC and the difference in who I am and how I talk, teach, act and am.
Apart from meetings and proslighting we got to go to the church's vineyard and pick grapes to lay them out to make raisins for the bishop's store house. It was amazing, I am able to say that I have worked in the Lord's vineyard and have plucked the fruit for the blessings of his children.
Life is so amazing, Dad thank you for always being a great priesthood bearer and mentor. You have really shown me how to be a righteous man of God. Mom what can I say, would I have been the same if it had not been for you. No I wouldn't be .Thank you both of you for raising me and for always staying true to the gospel, because of you I am here and am experiencing the most joy I could ever feel. Thank you so much for your shining example and the love I can feel from you.
I heard this quote a couple of weeks ago and I really like it's "Remember to always stay true in the darkness and stay humble in the spotlight" (Ezra Taft Benson) Keep that close to your heart and all will be well. I Love you all very much with a love I'll only be able to show you in person so I'm sorry but your just going to have to wait and see it.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Tell Johnny I say hi and that I love him. And tell him to write me back as well as Pauline, and all thoughts people I wrote to like 5 months ago. I'm not really getting to much mail and I realize its because no on is writing me back. so if you could gentle remind then that would be awesome. Thank you so much!

Date sent AUGUST 30th 2010 ( the week Thomas the cat died)

                    WEEK 46 .....   REEDLEY , CALIFORNIA

          Life is really bitter sweet
Hello everyone,
So for thoughts of you who don't know that will read this email my cat, the Great Fat Thomas met his maker last week. Alright Elder Glowa may seem like a strong individual with a big heart and strong faith and testimony, but I'm sad. Most will read this and think that it's just some kid crying over spilled milk, but it really isn't . Alot of people don't know that great bond and fun that I was able to have with my cat. I have had him since i was 7 and we grew up together. The point of this experience and me telling it is not to vent or for people to feel sorry for me but it is to tell you that when we are doing the greatest of all good. The biggest trials in life will come.
Now think about this for a second, we are commanded and told to be righteous and be the best we can be and what do we see when that happens. Great joy but we also see extreme heartache. I guess that means I'm doing my job...........(wow that joke is really depressing)

Anyway in more fun and happy news we were able to have a baptism yesterday for Amanda and Adam Harris!
It was awesome, their dad got to baptize them. The family was pretty less active and so it was beautiful to see their father there and to have him be worthy to baptize them. I will forever remember them and that beautiful service, testimonies were given left right and centre. The spirit was really powerful. This miracle was amazing, I am so happy that the Lord saw fit to bless me with the opportunity to teach and know the Harris family, they really are amazing.
In some final wrap up new, we had mini missionaries with us this week and so I had a mini for 3 days his name was Elder Jolley and we had a blast tracking and contacting people and the two minis that were with us had a great time seeing the baptism. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful experiences I can have as a servant of the Lord. This is His work and glory and I am so grateful to be able to help Him in His purpose.
I want to leave my testimony that even though life can and will be hard at times it doesn't mean God isn't there. He is there I know that He is and I know that He loves everyone with a love that we cannot even begin to imagine. Think of the pain He feels letting things happen to us, but He loves us enough to step back and let us do our very best. I know Christ lives, He is the Saviour and Redeemer of the world. We all have the opportunity to help Him as we go forth examples to the people of the world.
Thank you for everything you guys are amazing, don't ever forget that Elder Glowa Loves you all.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa