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Friday, October 29, 2010

Elder Illu and I are sacrificing a lot ,so that we can stay focused on the work and the Lord

     WEEK 53 ... Reedley, California
Hola everyone!
This is Elder Glowa reporting form still beautiful and sunny Reedley California!
This week we had our zone meeting. There we came up with the zone sacrifice to not listen to music in the coming month so that we can reach our personal goals for the month (ours is 7) and our zone goal of 31 baptisms. This has not been done before in our mission, we are truly trying to call down the powers of Heaven. I know that as we sacrifice we will see our Father's hand in his work. I want to ask you guys at home to be praying for our goal of 12 baptisms by the end of the year in every prayer so we can rally our faith together and call down miracles.
All right to achieve our goal of baptisms Elder Illu and I are sacrificing a lot ,so that we can stay focused on the work and the Lord. So that we can receive the blessings that we need to baptize that 12 by the end of the year. We are sacrificing music, we are not listening to it and are focusing our minds and conversations on the Saviour and the gospel and our investigators. We are also not buying or eating fast food, and finally we are not I repeat not writing anyone but family during the month of November. We are not reading anything but family stuff and so we can really be focused so tell everyone this and that if I don't write them back for the next month it's not because I don't love them its because we really need to pull out all the stops to get our goal .We are leaving behind the very hardest and closest things to us and pressing forward for the good of the Lord and his children.
During our trainer/trainee meeting with president , we learned about communication and about how to be better missionaries. It is amazing to receive council from our mission president, he is truly inspired for God and I know that we are more blessed then we can imagine in this mission because of him.  
 All right so this week had its ups and downs but we are doing amazing we are going to have our first baptism this weekend, and would you believe that it's going to be in Arizona. We are doing everything here and because Robbie's (our amazing investigator) family is in Arizona they are going there so that his brother can baptize him. He is one of our baptisms ,the service is just in a different state. It is really great! That will be the first of the 12 and the miracles will keep on coming!
This week has been a real blur, I really understand what missionaries mean when they say how fast time fly after your year mark, its crazy I feel like I just wrote you guys yesterday. So last Tuesday we had the opportunity to teach one of my favourite investigators that we have, David and Cassandra. They are amazing, we have been teaching them about the plan of salvation and they are eating it up. We saw a great miracle with that lesson when we gave Cassandra the book of Mormon to read. She read the verse and then could not put the book down, it was amazing. She expressed that she had not been able to pick up a book for 4 months because nothing caught her interest. But when she picked up the book of Mormon she said that she was really interested and takes that as a sign from God, that she had the interest to read this book . I saw in that moment the true and awesome power that the Book of Mormon has, we need to use it more then anything as we teach and testify of our Church and of Jesus Christ because that is how people will know that it is true ( our message).
On Wednesday we didn't see to many people but we were able that night to see one of our other investigators Randy, he is awesome. He has been investigating the church since June and comes every week to church we have to wait to get permission from President to baptize him. He is a really humble man and loves the gospel with all his heart. I cannot believe the love and the truth that I can feel when someone who is not a member of the church tells me how he knows that it is true. Its is such a testimony builder and such a strength to my testimony of the truthfulness of this work and the power that is in the truth.
 One last investigator what we have that I want to mention . His name is Ivan and he is awesome, he knows that all we are saying is true and that what he is listening to the truth. We are so excited for him, he is going to be baptized on the 6th of November, he always tries his best in everything we ask him to do and loves the gospel, his family and our Heavenly Father.
I am so privileged and blessed to be in this area and to see all that I do. There are more miracles that lay in wait and I am so excited for them. Its time to sacrifice, and I know it will be hard but it will be worth it.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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