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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jason becomes a trainer.

          WEEK 49 ... Reedly , California

Hola Familia,

 So how does it feel to be empty nesters? Is it fun? How many parties have you thrown without us? I hope you're doing good and I would like to echo the words of Elder Holland from the conference in saying thank you mom and dad for everything you are doing and have done for me and my mission, I am truly grateful for you and for everything that you have given me. I would not be here if it was not for you so thank you, thank you, thank you I'm sorry for before not giving more detail in my emails, this mission is as much your mission as it is mine and the words from elder Holland made me realize that.  I'm going to try and do my best with telling you how my week was and give details some times I may give more or less depending on the time restraint I have, if you want anything else apart from what I write please tell me and ask me so that I can make these emails up lifting for you and so that they can help you feel and understand all the joy I'm going through.
 Alright so I have to tell you my "highlight" of the week, by the way I'm going to give the highlight first every week.  So we got transfer calls and this saturday was super crazy because I really don't want to leave this area so I always get nervous.   So we were waiting all saturday and we get to saturday night and bam, nothing!  We were on edge for nothing all day, mind you I was not on edge when I was in conference it was super amazing , holy crow this was like the best conference ever, anyway I digress, that's right I used the word digress hooray that I haven't lost all liberal arts powers! Ok so we wait and it gets to Sunday and we wake up and do our morning thing and it gets to 8 o'clock in the morning and here I am minding my own business eating toast and I get a call from President Gonzalez my Mission President and he says:
 PG:Elder Glowa do you love the Lord?
EG:Yes President
PG: Good Good, Are you will to do what ever the Lord asks you to do?
EG Yes president of course will
PG: That's great Elder Glowa I want to thank you for all you hard work with Elder Christensen in Reedley and call you as a Senior companion and to train a brand new missionary!
PG: Alright thank you so much and good luck Elder Glowa.
EG: Thank you President!
 Not going to lie, I am so excited I'm going to train a brand new missionary and we are going to have so much fun, I pick him up on Thursday and so yea pretty much life is amazing, I'm on cloud nine right now and can't wait to do all that I can and grow with this experience!
 So let me give you a minute to translate this to Vava and Vovo and call people and take in everything I just said. Alright is everyone back in composure?............. Dad are you ok, oh no please don't cry it's really alright, oh great now you made mom cry come on guys I know its awesome but you don't have to cry. (If you can't tell I'm really happy today)
 So it's really funny because my companion is going home and now I'm switching him for a brand new missionary. I have been with missionaries from Elder Christensen's generation for about 7 and a half months (Elder Larsen, Elder Eagar and Elder Christensen.) So half my companions will be home in 2 days and I'll be getting on in my mission age.  It's so weird to know exactly what I was doing this time last year, it's kinda funny to think that in 10 days I will have been in the MTC last year. Hey Ben may have met my new companion, who knows.
 Alright I don't really have a ton of time left because my companion still has to pack and what not so I only have about 10 mins or so left so ill tell you what's going on in my life. Well, my investigators are doing great let me tell you a bit about them.  So we are teaching these two brothers and sister about the Gospel, Ivan and Amy and Roman. Ivan and Amy have accepted a baptismal date and we just started teaching Roman like 2 days ago. It's really cool they aren't coming to church yet but are absorbing the gospel and the restoration really well. They are late teenagers and are really bright and in tune with the spirit.  (Just a quick side note, nothing super fantabulous or story moment wise happened this week so I'm just going to tell about some of my investigators and the members and what we have been doing with them and basically that, hope that's what you want/like.)
 We are also teaching a  great man named David he is super cool and always willing to let us in and talk with us he really understands the restoration and is just an all around nice guy he loves the Lord and is really progressing, he wants to come to church and his daughter is really excited to come as well. We have been able to bring the primary president over and help her feel comfortable. Everything is going great I'm so happy and blessed to have amazing people to teach and grow with.
As you know I think either last week or 2 weeks ago I was telling you about the Esparsa family, they are doing great we just need to go over more, it's sad because I'm going to be out of my area for 2 and half days because Elder Christensen leaves tomorrow so I will be in a threesome with the Elders in Kingsburg Elder Smith and Peterson then Wednesday Elder Smith will leave and ill be with Elder Peterson for another day and a half before we get our trainees'. 
 There is one more investigator I want to tell you about, its really funny I have been feeling so much love for my investigators and the people I teach that it's overwhelming at times, I am so grateful that this charity is starting to develop. This last person that I'm going to tell you about is someone that I found when I was tracting, well to be technical we street contacted her when we were in the process of tracting. Her name is Mary and she is Portuguese from Portugal, well the Azores, but mom you understand.  So it was amazing when we talked with her it was unlike any contact I have ever had, we just talked and explained what we did and she said we could come by whenever we wanted. So we talked on Tuesday morning and boy is she awesome, she has had a lot of Mormon associates in the past and know the Ayers family (the family you're writing to mom, yea that's right I know, I know it all your secret emails, hahahaha) So we have been talking to her and she really wants to know about the church, our stand points, our doctrine and what we really believe and know to be true. It warms my heart truly to talk with her and all my other investigators I have a special place in my heart for every one of them.
 I'm out of time, I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you about my members but I will next Monday and I'll talk more about my trainee and everything that's going on, I hope you like my email this week if you want anything more or to know anything specific let me know so I can help you understand more of my life and how I am doing. I love you all very much and thank you for everything you have done, are doing and will do with me and the Lord.
 With much love: Elder Jason A. Glowa
Alright so the first to pictures are of me getting my call from President Gonzalez and the last one is one I took when I was on an exchange with Elder Nielsen (we were waiting for a member and noticed that he had a boat and took some awesome pictures one is called "ON WARD TO ADVENTURE!"

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