Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Year already on Thursday October 14th 2010.

Hola Everyone!
All right bad new I can only write for like 10 mins so it's going to be a short one, sorry about that but I'll write more next week. The reason being for my short email is that we only have 30 mins to write because its Tuesday and yesterday was Columbus day so libraries were closed. Anyway my new companion is Elder Illu! I still can't believe I'm training a brand new missionary, more importantly one that met Anziano Glowa in the MTC! It was super funny and to make life weirder he was born the same day as Ben July 30,1991. That's right, isn't that cool how that Lord prepares a way for all things.
My new companion is so amazing he is super in-tune with the spirit and we are going to have a ton of success. I'm so excited and he is also, he is a lot like me and Ben it is so awesome! We get along so well, he's like my brother and we are going to baptize all of Reedley, our goal is to have 12 baptisms in our area by the end of December so we have 2 and a half months to do it, the Lord is behind us on this goal and we are continuing to seek guidance and revelation from the Lord on how we can be better to reach our goal and so we can help others come unto Christ!
So I got my companion last Thursday and we arrived back in our area at about 5 right in time for our DA. So the last part of the week has been running around and trying to get people to come to church and we were able to see almost all our solid investigators. We saw a great miracle and had 4 people at church, it was awesome. I'm so happy, I wish I could share more with you but we have to get going so I know that this is really not much to wet your appetite for my mission but just hold on for another week and I'll jam pack the next one with everything!
I love you all, stay safe!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
The pictures are for me and my new companion!
The Ayers family gave us Canadian Thanksgiving diner so I got one this year, hurray for Canada!

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