Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Monday, January 25, 2010

WEEK 15  -  JANUARY 25 ,2010       MADERA , CALIFORNIA
          Hola Familia!
Greetings from grey Madera! It has rained all week..... I know right so I think I'm so wet all the time I'm starting to grow gills to breath better. If it keeps up I think I'm going to  buy a
So the transfer is over! My first one is done and it went by so fast I can't believe it. My companion is getting transferred but I get to stay in Madera.... I'M SO HAPPY! But it also means I have to take over the area because my new companion has no idea where anything is. That's alright whom the Lord calls He qualifies.
My new companion will be Elder Price and he is going to be the new district leader..... which is way funny because my first 3 companions have all been district leaders. I guess life is like that, its gives me a great opportunity to grow so I'm happy about it.  
Yesterday we had another baptism! We baptized  the daughter of a less- active member that  we reactivated , we have to keep working with her but its so humbling to see what the work does to people. I'm just busting with joy, this is the greatest work I could possibly be doing.
My investigator families are doing great we are teaching a new family of 8 people so that means  8 potential baptisms..... I almost feel guilty because its going to be 8 baptisms in a row which is amazing.  It almost feels like a mass baptism thing, but I know it's the right thing to do. They will be baptized soon I know they will, they are all so willing to learn and grow with the gospel. I love this gospel so much, and my love for it is growing I could not imagine doing anything better than this right now.
Mom and Dad thank you so much, it is because of you that I'm here. It is because of your faith and the spirit that was able to be in our home that I have always wanted to serve the Lord. Dad you have set the best example for me you are the hardest worker, I have ever known I am the most bless person in the world because I have you as my example and my hero. I love you Dad and your weekly emails mean so much to me. I know that its hard with all the work and I thank you for thinking about about me. Mom you are the reason I am able to have a love for all people. You are so loving and caring always willing to serve I know that you will do great in your new calling.....give them heaven! Mom thank you for your shining example. I Love you and thank you for your emails they mean the world to me, and so do the both of you, thank you for everything. The work is hard here but so rewarding. That is how God intents to strengthen us, through our hard work and understanding, He knows that we can't do it alone, if we are humble He will make us who we need to be. We must always grow and push forward with faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ. When we rely on God and understand we can't do anything without him, miracles happen. God is a God of Miracles, I know He is. Miracles have not stopped.  Take the time to write them down as they happen and I promise you as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ that your faith and love for our Father in Heaven will grow in leaps and bounds. I love this gospel and you all so much!

Till next week!
Love Elder Jason Glowa


Thursday, January 21, 2010

WEEK 14  - January 20 , 2010  -  from  Madera , California
          Hola Familia!!!!
Todo esta bein en Madera! (That's Spanish for everything is good in Madera.)
I had my first baptism last Sunday! It was so great the spirit is an amazing thing and you can truly feel the joy that Heavenly Father has for us in seeing the fruits of the work.  I'm sorry for not writing yesterday but the library was closed cuz of Martin Luther King jr day. So I'm writing today. I got my Visa mom and I activated it so all is well.
Last Wednesday we biked 31 miles....... yea I know right. I was sweating hard but it was to contact a referral we had so the work presses forward. Ummm We have 2 baptisms projected for this week so I'm excited for that but the only thing is,  that the mother of one of our investigators (Kenia) is not wanting her to be baptized so we have to talk to her about it and resolve that concern. Could you pray that Kenia's mother so her heart will be soften and that she will let Kenia be baptized? I am starting to do it every night and I know every prayer helps. Also when you go to the temple please put Xenia Rivera's name there for me because she has cancer and I know it will help. I would do it myself but I only go to the temple every 3 transfers. She is the twin sister of Kenia and we want to get her baptized too but she is always away or to sick to hear the whole lesson we have. It's a sad subject but that's what comes with the mission,  Ups and downs.
Right now we have a new family we are teaching there are 8 people there and they are all really interested! So when their baptism happens its gonna be a big one. I feel so bless to teach the people in Madera, they are so humble and willing to listen, I Love them.
To answer your question mom, yes I got my coat and the other packages which is good because it has been raining cats and dogs out here. But its all right to bike in the rain, more blessings and more people who will let us in........hopefully.
So on Sunday we confirmed the Alvarez family that we baptized and the mother wanted me to confirm her so I said yes, then I realized I have to do this in Spanish....... I was freaking out.... in my mind. We got up there and I put my hands on her head and then next thing I knew I was saying amen, I had spoke perfect Spanish, well not me but the spirit, it was amazing I firmly believe whom the Lord calls he qualifies. So if there is anyone reading this blog or message that has a doubt about not being good enough, or smart enough, or spiritual enough for the work I have one thing to say. Stop being so prideful and get to work. The Lord has the power to do anything so why not the power to make us into who we were meant to be. I will forever testify that this is true because He has taken me and given me the love and desire I need to push forward. He is always there, He will always help, and He will heal with his love. Jesus Christ, suffered and died for us, He walked the road we are walking now, He endured all the we must endure and has felt everything we feel. He did that so that He could know how to build us up, how to strengthen us. He will make us weak mortals strong. We have a divine birthright given to us, we must always remember that. Nothing is impossible all we must do is believe and press forward with steadfast faith in Christ. The church is true, God and Jesus Christ love us all and the gospel has been restore to us. We are the true Church, the restored Church of Christ, that is our message, that is our strength, that is why I am out here in California, because it is true.

I love you all
Love Elder Jason Glowa

Thank you to:
Sandy and Ashley for the ties and socks.. I love you Cuz's
The Carpenters for the Montreal shirt and maple syrup
Brigitte for the tie and Spanish hymns on cd
And mom and dad for the Montreal Bagels and the bean cake

Monday, January 11, 2010

LUCKY WEEK 13 - January 11 ,2010 Madera California
Greetings from bright and sunny California! I would say that if I had seen the sun in the past 2 weeks! There is no sun ,it's kinda funny the weather is like our springs minus the snow and the cold. We have lots of fog , its funny with all the fog we can't see the sun  and at night instead of a blue starry sky its like burnt yellow, its cool.
Just like we can't see Jesus we have to faith He's there and we will see Him again the same goes for the sun.... Hey I like that, I think I'll use it in a lesson. LOL!!!
So the greatest new of all is ----  I GO MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!!! ITS SO AMAZING. We baptized Elizabeth, Roberto, and Javier Alvarez. I got to do the baptism for Javier. Don't worry mom a copy of the program and pictures are on there way. If some of them are not up to your pair I'm sorry but welcome to my life. I don't know what it is but all the Spanish people I have met can not take good pictures. They are good but not Fatima Glowa museum worthy pictures, but I try LOL !!!
Its the 5th week into my first transfer and so we get a transfer calls not this Saturday coming but the next one. I don't wanna leave I love my area and my companion! so hopefully all will stay as it is. Which never happens because we wouldn't grow if we didn't change right. But anyway. I haven't goten the coat yet because we only get packages every Wednesday so will get it this one coming.
To answer your questions Zone conference was awesome we got to listen to a lesson from President Gonzalez so super spiritual! I love everything about the mission the spirit is so strong and amazing! My companion is from Texas and is the coolest person ever. He is teaching me that through hard work, exact obedience, and relying on the Lord all things are possible. I have come to have a greater love for when Nephi bears his testimony that if the Lord commanded him to say to the waters be thou earth it would happen. I know that  is true. Faith is so important, and if Heavenly Father commanded something, anything I know I can do it, because He has chosen me and I have been set apart to do his will whatever it maybe.
Yes , Dear Elders works , they get here in 2 days and they are awesome to get.
It's weird though, I really don't care for much else then the work now it is my all, my entire thought and being, it is the only thing that I feel is important. It is why I wake and sleep, why I eat and breath and I am so happy for that.
The Mission is awesome and to anyone who reads this I want you to know that God lives and loves us and that His son came down and went lower then anyone will ever go so that we can be saved and that He can understand us. They love us and on the mission you find out the truthfulness of this. So I invite anyone who is thinking should I go or not. Just do it ,there will be no regrets. "For he that saveth his life shall lose it, but he that loseth his life for my sake shall gain it." I have pondered this scripture a lot and have come to know its truth. I am finding and becoming my true self the one that is worth to stand in all places at all times to speak the truth. So I am giving up my old way of life to gain my true life. Please, Please anyone with doubts know that truth that theses things I say are true. With all the power of my soul I want to make it know that I have not given my service to a fairy tale! This is true, plain and simple. And I cannot deny it's truth because it is within me. I am empowered by the spirit of God to be able to say and do all things.

I love you all very much and thank you for the shining examples.
Elder Jason Glowa

I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Courtney Silva Wilson! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!And Grandma Ross your Birthday is coming up so ill wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your 27 now right? And to Kelsey congrats on your baptism you have started on the right road. Keep up the good work. All of you keep being amazing and the Lord will continue to pour out his love and spirit to you. :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

WEEK 12  - January 4, 2010 - Madera California
Greetings from Madera California! This week we have our first baptism set up. We'll have on Sunday for Elizabeth Alverez and her 2 sons Roberto and Javier! I'm so excited this is going to be the first of many baptisms ,if I keep being obedient. Teaching and all of this work is so amazing but I have now seen the other side of missionary work.....
The paper work side and I got to say I'm really not big on it, it takes time out of finding and teaching .I feel like the day is completely wasted because it takes a while and we also do weekly planing so we only get about 3 to 5 hours of proslighting in. So I realized that paper work although very, very easy when your an organized missionary it still is long and boring but it must be done. That is how we are most effective in our ward's helping efforts and everything else. But still I wish I didn't take so long to do.
Anyway we got out baptism count for last year and we just barley missed our goal of 1000 baptisms .We got 937 which is amazing because the year before they only had 582 ,and the real efforts from the missionaries didn't really kick in until about September. This year we have more faith and fire in us then ever before , we have set our sights on 1200 baptisms and I know that we can reach that goal because it is inspired and we are starting off with a bang!
I'm so happy, all the time, nothing can get me down. The language is still coming but its hard, sometimes I wonder if I will ever get it but I quickly understand that I'm getting down on myself and the Lord can't bring me higher if I'm pulling down. I have to keep looking up and He will bring me there. There is no reason to be discouraged because the work continues and I faith that all will work out. I put my shoulder to the wheel and its so great to see how much I have progressed and changed since my first day in the MTC.
This week I have started reading the book of Mormon over and want to finish it ASAP. I'm reading 1 Nephi again and the most wonderful thing has happened. It doesn't drag on anymore. 1 Nephi used to be so long to me but now I love it, I love everything about the Scriptures and all of the doctrine. I LOVE THE WORK! Everything is so amazing. Anyway as I was reading I realized for the first time that they only left the valley of Lemuel once the lord said all right everything is complete its time to move on. We must be faithful, obedient, diligent, and do everything the Lord asks of us and then he allows us to progress. Once we fill these four simple requirements then He can pour out the blessings of heaven like He wants to so badly. Often, no all the time it is ourselves holding back the blessings. He loves us and wants us to succeed in this life so as long as we do all we can we are blessed. In Matt. 19:26 I have found the truth, that we can do nothing alone it is only with God that we can have victory.
I'm so grateful for all that I have been given and for all your prayers and love. I can feel them pushing me forward. I Love You All

Elder Jason Glowa

Thank you to Auntie Joan for the calendar! I love it as always. And thank you for your Christmas presents: Mom and Dad. Ben and Courtney. The Primary, the Olsons , Patricia, Kyle , Drew, and Brigitte. Thank all for your presents and mail it brings me so much joy to know everything is great back in Canada and that I have friends and family who love me.
I only get packages every Wednesday normally, but this week I also got them on Friday. So if you're sending packages don't be alarmed if I don't say thank you for a while because I only get them at district and zone meeting and conference. So if you send a package from the states on Tuesday then I'm not getting it till next week.  all right :D I love you all!
Preparation day is mostly just laundry, shopping for office supplies and food and emailing and writing letters. Oh and we play basketball and way intense dodge-ball for like 2 hours every preparation day.

I ride my bike on average 15 miles a day which is way fun and great, I think I'm losing weight because the 17 1/2 shirts are getting super big on me.

I'm so happy for you Ben Great job, keep up the good work and come out as soon as you can its the greatest time of your life, honestly it is, specially when you have a super amazing companion like I have , Elder Machen is the greatest , he and I are unified and the work is going Great.
I love you little brother!