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Monday, January 11, 2010

LUCKY WEEK 13 - January 11 ,2010 Madera California
Greetings from bright and sunny California! I would say that if I had seen the sun in the past 2 weeks! There is no sun ,it's kinda funny the weather is like our springs minus the snow and the cold. We have lots of fog , its funny with all the fog we can't see the sun  and at night instead of a blue starry sky its like burnt yellow, its cool.
Just like we can't see Jesus we have to faith He's there and we will see Him again the same goes for the sun.... Hey I like that, I think I'll use it in a lesson. LOL!!!
So the greatest new of all is ----  I GO MY FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!!!! ITS SO AMAZING. We baptized Elizabeth, Roberto, and Javier Alvarez. I got to do the baptism for Javier. Don't worry mom a copy of the program and pictures are on there way. If some of them are not up to your pair I'm sorry but welcome to my life. I don't know what it is but all the Spanish people I have met can not take good pictures. They are good but not Fatima Glowa museum worthy pictures, but I try LOL !!!
Its the 5th week into my first transfer and so we get a transfer calls not this Saturday coming but the next one. I don't wanna leave I love my area and my companion! so hopefully all will stay as it is. Which never happens because we wouldn't grow if we didn't change right. But anyway. I haven't goten the coat yet because we only get packages every Wednesday so will get it this one coming.
To answer your questions Zone conference was awesome we got to listen to a lesson from President Gonzalez so super spiritual! I love everything about the mission the spirit is so strong and amazing! My companion is from Texas and is the coolest person ever. He is teaching me that through hard work, exact obedience, and relying on the Lord all things are possible. I have come to have a greater love for when Nephi bears his testimony that if the Lord commanded him to say to the waters be thou earth it would happen. I know that  is true. Faith is so important, and if Heavenly Father commanded something, anything I know I can do it, because He has chosen me and I have been set apart to do his will whatever it maybe.
Yes , Dear Elders works , they get here in 2 days and they are awesome to get.
It's weird though, I really don't care for much else then the work now it is my all, my entire thought and being, it is the only thing that I feel is important. It is why I wake and sleep, why I eat and breath and I am so happy for that.
The Mission is awesome and to anyone who reads this I want you to know that God lives and loves us and that His son came down and went lower then anyone will ever go so that we can be saved and that He can understand us. They love us and on the mission you find out the truthfulness of this. So I invite anyone who is thinking should I go or not. Just do it ,there will be no regrets. "For he that saveth his life shall lose it, but he that loseth his life for my sake shall gain it." I have pondered this scripture a lot and have come to know its truth. I am finding and becoming my true self the one that is worth to stand in all places at all times to speak the truth. So I am giving up my old way of life to gain my true life. Please, Please anyone with doubts know that truth that theses things I say are true. With all the power of my soul I want to make it know that I have not given my service to a fairy tale! This is true, plain and simple. And I cannot deny it's truth because it is within me. I am empowered by the spirit of God to be able to say and do all things.

I love you all very much and thank you for the shining examples.
Elder Jason Glowa

I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Courtney Silva Wilson! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!And Grandma Ross your Birthday is coming up so ill wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your 27 now right? And to Kelsey congrats on your baptism you have started on the right road. Keep up the good work. All of you keep being amazing and the Lord will continue to pour out his love and spirit to you. :D

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