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Thursday, January 21, 2010

WEEK 14  - January 20 , 2010  -  from  Madera , California
          Hola Familia!!!!
Todo esta bein en Madera! (That's Spanish for everything is good in Madera.)
I had my first baptism last Sunday! It was so great the spirit is an amazing thing and you can truly feel the joy that Heavenly Father has for us in seeing the fruits of the work.  I'm sorry for not writing yesterday but the library was closed cuz of Martin Luther King jr day. So I'm writing today. I got my Visa mom and I activated it so all is well.
Last Wednesday we biked 31 miles....... yea I know right. I was sweating hard but it was to contact a referral we had so the work presses forward. Ummm We have 2 baptisms projected for this week so I'm excited for that but the only thing is,  that the mother of one of our investigators (Kenia) is not wanting her to be baptized so we have to talk to her about it and resolve that concern. Could you pray that Kenia's mother so her heart will be soften and that she will let Kenia be baptized? I am starting to do it every night and I know every prayer helps. Also when you go to the temple please put Xenia Rivera's name there for me because she has cancer and I know it will help. I would do it myself but I only go to the temple every 3 transfers. She is the twin sister of Kenia and we want to get her baptized too but she is always away or to sick to hear the whole lesson we have. It's a sad subject but that's what comes with the mission,  Ups and downs.
Right now we have a new family we are teaching there are 8 people there and they are all really interested! So when their baptism happens its gonna be a big one. I feel so bless to teach the people in Madera, they are so humble and willing to listen, I Love them.
To answer your question mom, yes I got my coat and the other packages which is good because it has been raining cats and dogs out here. But its all right to bike in the rain, more blessings and more people who will let us in........hopefully.
So on Sunday we confirmed the Alvarez family that we baptized and the mother wanted me to confirm her so I said yes, then I realized I have to do this in Spanish....... I was freaking out.... in my mind. We got up there and I put my hands on her head and then next thing I knew I was saying amen, I had spoke perfect Spanish, well not me but the spirit, it was amazing I firmly believe whom the Lord calls he qualifies. So if there is anyone reading this blog or message that has a doubt about not being good enough, or smart enough, or spiritual enough for the work I have one thing to say. Stop being so prideful and get to work. The Lord has the power to do anything so why not the power to make us into who we were meant to be. I will forever testify that this is true because He has taken me and given me the love and desire I need to push forward. He is always there, He will always help, and He will heal with his love. Jesus Christ, suffered and died for us, He walked the road we are walking now, He endured all the we must endure and has felt everything we feel. He did that so that He could know how to build us up, how to strengthen us. He will make us weak mortals strong. We have a divine birthright given to us, we must always remember that. Nothing is impossible all we must do is believe and press forward with steadfast faith in Christ. The church is true, God and Jesus Christ love us all and the gospel has been restore to us. We are the true Church, the restored Church of Christ, that is our message, that is our strength, that is why I am out here in California, because it is true.

I love you all
Love Elder Jason Glowa

Thank you to:
Sandy and Ashley for the ties and socks.. I love you Cuz's
The Carpenters for the Montreal shirt and maple syrup
Brigitte for the tie and Spanish hymns on cd
And mom and dad for the Montreal Bagels and the bean cake

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