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Monday, January 4, 2010

WEEK 12  - January 4, 2010 - Madera California
Greetings from Madera California! This week we have our first baptism set up. We'll have on Sunday for Elizabeth Alverez and her 2 sons Roberto and Javier! I'm so excited this is going to be the first of many baptisms ,if I keep being obedient. Teaching and all of this work is so amazing but I have now seen the other side of missionary work.....
The paper work side and I got to say I'm really not big on it, it takes time out of finding and teaching .I feel like the day is completely wasted because it takes a while and we also do weekly planing so we only get about 3 to 5 hours of proslighting in. So I realized that paper work although very, very easy when your an organized missionary it still is long and boring but it must be done. That is how we are most effective in our ward's helping efforts and everything else. But still I wish I didn't take so long to do.
Anyway we got out baptism count for last year and we just barley missed our goal of 1000 baptisms .We got 937 which is amazing because the year before they only had 582 ,and the real efforts from the missionaries didn't really kick in until about September. This year we have more faith and fire in us then ever before , we have set our sights on 1200 baptisms and I know that we can reach that goal because it is inspired and we are starting off with a bang!
I'm so happy, all the time, nothing can get me down. The language is still coming but its hard, sometimes I wonder if I will ever get it but I quickly understand that I'm getting down on myself and the Lord can't bring me higher if I'm pulling down. I have to keep looking up and He will bring me there. There is no reason to be discouraged because the work continues and I faith that all will work out. I put my shoulder to the wheel and its so great to see how much I have progressed and changed since my first day in the MTC.
This week I have started reading the book of Mormon over and want to finish it ASAP. I'm reading 1 Nephi again and the most wonderful thing has happened. It doesn't drag on anymore. 1 Nephi used to be so long to me but now I love it, I love everything about the Scriptures and all of the doctrine. I LOVE THE WORK! Everything is so amazing. Anyway as I was reading I realized for the first time that they only left the valley of Lemuel once the lord said all right everything is complete its time to move on. We must be faithful, obedient, diligent, and do everything the Lord asks of us and then he allows us to progress. Once we fill these four simple requirements then He can pour out the blessings of heaven like He wants to so badly. Often, no all the time it is ourselves holding back the blessings. He loves us and wants us to succeed in this life so as long as we do all we can we are blessed. In Matt. 19:26 I have found the truth, that we can do nothing alone it is only with God that we can have victory.
I'm so grateful for all that I have been given and for all your prayers and love. I can feel them pushing me forward. I Love You All

Elder Jason Glowa

Thank you to Auntie Joan for the calendar! I love it as always. And thank you for your Christmas presents: Mom and Dad. Ben and Courtney. The Primary, the Olsons , Patricia, Kyle , Drew, and Brigitte. Thank all for your presents and mail it brings me so much joy to know everything is great back in Canada and that I have friends and family who love me.
I only get packages every Wednesday normally, but this week I also got them on Friday. So if you're sending packages don't be alarmed if I don't say thank you for a while because I only get them at district and zone meeting and conference. So if you send a package from the states on Tuesday then I'm not getting it till next week.  all right :D I love you all!
Preparation day is mostly just laundry, shopping for office supplies and food and emailing and writing letters. Oh and we play basketball and way intense dodge-ball for like 2 hours every preparation day.

I ride my bike on average 15 miles a day which is way fun and great, I think I'm losing weight because the 17 1/2 shirts are getting super big on me.

I'm so happy for you Ben Great job, keep up the good work and come out as soon as you can its the greatest time of your life, honestly it is, specially when you have a super amazing companion like I have , Elder Machen is the greatest , he and I are unified and the work is going Great.
I love you little brother!


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