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Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 11 .... December 28, 2009 ..... Madera California
How are you all? It was so great to talk to you on Christmas and thank you for telling me that I have grown, thats the best present I could have gotten..... apart from the maple syrup :D You never know how Canadian you are till you don't have a way to get what you need.... Like Bagels, all these  bagels are well to put them in Uncle Mike's words.... not Montreal bagels. Ummm nothing has really happened since I talked to you, Sundays are great I spend 10 hours at church, I finally know how the bishop feels like. LOL.
Ummm this week we didn't do to much in terms of finding and teaching because we had christmas eve, Christmas, boxing day and zone conference. So you can imagine how effective I feel right now. Man I love Christmas but it would be easier for it not to be in the way of the work LOL !. Ummm This week I have been reading more from preach my gospel to get some ideas on how Elder Machen and I can find people and be really effective, because the way the members work is if they have a referral then they give it to you on paper, they never have one when we ask right out so I'm praying and reading so that I can get some idea of what to do to be really effective. Something that I learned this week is that people are both amazing and really taken back easy.
I had the best Christmas eve of my life with the Martinez family and then on Christmas , everything was so amazing. We had an hour were nothing was set for once because we finished everything early so the English elders called us and we went over to sing carols to the Montune family, when we had to leave they had made food for us but we were already running late so we really had to rush out. So the grandma which is kinda like Vava I think she hates me and Elder Machen because every elder in the 3 Madera wards got 10 dollars from the grandma except, you guessed it, Me and Elder Machen. So we now have someone who hates us which is kinda funny. Life is like that you know you win some, you lose a lot. That's mission life especially with the investigators. But we have 5 baptismal dates projected for January so far and were not even in January yet. We are teaching the Cultenagos family with their father now so its awesome! I love seeing how the lord has prepared people.
Everything is great, I am in love with my mission and 100% on task. Don't worry the church is true in California, and the greatest thing I'm learning here is that the fields really is white and ready to harvest.

I love you all !
Love Elder Jason Glowa

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