Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

          WEEK 19 ....... FEBRUARY 22, 2010 ........ MADERA , CALIFORNIA

Hola everyone!
How are you doing? I am doing amazing, life is so busy that  I find myself most of the time waking up to just get right back into bed. The days pass by so fast it isn't funny. What I thought happened last week happened yesterday and somethings I thought happened yesterday well you guess it, happened yesterday. I honestly think that time just doesn't go normal on the mission. It's like I'm in a weird place where time moves so fast and yet so slow that everything is just a blur,but I do know something, I miss poutine, alot.
You don't understand until you have left it, its crazing how much you come to appreciate the small things in life when you're out on your own. So thank you Mom and Dad for all the small things, like ironing my cloths, buying me food and razor stuff and most importantly for cleaning the bathroom for me. Mom if your afraid of cleaning the bathroom after me try and get 10 year old neglecting Elder stuff plus me every week. Sounds scary I know but its not that bad, my apartment is really not bad at all . It's way funny to hear about some of the other apartments.
This week we have been doing amazing with teaching we taught 40 lessons this week. We have alot of people who are reading and praying but they don't come to church, that is the hardest thing to do, is to get people to church. Honestly if everyone just came to church then a super huge weight would be lifted off. But that's just the way people are, but sometimes I just wanna drag them to church myself, but then that would be crippling them, blah, blah, blah. Arg I wish I could take away agency for a spilt second sometimes its would make the work alot easier if people didn't have agency. :P Sound like anyone in particular? That's right that's Satan talk. And if any missionary ever feels this way then your not doing your job! The work is so much more rewarding and there is such I joy when people come to the choice and understanding of what they must do. I think the most joy I have ever had was baptizing someone. There is an amazing feeling of peace that just radiates for the baptismal service. I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!

              Please give my condolence to auntie Nat and uncle Tim on their grandfather passing away .
Ok funny moment time. This week I heard the funniest thing as an argument about the bible.
So this is how it plays out.( the guys name is really Juan by the way)
Juan: You know how I know that bible contradicts itself!
Elder Glowa and Price: Yes, and?
Juan: God created man to rule over the earth, and he went and rules the heavens right.
Elder Glowa and Price: Yea, sure, and?
Juan: If God really did it that way then why do women take charge and rule over everything!
Elder Glowa and Price: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!
And yes everything really is funnier in Spanish so because it was in Spanish this conversation was hilarious!
Something i read this week that is really dear to me is that everything boils down to a belief in the book of Mormon. That is the real concern that people must over come because if the book of Mormon is true then Joseph smith was and is a prophet of God and if that's true then all the laws and commandments we have are of God, so we must follow them. Everything can be answered by the book of Mormon, so i would invite you this week to use the book of Mormon when talking to someone or just to talk about the church, because this gospel is amazing and it truly blesses lives.
I love you all
Love Elder Jason Glowa
Men if you ever get into a conversation like the one I had with Juan and a woman is either next to you or present, just go with it and deny, deny, deny.
Stay safe!
Love Elder Glowa

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

          WEEK 18 ...... FEBRUARY 15 , 2010 ......... MADERA , CALIFORNIA

Hola familia!
 About my bike , I had bought a rubber tub for the back wheel about 4 weeks ago and it had been working great ,no flats or anything. But then I broke a spoke (its the rods in the bike wheel) so I had to get it fixed and my bike needed a tune up bad because we ride through everythings . Then after that the bike guy tells me to get the rubber (its a full rubber tub so no air) tub out of my bike because its slowing me down and just really not to great for the bike because there is no give when I hit a bump or pot hole. So  three or four days after that and I have to get on the sidewalk with the bike or else I'm gonna get hit by a car and then bam, I hit the sidewalk hard with the back wheel and well yea 140 dollars later I have a new back wheel .
Sorry for the money being spent on the bike, I'll make it up to you some how.  I really didn't mean for this to happen and for anyone who is thinking about it , I wasn't drifting!!!!  LOL !!! There is no drifting possible, believe me if there could be I would have tried it. 
Anyway so to answer dad's questions. I am being obedient and working hard and seeing many miracles because of it. It has been a little hard because appointments keep falling through but that is why we always plan back ups so I have learned the value of not only plan a or plan b but I have learned the value of plans g, h and even
The Suarez family (the ones who sell tamales) are doing great there going to be baptized! Luis and Salvadora want to be baptized but Myra is having a little trouble, its coming along but I know the Lord will provide a way and they will be baptized on the 27th of February!.
Elder Price and I are doing well he is a great person and well not as excited as me but I can't ask that much of him because I know I'm an odd person like that, but hey someone has to be right.
The message I want to share this week is that the Lord uses each of our specific talents and personalities to get his work done. I have found the beauty in prayerfully studying for a family and receiving revelation for them, studying and teaching them exactly what they need to hear. And the way I teach will not be the same as other people, not two missionaries are alike, which is why the work is so successful because you get to humble young men put together with different lives and thoughts and they come together and use the spirit of God to teach. It is His spirit that is the same and that is why the work will always progress, it is His work and His glory, and I am so grateful to be apart of it. I love this work and everything that I am able to see. God is a God of miracles and I know that He hasn't stopped because I see them everyday with people I talk to and teach. This is why I'm here, because I know that Jesus is the Christ, that He lives and died for all of us. I Love you all!
Love Elder Jason Glowa
P.s. Happy Birthday Cody! and Happy birthday Uncle Mike (Alberta uncle mike)
Pictures are coming I'm still labelling them and well I need more stamps because I have to send them by package so yea I get them there ASAP!
Love Elder Jason Glowa

Monday, February 8, 2010

                   Week 17 - February 8 , 2010 - Madera California 

Hey Everyone!
This week I only have 10 mins to write because I forgot my library card and well I'm sponging minutes off of my other elders...... so yea. Alright first off I have not read any emails this week so I will do so next week . So for any answers to questions asked please look for them next week.
This week was a great week, we have 10 new investigators and I am so happy that we are finding people to teach, the work is hard but worth it. The blessings can be seen every where! I love my mission so much its amazing.  Elder Price and I are getting along ,we are doing great work together and I can't wait to see what happens in the coming weeks! This Sunday a miracle happened! The Suarez family came to church! I know that doesn't sound like much but they sell Tomales (Mexican food) on Sunday and in the new year because the hour has changed to 9 in the morning they have not been coming but we taught them about the Sabbath day and have been praying so hard and they all came! I know that the Lord is watching out for us and hears everyone of our prayers. It is only when our faith is tried that we can see the full blessings of our work. I love this gospel so much and am so happy to be here. Everyone who reading this I want to invite you to come on a mission, join this marvellous work and a wonder and bring our brothers and sisters home! This is the greatest work there is to do, I'm so grateful to be apart of it and know that my God is watching over me. He loves me and each one of you. Thank you for all your prayers and letters!
I love you ALL
Love Elder Jason Glowa
This is my new email account because the church is upgrading myldsmail. so TELL EVERYONE!!!!!1

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

          WEEK 16  -----    February 2nd 2010  -----   MADERA , CALIFORNIA

          Hey everyone!

Sorry emails are a day late but the computers were down yesterday so I'm writing today.
This week was my first week with my new companion and having to actually know were I'm going when going to appointments. To tell you the truth it wasn't that bad. I mean its hard at times when appointments fall through and people won't let you in but other then that its going great.
My new companion Elder Price is way different then Elder Machen, he is a little rough around the edges but I'll give him the old Glowa buff and it'll be fine . LOL!  We work well together and the work is going amazing.
Here is the break down of my day to day as you asked mom. I wake up at 6:30..... which is less of a challenge but still hard. Work out for 30 mins then from 7 to 8 shower, eat, get dressed, and are in prayer position by 8. From 8 to 9 is personal study, 9 to 10 is companion study and 10 to 11 is language study. We are out the door by no later then 11 and then we go teach from 11 to 5 with a break in between for lunch (we get an hour for lunch) then we always have a dinner appointment at 5 that lasts another hour and from 6 to 9 we have a team up and are out teaching again. So yes it is awesome and teaching is the most fun in the world. Miracles happen everyday.
The other day we were teaching a family and a man pokes his head around the corner as we are talking about Jesus Christ's ministry and says " I to want to know about God!" So he sits down and 5 mins later he says " were is your church and at what time does it start , so I can come and hear more of God". Its amazing and miracles like that happen everyday. The Lord always puts people in our path , all we have to do is just walk and be open to the impressions of the Spirit. So that's my days.
Life is good its hard to change companions, because you get used to one another but its a good kind of hard. I am able to grow so much having to plan a lot more because I know the area and the people. I love it here in Madera, this is the best place to be trained because the work is EVERYWHERE! its amazing.
Sorry to hear your sick mom but you know that's the breaks and I know as long as you have the pog and fat cat with you your gonna pull through . LOL!!  As for letter writing I have written only about  2 letters in the 7 weeks that I been in the field. There is never anytime, preparation day is not a day off at all. I feel more tired after it then any other day because we have to go all around town getting this and that so that we don't have to buy anything during the week. I have almost zero time to write letters. So anyone who is waiting for a letter I'm sorry that I haven't been better at it but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Just know that I think and pray for you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing me. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to get a letter in the mail.
Al-righty so something I found in my studies this week is that if you have a limited time to study never go into the bible dictionary because you never come out. I spend an hour in there 2 days ago because everything leads to something even cooler and more interesting then the last. It's a glorifying trap of knowledge. I love the Scriptures so much, they are amazing there is the answer to every question in there. I'm am continually finding more and more that everything shows that Christ loves us, he has made a promise to us which we can read in john 14:18 that he will never leave us comfortless, He will personally come to our rescue. I love this work and the gospel I am able to share with the people here in Madera.

I love you all
Love Elder Jason Glowa