Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 11 .... December 28, 2009 ..... Madera California
How are you all? It was so great to talk to you on Christmas and thank you for telling me that I have grown, thats the best present I could have gotten..... apart from the maple syrup :D You never know how Canadian you are till you don't have a way to get what you need.... Like Bagels, all these  bagels are well to put them in Uncle Mike's words.... not Montreal bagels. Ummm nothing has really happened since I talked to you, Sundays are great I spend 10 hours at church, I finally know how the bishop feels like. LOL.
Ummm this week we didn't do to much in terms of finding and teaching because we had christmas eve, Christmas, boxing day and zone conference. So you can imagine how effective I feel right now. Man I love Christmas but it would be easier for it not to be in the way of the work LOL !. Ummm This week I have been reading more from preach my gospel to get some ideas on how Elder Machen and I can find people and be really effective, because the way the members work is if they have a referral then they give it to you on paper, they never have one when we ask right out so I'm praying and reading so that I can get some idea of what to do to be really effective. Something that I learned this week is that people are both amazing and really taken back easy.
I had the best Christmas eve of my life with the Martinez family and then on Christmas , everything was so amazing. We had an hour were nothing was set for once because we finished everything early so the English elders called us and we went over to sing carols to the Montune family, when we had to leave they had made food for us but we were already running late so we really had to rush out. So the grandma which is kinda like Vava I think she hates me and Elder Machen because every elder in the 3 Madera wards got 10 dollars from the grandma except, you guessed it, Me and Elder Machen. So we now have someone who hates us which is kinda funny. Life is like that you know you win some, you lose a lot. That's mission life especially with the investigators. But we have 5 baptismal dates projected for January so far and were not even in January yet. We are teaching the Cultenagos family with their father now so its awesome! I love seeing how the lord has prepared people.
Everything is great, I am in love with my mission and 100% on task. Don't worry the church is true in California, and the greatest thing I'm learning here is that the fields really is white and ready to harvest.

I love you all !
Love Elder Jason Glowa

Monday, December 21, 2009

WEEK 10 - December 21, 2009

So I'm in the field now.... and I'm loving it! I have the best mission ever!I'm in Madera for my first area and my new companion is the coolest and most obedient missionary every. His name is Elder Machen and he is a great trainer, and he is also the district leader so I have to step up my game and help him out with some stuff, which is awesome.
I'm starting to get used to my bike so I'm not saddle sore anymore.
When I was coming to Fresno I was talking with everyone and on the plane ride I talked with a man named Rapheal for the entire hour and a half about the gospel, and can you guess where he lives....... IN MADERA!!!! like 10 mins away from home so were going to go see him this week.
Ummm in other new we committed Abby one of our investigators to baptism which is sweet, I love watching the gospel bless others lives. I LOVE the people and am working my hardest, I never leave one stone unturned, work work work ,that's the secret. I know I'm what I am learning and I am so blessed to be in my mission.
We are going to call on Friday I'll be calling you between 12 and 1 our time. Thank you for all you do. Don't worry about me, the members are awesome we get feed every diner and they always go out with us and teach, they are truly humble and converted to the gospel. I love them and the investigators also, we have 6 new ones this week and I'm so happy :D Life is good, the gospel is true and the field is white already to harvest.

I Love you all
Elder Jason Glowa

P.S. Thank you in advance for the christmas packages! That goes for you to Brigitte.

P.S.S Please wish every one a Merry Christmas for me , and Thank them again for their letters and prayers ,

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still week 9 -
Jason left the MTC for Fresno California on December 16th 2009

Hey I'M IN FRESNO!!!!!!!!!

I'm here and loving it, I went contacting today and got my first baptism comitment! I love being a missionary. Ok in terms of writing me send everything to the mission office which is 1814 N Echo, Fresno, CA 93704. So all mail has to go there and then they will send it to me. Thank you for everything so I'm sorry this is short just emailing to say all is well and that im safe here in my new home. Life is great and all is right. Mail me soon :D I love you all!

Love you all!
Love: Elder Jason Glowa

Monday, December 14, 2009

WEEK 9 December 14th 2009

Hey everyone , I'm leaving this Wendesday and yes I'll will be able to call you isn't that awsome! I'll call you from the airport around 9:30-10:00 utah time. I can't wait to rock it out in Fresno! I'm so excited to contact and to meet people and to share the gospel that I love so much. Thank you so much for everything and all the memories and spiritual guidance I know that like nephi because I was born of goodly parents,I'm awsome :P LOL
Ok so I'm only going have 15 mins to talk becuase I want to contact people at the airport. So if you
miss saying something I'll call you the week after at Christmas anyway. As for writing me just send everything to the mission home which is the adress you should have if you don't I'll send it next week. They will forward me my mail so just send everything there for now. Dear elders your gonna have to figure that one out I don't how it's done to send letters in the field, so good luck with that :D ( Jason doesn't know ,but I do. If you already dearelder Jason, you just contenu to dearelder him. The only differance is that you have to open an account , for just 44 cents dearelder will print and mail the letters and it will reach Jason in only two days)
I'd like to thank everyone that wrote and sent packages to me. I can't tell you how much I apreciate you. Your letters meant so much to me.I love you all and thank you for your love and support you are all an inspiration for me. Merry Christmas!
Grandpa and Grandma
The Stake presidency
The Blakemores
The Carpenters
The Kaufmans
Chris Morales
Uncle mike (utah)
Uncle Timmy!
If there is anyone I missed I'm sorry I either don't have the letter or just forgot to write it because email time goes by really fast.

This week I want to share with you something that I have learned that is very dear to my heart. It's that everyone knows the truth of the gospel becuase there souls remember it from when we all made the choice to follow God's plan. So we are just reminding them and that's why people feel they have an empty hole, it is because they are missing the truth that there Father has sent for them to rememeber. So this year for Christmas I would like you to think of anyone who is in pain or going through a trail because that is who the Lord is preparing to hear the gospel. So Think of one person who fits in this or anyone and give them the ultimate Christmas gift. The gift that keeps on giving. The truth of the restored gospel that Christ has given us. Out of anyone I can remember who maybe open to it would be John (our back nieghbor). Who ever you dicide to do it have the missionaries involved and do a family home evening. Please at least talk to John about doing something like that for Christmas and maybe even at festivus or something just go out and share. President Hinckey said :" Every member a misionary" so please do that for me this year thats all I would like for Christmas.

I love you all so much
With much love Elder Jason Glowa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WEEK 8 - DECEMBER 8 2009

Hola Famliy

I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS THIS PAST FIRDAY!!!!. I leave the MTC December 16th at 8 in the morning so it's coming up fast and to tell you the truth I'm freaking out with excitement. I can't wait to be in the field and be working myself harder then ever for my God :D. It's gonna be amazing!
Ok mom I'm sorry that I haven't answer most of your questions in the past weeks so I'm gonna answer them all now.
First off, I'm doing great I'm fine, healthy and growing everyday. Spanish is coming but I still have ALOT of work to do, but I'm getting it its pretty simple and I'm glad I can understand it :D. Ummm I need some money on my debit card because the luggage is 40 dollars and because of what I have had to buy in the MTC , I don't have much left .
Oh and yes I did get my package. Thank you so much for the laundry stuff and especially the photo book. I love it so much thank you, thank you, thank you. I look at it at least once before I go to bed and it fills me with such joy and love for you all. Oh and thank you for putting the photos of Brigitte and I in there I am so thankful for that and especially for her. Thanks for the loving reminder of everyone back home. Yes I mailed Brigitte's package. Can you dear elder me when she gets the shirt and also the pictures because I wanna know if they made it to her.
Now I just used the word pictures and I know your foaming at the mouth for some but don't worry I put in a good word with the big man in red and he's gonna get them to you as soon as possible. All the stuff that I have for you and dad is being sent this week and should get there for Christmas, so don't open it until then ok............... like your actually gonna wait your probably gonna tare the package open as soon as its in your hands.... LOL!!!!.
Yes I wrote uncle Mike , just to let you know he is doing good :D. Did you get my last email? Say hi to Mike and Kim for me cuz well I'm not there. Oh and make sure to keep Mike a way from the computer you know how he gets and remember above all else to keep dad and Mike and Ben away from the game risk....... cuz no one wins when you've been playing for 3 hours and it's 1 in the morning and there are 3 benjimites involved. LOL
All right I think that covers most of that .Ummmm oh yea so from here on out I would ask that everyone please dearelder me , because I wont get anything handed written letters in time before I leave the MYC and forwarding mail is not the MTC's strong suit. I can get dearelder letters up until Tuesday morning. Thank you and love you all.
The message I have for you all this week is that I'm home sick, not for my home in Montreal but for my home with Heavenly Father. I know that I don't remember life before this but I have grown to understand so much in the past 8 weeks that I miss our Father in heaven. It's awesome that He is there and loves us so much . I want to say that He has given me everything that I hold dear in this life and loves me enough to constantly bless me.
I want to thank you all for your shining example to me and how awesome you are I love you so much you're all great and amazing. I FLIPN LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
This week please read alma 7:11-13, D&C 45:4-5, and John 16:33. These scriptures are all about the atonement and as I have studied it these past days more in depth, I have gained a great and deep love for my Saviour Jesus Christ and the love of the Father that is in the plan. Everything is all right because of Christ so never forget that. I watched the testaments this week and it got to the part were Christ comes and says Helum and he heals him (you know the big heart pounding part). So as I'm doing my crying thing I look and Christ isn't healing Helum, when I watched it ,I'm not kidding you I saw Christ come to Vovo and heal him. I saw Vovo get heal by the hand of our master. I know that this can happen because we have his priesthood. So please use what we have use our saviours touch thorough dad. Get dad to give vovo a blessing of healing because I know it will work. He may have gotten one already but please tell him to do it again. Vovo may not be a Mormon outside but in his heart is. I know that Christ will take care of the rest.

I only have 2 minutes left so the people and christmas list are going to have to wait till next week, I'm sorry.
I love you all and want you to know that the Lord takes care of all things because he loves us. (john14:18)
I love you all so much with all my being , I love you
Elder Jason Glowa

This is the only e-mail I have time to write this week so tell everyone Hi and that I love them and to anyone who reads this sorry I couldn't write to you this week but I'll get to you next week. Ben I love you see you in 3 years little brother.