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Monday, December 21, 2009

WEEK 10 - December 21, 2009

So I'm in the field now.... and I'm loving it! I have the best mission ever!I'm in Madera for my first area and my new companion is the coolest and most obedient missionary every. His name is Elder Machen and he is a great trainer, and he is also the district leader so I have to step up my game and help him out with some stuff, which is awesome.
I'm starting to get used to my bike so I'm not saddle sore anymore.
When I was coming to Fresno I was talking with everyone and on the plane ride I talked with a man named Rapheal for the entire hour and a half about the gospel, and can you guess where he lives....... IN MADERA!!!! like 10 mins away from home so were going to go see him this week.
Ummm in other new we committed Abby one of our investigators to baptism which is sweet, I love watching the gospel bless others lives. I LOVE the people and am working my hardest, I never leave one stone unturned, work work work ,that's the secret. I know I'm what I am learning and I am so blessed to be in my mission.
We are going to call on Friday I'll be calling you between 12 and 1 our time. Thank you for all you do. Don't worry about me, the members are awesome we get feed every diner and they always go out with us and teach, they are truly humble and converted to the gospel. I love them and the investigators also, we have 6 new ones this week and I'm so happy :D Life is good, the gospel is true and the field is white already to harvest.

I Love you all
Elder Jason Glowa

P.S. Thank you in advance for the christmas packages! That goes for you to Brigitte.

P.S.S Please wish every one a Merry Christmas for me , and Thank them again for their letters and prayers ,

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