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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elder Glowa hit the half way mark on OCTOBER 14th

Hola everyone
This is Elder Jason Glowa checking in. Everything is going great here in Reedley we are seeing so many blessings and are truly seeing miracles left right and centre. Elder Illu and I have been kicking it into overdrive here and are doing amazing!
 Alright so as you all know we here in the miracle metropolitan of Reedley have the goal to get 12 baptisms before the end of December. So we have been working harder and harder and harder every single day. It's amazing I thought I was working hard before but it turns out I still have more.It's amazing we com home and literally want to collapse into bed, but can't because there's still more to do. Even though that sounds like we are working really hard we can still do more, I'm so excited I've never been so happy and so tired in my life.
So this week we have been blessed to see 3 of our investigators accept the invitation to be baptized. So we now have 6 people so far preparing to be baptized in November! We have been blessed with so many great investigators.
Ivan,Amy, Roman Garcia , Santiago Aguayo, Yesena and Cassandra are the amazing people who have been prepared and have committed to be baptized. I really wish I had time to explain them all to you but I will do that next week, please remind me because as my mission has progressed I have been worse and worse at remembering anything but Spanish and stuff about the gospel. So please remind me about that.
I really want to tell you everything that has been going on I really want you to know its annoying that I have this desire to write fast but these huge fingers that hit like 5 keys at a time when I try and write you so yea, I wish I could write more and fast but I guess that will come after this life when I have my awesome celestial fingers! 
I know that this email is really vague and not to much filled with my day to day but it will come next week because I have to go, we have to much to do and literal no time to do it.
I will make up for it next week I promise.
I love you guys so much and thank you for your love and patience.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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