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Monday, September 13, 2010

There is nothing better then going out and giving 110 %

                             WEEK 48 , REEDLEY , CALIFORNIA

Hola Everyone,
Ok so this week I have to keep it short because I don't have much time because we have a ton to get done.
 I pretty much said alot of what is going on in my last email. We finished up our training from president and boy is it amazing. I loved it, applying it has made me a way better teacher and more important a better listener. I'm glad we had training meetings but I am also glad they are over because now we can get out and work till we crash again! I"m so excited and happy!
There is nothing better then going out and giving 110 % and coming home super tired. That is such a great life, you meet and make alot of great friends and people out here. I can't believe some of the experiences that I have had. It's crazy, I know that the gospel is true and that all of the things we talk about bring us closer to God but I never imagined in my wildest dreams how many miracles and people who are ready to hear the gospel that I would meet.
There are no words to describe the great love and power that I am able to feel as a servant of the Lord.There are so many things I still need to do. I see around me so many people who are hurt or in need of comfort and it's amazing to know that I can help them. Serving others is such a great feeling and calling. I know that it is something that I will not only do on my mission but through out my life.
Blessings are pouring in and I know that I have my Heavenly Father watching over me to make sure that I'm alright and that nothing happens that I can't handle. Right now we are in the main stages of finding new investigators but we are being so blessed with the inspiration that we need to move the work forward. We are going to take this week and put the petal to the metal. I'm so excited for all the time we have to work this week. So here we go pushing forward for our mission goal of 1200 baptisms!
Thank you for all the prayers and love that you have for me, there are so many things I wish I could say to you guys face to face but I guess it will just have to wait, know that I'm safe and happy and most of all health.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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