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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear blog readers: The last four weeks of Elder Glowa's letters were only posted now because I was away in Portugal !!!

                    WEEK 47 ....... REEDLEY, CALIFORNIA

Hola from California where the work is amazing and the summer is winding down.
Ok so first off I want to say wow the back yard looks completely different. It looks so cool, I wish I could have helped with that but it looks awesome. So is Thomas buried under the tiger fountain or just next to it? Anyway it's so nice and weird to think that things are changing back home. I knew they would but its funny to think of peoples lives moving forwards.

My companion if I haven't mentioned this before is leaving to go home in 4 weeks. It's crazy, he isn't thinking about home at all ,he is really focused but we have had talks about stuff like that at night, it's scary to think that I have been out on my mission for 11 months, I don't like to think about that at all, I really don't want to leave. There are alot of Elders I know that are leaving.  Basically in 2 transfers half the mission will be different.
It's a scary thing to think that I'm getting old in the mission. But I can take comfort that I am still a Jr companion. I think it would be super fun to be a leader but I'm completely content with what the Lord needs me to do. Alot of Elders especially at my state in the mission really want leadership positions and place such a focus on it that honestly their works suffers. It's sad and I do not want to be like that, so come what may I will bear what the Lord calls me to bear.
So this week we have had alot of meetings. We are getting trained on becoming better teachers and it is so amazing to see the blessings, and the way peoples attitude change as we focus on them and not just checking off a box for baptism. It is so amazing to feel the spirit, I have learned in this past week as well as my mission to feel it out and use it and work with it. I often remember back to when I was first in the MTC and the difference in who I am and how I talk, teach, act and am.
Apart from meetings and proslighting we got to go to the church's vineyard and pick grapes to lay them out to make raisins for the bishop's store house. It was amazing, I am able to say that I have worked in the Lord's vineyard and have plucked the fruit for the blessings of his children.
Life is so amazing, Dad thank you for always being a great priesthood bearer and mentor. You have really shown me how to be a righteous man of God. Mom what can I say, would I have been the same if it had not been for you. No I wouldn't be .Thank you both of you for raising me and for always staying true to the gospel, because of you I am here and am experiencing the most joy I could ever feel. Thank you so much for your shining example and the love I can feel from you.
I heard this quote a couple of weeks ago and I really like it's "Remember to always stay true in the darkness and stay humble in the spotlight" (Ezra Taft Benson) Keep that close to your heart and all will be well. I Love you all very much with a love I'll only be able to show you in person so I'm sorry but your just going to have to wait and see it.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Tell Johnny I say hi and that I love him. And tell him to write me back as well as Pauline, and all thoughts people I wrote to like 5 months ago. I'm not really getting to much mail and I realize its because no on is writing me back. so if you could gentle remind then that would be awesome. Thank you so much!

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