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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Date sent AUGUST 16th 2010


Hola from sunny Reedley california!
This week has been amazing and has gone by so fast its not even funny. At least for me it feels like last monday was yesturday. Well theres a week i wont get back, im glad it was a great one..... as always! We had our zone conference this week and were able to hear from our mission president and recieve the guidance and direction that we need. Also i was able to go on my exchange with our district leader Elder Wood. He and I get along really well, we are pretty much the same person. Its really weird how you meet people like that.
So to start from the begining this past week on Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with one of our new investigators Ethan, he is awsome. He is 17 and really loves sports so it was a perfect opertunity to bring in the football lesson. (Now for thoughs of you just tuneing into the Elder Glowa mission saga the football lesson is a lesson describing the restoration of the gospel to football.) He understood it completely and he really wants to know for himself that there is a prophet of God on the earth today. That night as if the day couldn't get better we contacted a Refferal we received from Salt lake and it was a family! Elder Chrsitensen and I have been praying to be able to find a family to share the gospel with, so its an amazing miracle. The daughter and mother listen to us and they were very interested we have an appointment with them tonight and we are so excited!
On Wendesday it was me and Elder Wood on our exchange for the day. The day pasted by as a normal missionary day until we got to that night when we went up to teach our investigator in the Sequoia area. As we talked with her we reviewed the restoration and were about to read Moroni 10 when she stopped us and said she had already read that. As we asked her how she felt when she did, she discribed that she felt the tingaling feeling of the spirit and she told us she knew she had to be baptized! So we set the date for her to be baptised on the 29th with her 8 year old brother she said she didn't want to take away from his day so she would talk with her father and see. So we prayed hard and hoped even harder and yeasturday as we talked to her at church she came up to us and told us she was going to be baptized in the 29th! She was so happy and excited, she was telling everyone and the whole ward wrapped there arms around her and has made her feel like one of there own.
The week we had Zone conference as I mentioned before and we got some amazing instrution from President about teaching skills and how the missions of the world are changing and getting better so the missions are stepping up so that when the missionaries with perfect teaching skills come out of the MTC in May of 2011 we will all be ready. Im so excited, we have the chance to get better and be better, i have come to truly love correction and very blunt correction at that. It helps me change and become so much more then i could on my own if people didn't care. I honestly think that is that greatest sign of love a missionary can give another is correction so we can all be better and bring more of our brothers and sisters home.
The final amazing experence happened on saturday, on saturday we had a lesson with our 10 year old friend Jazzleen and as we talked we mother said we would have to move the date because her date couldn't get the day off. Honestly my heart just dropped and then Sis. Aguilar finshed her sentance. She said that we had to move the date to the 22 instead of the 28th! So we get to have it a whole week sooner. Everything is going so amazing! We have been seeing Miracles left right and center. I know that our goal for 2 baptisms this month is completely possible and will happen we just have to stay obdeint, not get prideful, trust in the lord and work till we drop. The Lord provides a way all the time just like Nephi declares in 1 Nephi 3:7. I know the Lord will provide a way becuase this is what he needs us to do.
Thank you for all your love and for who you are, you guys are everything to me!
With much love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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