Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Date sent AUGUST 30th 2010 ( the week Thomas the cat died)

                    WEEK 46 .....   REEDLEY , CALIFORNIA

          Life is really bitter sweet
Hello everyone,
So for thoughts of you who don't know that will read this email my cat, the Great Fat Thomas met his maker last week. Alright Elder Glowa may seem like a strong individual with a big heart and strong faith and testimony, but I'm sad. Most will read this and think that it's just some kid crying over spilled milk, but it really isn't . Alot of people don't know that great bond and fun that I was able to have with my cat. I have had him since i was 7 and we grew up together. The point of this experience and me telling it is not to vent or for people to feel sorry for me but it is to tell you that when we are doing the greatest of all good. The biggest trials in life will come.
Now think about this for a second, we are commanded and told to be righteous and be the best we can be and what do we see when that happens. Great joy but we also see extreme heartache. I guess that means I'm doing my job...........(wow that joke is really depressing)

Anyway in more fun and happy news we were able to have a baptism yesterday for Amanda and Adam Harris!
It was awesome, their dad got to baptize them. The family was pretty less active and so it was beautiful to see their father there and to have him be worthy to baptize them. I will forever remember them and that beautiful service, testimonies were given left right and centre. The spirit was really powerful. This miracle was amazing, I am so happy that the Lord saw fit to bless me with the opportunity to teach and know the Harris family, they really are amazing.
In some final wrap up new, we had mini missionaries with us this week and so I had a mini for 3 days his name was Elder Jolley and we had a blast tracking and contacting people and the two minis that were with us had a great time seeing the baptism. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful experiences I can have as a servant of the Lord. This is His work and glory and I am so grateful to be able to help Him in His purpose.
I want to leave my testimony that even though life can and will be hard at times it doesn't mean God isn't there. He is there I know that He is and I know that He loves everyone with a love that we cannot even begin to imagine. Think of the pain He feels letting things happen to us, but He loves us enough to step back and let us do our very best. I know Christ lives, He is the Saviour and Redeemer of the world. We all have the opportunity to help Him as we go forth examples to the people of the world.
Thank you for everything you guys are amazing, don't ever forget that Elder Glowa Loves you all.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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