Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hoping to stay in Reedley a little longer.

              WEEK 55 ....... Reedley , California

Hola everybody,
All right so I'm really sorry but I literally have no time to write this week, I have like 5 mins because we have been gone all day and we still need to go shopping. I'm really sorry because I was going to address all the things mom wants me to in this email ,but I guess it will have to wait a week. To make up for this next week I will write out my basic life's story of the week as well as answer questions from this week and next week . Also I'm printing cd's of all 1077 plus pictures that I have ,so mom it looks like you'll get an early Christmas courtesy of Elder Glowa the first (That's me Elder Jason Glowa) .
All right, so we find out about transfers this Saturday and as always I'm freaking out. I don't want to leave and most of all I don't want to leave Elder Illu we are the most unified companions in the district and are doing amazing. Ummm yea we changed our sacrifice on letters a bit so we are just holding off on letter stuff till Monday so I will write and respond to mail  on Monday, so anyone can send me letters again. Thank you everyone for understanding. This week has been crazy we have so much to do and so little time just when I think we have time to breath we just turn and get another appointment or teach some more, it's a great problem to have .I'm excited because miracles and baptisms are right around the corner. This week we are having one of the 70 tour in our mission . We had a super zone conference and I got to see all the elders that I have made friends with in the past year that I have been out on my mission.
Please forgive the briefness of my email but I'll make it up to you if you have any further question please refer to 1 Nephi 13:22 that will answer any questions you have for me.
I'm safe and happy and healthy and I am doing a great work. God lives ,we have a living prophet and I know that we will all be with our Heavenly Father together one day. I love you all
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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