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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lots of running around but loving it !!!


Hola Everyone,
Alrighty so I have my brand new companion and he is awesome. His name is Elder Gracia and we are having a blast. I was really stressed out this past week because we are shaping up to have 5 baptisms this weekend. I am so excited! We have been seeing alot of blessings from the Lord.
Most of last week we spent running around making sure that our investigators knew everything that they needed to know and that we had the interviews set up. It was a really intense week because with a new elder coming in and Elder Illu leaving I really felt the weight of everything on my shoulders. I really don't think that I got a good nights rest till Friday. Elder Gracia really helps alot, he is picking things up really quick and we have alot of fun. We are alot alike so we are happy all the time and hard working, we are doing everything possible and I know that the Lord is blessings us more and more.
These people that we teach and try and bring unto Christ are more then just numbers, they are my brothers and sisters . I am so privileged to know each and every one of them. The five people getting baptized are Ivan Garcia and Aimee Garcia, Yesina and Cassandra Zaragoza and Robbie Nielsen. They are all so amazing.
Ivan and Aimee are brother and sister and really want to be baptized . They have gone through a lot and know that the church is true they have really solid testimonies. Ivan is 18 and is done high school and works for his dad in construction. He is really humble and doesn't want to do anything wrong ,he always thinks of others before himself. Aimee is 15 and is still in high school.  She is so excited to come to church and be apart of young women, she feels so happy and loved .I know that its good leaders and fellowship that make all the difference.I have a great testimony of church auxiliaries and of what these Presidents and leaders can do .
Yesina and Cassandra they are a mother and Daughter who have been taught for a year or 2. They are really fun and have a great spirit about them. Cassandra is 12 and is really, really hyper, I don't remember being that hyper when I was that age but I may have been so sorry mom and dad for that. Anyway, they really want to be baptized and recognize the spirit. We took them on a church tour  back in October and they are going to be baptized on the date that we set. Before we showed her the "First Vision" video we told her to pay attention to her feelings. Yesina had a really spiritual experience as she watched the video she cried and felt the spirit so strongly, she knows without a doubt that this is what she needs to do, it is amazing. We have been kinda struggling alittle while to keep them solid for there dates but I want to relate a miracle that comes with following the spirit of the Lord. Two weeks before this one, what they were struggling with  knowing for sure that this was really what they needed to do. So the spirit prompted me to tell them  to keep reading and praying and that they did they would receive their answer on the 20th of November. The weeks went by and last Saturday we went by and sat down and talked about anything and everything they needed to. As we did that Yesina told us that she and Cassandra would be getting baptized on the 27th.! And so guess what day last Saturday was, thats right it was the 20th! I couldn't believe ,just as I have promised weeks before the Lord fulfilled what he told me to say, it was an amazing miracle one that I will not soon forget.
And last but not least, Robbie Nielsen ,he is awesome he is a 10 year old that is super smart and pretty much knows everything that we teach him. He gets shy kinda easy but is really bright. He is getting baptized by his older brother who just got home from a mission in Arizona and we wont see it but it will happen.
That is basically what happened this week ,running around and transfers. We are doing well and I know that the Lord will provide always as we do our part. I love you all and thank you for you support and kindness.  I'll write down my 2 favourite scriptures next week just remind me again because I forgot my sword in the car..... I know not the best thing to do but yea so ill answer that next week.
I love you all and thank you for everything, this is the Lords work and Christ is our redeemer and advocate with the Father and I get to proclaim that truth every single day! Keep being amazing and remember to give the missionaries referrals.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Dad I remember that episode of Bugs bunny a lot, I can't wait to watch that stuff with you again, my favourite was always the one where bugs fights the crusher. "Whats the matter crusher"
pictures will be there soon.
Could you send me some stamps to Canada and some american stamps and ask uncle Timmy if he got my letter.

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