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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

                    WEEK 34 .... He's going to COALINGA

Hola Everybody!
Ok Mom and dad you really have to save my email or something because it's a major bummer every time I come to the computer and there is no email from you. Ok  I'm sure Vava is nagging like crazy so tell her that Elder Glowa says hi and he loves her and that he is safe almost.........some of the time. Haven't goten stabbed yet but I'm planning on coming home with some sort of stab scar or bullet hole so be prepared to see me with something new or missing something. Now that your all freaked out right now know that, that statement is just a joke. LOL!
Alright  this was the last week of the transfer and Elder Larsen and I really gave it all we got to finish it off right so we did all we could and saw a bunch of miracles! First at the beginning of every month we council with Heavenly Father about what our goals will be for the month coming and then we work towards that. With the work and faith of the missionaries and members combined we were able to have all of our goals reached or surpassed. This is the first time that it has happened to me on my mission and I am so happy right now. We were able to set 3 baptism dates last week projected to be baptized in the month of June.  And last week we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!! Isaac got baptized and it was one of the greatest experiences of my mission. To see that change of heart happen to someone as they learn and grow and come unto Christ. Hoary for the Spirit, it is the really worker, we just do the best we can and sit there while the spirit takes our message to the hearts of the investigators. 
The dream team (Me and Elder Larsen) were able to see all these miracles because of the great love and mercy from our Heavenly Father. So we got transfer calls this Saturday that just passed and well you guessed it, there breaking up the dream team. I"m headed out of Lindsay and going to a place called Coalinga. Elder Larsen is staying here in Lindsay and is going to be training a brand new fresh from the MTC missionary. Would you guess it, my next companion is another District leader. I have been a companion to a district leader every transfer of my mission, even in the MTC. I think president wants to keep an eye on me, which is why he's doing this :P. Just messing, I know that it is all inspired of the Lord for me to become better and there is someone in Coalinga for me to go find and teach because the great thing about the Lord , He always puts us were we will do the most good and learn the most and with a companion who we can learn and teach the most.
Everything is for our benefit and so I'm excited to see what adventures lay in wait for me. It's really sad leaving an area because you really come to love the people like your own family. Its really cool to see this change in me. I see the people as my brothers and sisters, I mean I know it's true and everything but its different now, I honestly care about there salvation and I'm sad when we get turned down to teach. I know that everything is a process and one day they may accept the gospel, but still. I honestly feel for these people and I have been here for 3 months so its hard to say good bye. But just like the song says we must press forward with steadfast faith in Christ, the Scripture that corresponds to that part is 2 Nephi 31:20. Look it up its one of my favourites.
Al-rightly well that's it for this week, next week I will probably write you on Monday because in Coalinga I think the library is open on Mondays. So be ready to write me Sunday night next week.
I love you and thank you for everything.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
You stay classy Montreal.

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