Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Friday, May 28, 2010

WEEK 33 ......... Lindsay ,California

¡Hola Familia!
How is everyone doing? I'm doing great. Ok so that mom doesn't go crazy with anticipation I'll answer questions first this week. Alright so first off , yup I got three presents that you sent me I got the sweet multi gym which I am using and am going to get really ripped. I got the CD's which are awesome, that you so much for that it is so amazing to have up lifting and really great music.
I got the one with my sweet jaguar head that i have been using to hold my pens and highlights so the mouth is full of stuff. Thank you for all the presents especially the socks and bathing stuff. Now I don't have to buy it. YES! I love gifts i can use, and ¡thank you so much for the Spiderman piñada!
I'm going to break it with the Ashcraft kids on Wednesday (Our ward mission leader). Ummm I haven't goten any dear Elders yet so yea I have no idea being in the south of the mission we don't really get packages to often. Hope it's not food :P I'm sure ill get it next week or something like that.
Mom you would be so proud of me I got in some really amazing pictures for my birthday so yes I'm taking alot of great pictures and I'll send the new ones and ones you didn't get in a CD really soon.
For my Birthday we had our presents interviews and so that was nice and we taught our golden investigator and also we had an amazing lesson with the Mcgill family. They are amazing the dad isn't doing to well and is in the part of his life where he wants spiritual guidance and so he had us over. We gave him a blessing after teaching the restoration and I know that he will make a full recovery he just needs to have faith and patience. We finished off with Dinner at the Mora family's house and it was really fun we had my favourite, which is ¡carne asada and 3 leche cake! Amazing. The best part was that the cake was miss spelled because the cake people obviously can't spell. So it read Happy Birthalay Elda Glowa! It was awsomebroso and yes I took a picture. It was a great day and our week was awesome too.
We are completely on track to meet all of our month goals so it's really exciting to see the Lord's blessings unfold in front of my eyes. Ok but the best part about being 20 is that the first thing I did as a woke up was had to barf so I prayed and then barfed. It was amazing I had been joking all week that my life was over and that i was going to be so old and so i wake up and I figure my fortunes came true. It was funny, I was only sick for like a hour or so the rest of the day was great.
Umm other then that I think that's about it for updates, we have Isaac who is going to get baptized for this Saturday and we are super excited. I am so happy! The only sad thing is that transfer calls are this week and I don't know what's going to happen, what ever it is its in the Lord's hands and I'll do whatever he needs me to do. I am so grateful for everything, the mission is something that has changed me, I have been looking back a little at who I used to be and I realize that I'm not that person anymore. Sure I still am me but I'm a better me. Life is good, and there's really nothing more to say so I'll email you next week and thank you all so much for your love and support.
Love Elder Jason Glowa
Tell Brigitte that I love her and for all her letters and support. ¡She is amazing!
Ok so I forgot one thing and we did it yesterday so I can't believe that I forgot but here in the valley there are a lot of nature hikes and stuff that Dad would really love and we went on one yesterday. We went to the Sequoias national park and it was amazing, I took alot of pictures and I have developed a love for the outside and doing this nature stuff. So dad not to get you over excited or anything but expect alot of fun when we come and visit my old areas because there's gonna be some hiking and stuff, plus we are doing to do it tons more in the coming years. So don't get to excited but except fun and adventure!

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