Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Friday, September 2, 2011

We are having a baptism this Sunday.

August 22nd,2011

Hey everyone,
Elder Glowa in california checking in after a great session at the temple. It was amazing to go in and feel the sprit as the zone went through a session together, it was really powerful. Something I have really learned is that the spirit in most cases will not just come to you. You are the one that has to be looking for it. I noticed when I was in the temple yes the air was different and the spirit was there but the only time I began to feel the spirit intensely was when I began to ask for it and seek for it. That is such a power full principal, to seek for something. Its funny the more and more I learn about the gospel and different applications in my life it just seems like a whole bunch of new options and doors open up and suddenly I have alot more to learn then I think I did.
This week we are preparing to see a miracle this weekend. We are having a baptism this Sunday at 2! Its for Gloria, I'm not sure if I told you all about her or not but she is a Philippine lady and is super nice. She has a great heart and a great desire to follow the saviour. She has asked me to baptize her and I am really excited for it, but I want to talk to her and maybe I can get her to chose elder Christian instead of me. How great would that be. That would set the tone for the rest of his mission. So I hope she goes for it, that would be awesome.
I love this work so much, and you know what its hard. It is the hardest thing is think I have ever done and I am so happy. Even when the day is hot and no one wants to listen to us I know that by doing my best we will see the miracles. I know that the Lord has prepared many miracles to happen in our area so we need to focus on finding thoughts people who are ready.
This week we have what's called special Oops and its where young men from the stake get to be missionaries for a full day and see the blessings of the work. We have been told that we will see a miracle this weekend as we keep working hard. So I am so excited, we need to keep finding but that's half the fun of missionary work is the finding. Its going to be a great week I can feel it.
I have been doing exchanges, I started last week and I have been on one for the past day so its has been great to see and learn new things from other missionaries. I'm going on another one tonight and so it will be fun. It with one of the missionaries I knew when I was in Visalia zone Elder Wadsworth. Its going to be great. Anyway I have to get going but one last remark which is the reason I started this paragraph is that yesterday Elder Sete explained the sport or Rugby to be and I am not going to lie it sounds like the greatest thing ever. So hopefully I'll get to try it after the mission because we can't play it as missionaries. I am just excited about everything all the time and I am ready to keep going strong.
I love you guys and thank you for everything that you have done for me and given me. President is talking to me this Friday about my extension so I will let you know this Monday coming about what is going on. Juts remember the gospel is true, even in california. And that God lives and loves us, that Jesus is the Christ and this is His church. Remember to always share the gospel because we have it to share it.
I love you all!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano del Norte"
     -Forever Strong-

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