Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sorry I promise I will repent and write more next week...... man I say that alot.

AUGUST 29th,2011

Hola everyone,
I need to keep this one short, because we have alot to do today. Preparation day has been crazy today and so all I have time to say is that I am so happy with everything that is going on.
Our baptism got postponed until next weekend and so we are baptizing this weekend. The work is really picking up we are have some hard times finding but i know that the lord will provide.  We just got done about an hour or so ago playing dodge ball with glow in the dark balls it was awesome it was crazy and hard but really fun.
We have really begun to clean house in our area, we are focusing on thoughts who will progress and just finding the prepared. The Lord is really blessing us for our efforts and i am grateful he trusts us enough to bless us with people to teach.
Transfer calls are this weekend so keep your fingers crossed that I stay here in Reedley I think I will but no one knows but the lord. I love you all and are so very happy for all that is being done in my area and as I look back on my mission I am really happy about it. Time...... its one funny thing, maybe one day I will figure it all out. But I know that even though I don't have it all perfect our Saviour does. He is the rock and the light of the world and I love to testify of Him in his name. it is so powerful to feel the spirit confirm what I am saying is true not only to the people I talk to but to myself as well. I wish I had more time to write but I have to get going. Sorry I promise I will repent and write more next week...... man I say that alot. Oh well, got to love me anyway..hahahaha
I love you
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
  "El Mexicano Del Norte"
      -Forever Strong-

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