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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We had an amazing baptism !!

July 26th ,2011

Hello everyone,

So this week Emily Anderson got BAPTIZED!!!!!!! It was a great service and the spirit was really strong. The young women sang right before Emily got baptized and it was great. I will always remember that baptismal service, it was just out of this world. We have been by to teach Emily after her baptism and she is always smiling and so happy she told us that she is so happy to have the holy ghost. Its awesome to see that.

I got the computer last this week so this email is going to be short, so im sorry but ill make it up next week. This week past weekend we got transfer calls and im getting released as a zone leader. President has made a lot of changes this transfer, he is pretty much starting a fresh, he released 10 out of the 22 zone leaders. Its crazy the whole mission got flipped upside down. So i bet your all wondering where I'm going, I don't know if i want to tell you, that may have to wait for next week........... now as mom gets mad at me for stalling ill tell you guys where im headed. Im going back now i say back because I'm going to REEDLEY!!!!!!! I know right, that is crazy, its so awesome, im excited beyond belief but sad at the same time because we have alot of work here now that Elder Constantino and i have busted our humps for and im leaving before our influx of baptisms. Its alright though, i know this is the Lords will. 

So like i was saying president called and released me and I'm thinking alright im free, just then he asks me if the Lord asked me to do something really hard, what would i say...... and so i answered the way that i know that i would. So i said here am i send me. And so president asked me to double into Reedley (meaning both missionaries that were there are leaving and im coming in) and im training again. So doubling into Reedley. training a new missionary and then he asks me to be a district leader on top of it all. So im not going to lie........ I am excited out of my mind. This is a whole new adventure and im ready to jump in with both feet first. This is going to be great. 

Im sorry i have to cut it short but we have an appointment and my time is about up. SO im going to end it here, i love you guys so much, mom  you talked about loving us and remembering our births and being apart of you, i am so grateful for the love that i have been raised with, not many people experience that kind of love. thank you mom and dad, and of course Ben. You have helped me find my saviour and know him. It is through your examples that i have learned the love of Christ and know i get to share that with the world. I know this is his way and i help people on the way home. This is his church, and i will stay here forever.

I love you all,
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Forever Strong 

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