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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My new president is amazing!!

July 12, 2011

Hello everyone!

So first things first, I'm going to answer all the questions mom and dad have asked me. So my new president is amazing! If you every watch the movie forever strong the way he is portrayed there is pretty much exactly the same way he is in real life. He is a great man and I know he is called of God to be our mission president, he is one of the most inspired and amazing men that I have ever met, in a lot of ways he reminds me of Dad mixed with uncle Tim. So if you can imagine the awesomeness that would come from a man like that, that is about how great president Gelwix is. So but if you haven't yet watched forever strong you should do it because it is amazing.

To answer the next question, our teaching pool right now is kind of small but we are building it up. Im excited though because next week going to be having a baptism!!!! We are baptizing a girl her name is Emily Anderson, she is solid. Its amazing, i am so happy everything is just falling into place for this baptism. So just keep her in your prayers please. Other then that we are teaching some other people here and there and trying to help them come unto to Christ. Its amazing though i am so ready to find, teach and baptize.

This past week we had leadership training and it was amazing. I love how president Gelwix teaches it really feels personal. I really cannot describe it any other way its just amazing. We talked about going out in our true identities as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and it has just been so powerful. I love teaching it makes me feel so go, following the spirit and help others see the truth. I really have found that to be one of my talents as I have been on my mission, to teach people not just lessons to people.

The other super fun thing as yesterday we got the Hanford zone, our zone and the Porterville zone together for a tri-zone activity. It was amazing we got hamburgers and hot dogs and we Bar-B-Q it was amazing while me and Elder Wilson (another zone leader) were Bar-B-Q  we had everyone play sports, we have soccer, football (flag) and ultimate Frisbee. It was a great day we played we ate and played some more. It was a good day. I also cam to understand that i love to Bar-B-Q. It is super fun and i can really make a mean burger so it makes me happy.

The reason I'm finding out new things i like is all due to sister Gelwix, she talked to us about what we have learned about ourselves on our missions and the thought came that i really haven't consciously realized many things so I'm making a list and figuring it out. So its really crazy what i have learned about myself on my mission, my talents and things that i am just interested in doing.

So I have to get going but that is my week in a nut shell, hope you are all doing well. Something i want to ask you guys o do is read the talk by elder Holland called teach the Atonement, it really gave me a new way of thinking about the gospel and missionary work so i want you all the read it because there is not other way to salvation save through the son of God and his Atoning sacrifice. That is why missionary work is so important, because it is only through baptism but proper Authority that we can access the Atonement. So remember that and how important preaching the gospel really is. I know this is the work of the Lord, i feel him so close when i teach most of the time its like he is in the room with me. I'm so happy all the time, i have never been so happy and i am eternally grateful to a God and a father in heaven that lets me feel his joy from time to time. I love you very much mom and dad and also my brother Benjamin. The three of you have changed my life forever and will  forever me my family. you are all i ever needed growing up, i see that now and am grateful for the that knowledge.

I love you all
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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