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Sunday, July 3, 2011

So this past week has been crazy!!

June 28,2011

So this past week has been crazy, and it really doesn't look like its going to let up any this week so I'm excited. I love crazy because it keeps the ball moving and its exciting so it ready to work my hardest and find, teach and baptize! So last week we had a zone conference with president and sister Gonzalez. It was the last one and our chance to say go bye to them. They will be leaving tomorrow morning and president and sister Gelwix will be here to stay.
Last week just flew by we worked our tails off and it felt really good to go and work hard. I love being a missionary, working is just so rewarding even if you don't talk to anyone. You get on your bike in the 103 degree weather and bike and talk to everyone and do your best. It just feels so good. So on Wednesday we went to one of our investigators graduations to support them and show them we care and love them and are not just there to baptize them and move one. It was great plus we got free food so everyone was happy.
Thursday was the zone conference and our good bye, it was hard and really sad but we will continue to move forward, because that is what the lord needs us to do. I am excited to meet president Gelwix, he seems like a great man and i am so happy to work with him I know that we will see miracles. Friday we were about the weekly plan and then we got a call from one of our district leaders that one of our sisters was hit by a car. So we jumped in the truck and went down there to help. We stayed with the companionship until everything was figured out and gave her a blessing. She is doing well and still working, she only ended but with a couple of bruises and scraps and thats all. It was a miracles in and of itself.
The Saturday we planned a bit and worked like crazy and then Sunday came. On Sunday i had a chance to go back to the sequoia branch and baptize on of my old investigators Randy Muston. He asked me to baptize him and so we went on a split after church and I went up there and saw all the people i remember. It was a very amazing experience. I loved it, i felt the spirit really strong as i baptized Randy. I know that this is why im here to help others to come unto Christ. I know my purpose and it is a great witness to me that all it as it should be. I love this work with all my soul. This is the greatest time of my life. I am so blessed to have the gospel and a forever family. This means more to me then anything else i could have in this world. My heart is full and my joy over flows.
Thank you for everything, for the prayers and help and the example. I love you all with all my heart.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Oh and also, mom if you and dad could not ask me about trips and what not after my mission until I am home that would be great. I'm really trying to stay focused and its harder if you ask me to start making plans about it. So I'll send you any info I get as to my flight and the date of my return but please do not ask me anything in terms of planing because me mind and heart are here and I need to keep them here until the end. Thank you I love you guys!
So the benefit of daily scripture study: It is were I prepare and have the spirit with me for the rest of the day, if something happens and my studies are not as great or i can't do them, the day does not go as well. It is in the morning studying that i gain my focus for the day and set the tone for that day. Each day is condensed version of a life, each day is new and is very much its own, to start it right we need our Father in Heaven to guide us to the goals that are worth our time. We talk to Him and He answers through the scriptures back to us. It has changed me into the man I am today to study and focus. The scriptures are some of the most important things I have. There are only two things I never want stolen on my mission. My camera and my scriptures, we have been marked and re marked and noted and have a bunch of answers that have helped me and will help me as the days go by.
Hope that helps, I love you guys! 

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