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Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is amazing !!

AUGUST 2nd, 2011

Hola Everyone,
Life is amazing, I cannot believe I'm here again. My new companions name is Elder Christian, he is from Baltimore. He was actually born in England and lived in canada as well before coming to the states so we have a common understanding of the world outside the US. He doesn't have an accent though. It is really fun to train again, it is really motivating me to continue to do my very best. Not going to lie, i am more tired then i have ever been on my entire mission....... And I am loving every second of it. Elder Christian and i just work like crazy all day everyday, its been amazing, we are going to baptize if it kills us. 
Its funny how your mind changes on your mission, I look back on how I used to think and the things i used to do and i wonder to myself why i wasted so much of my time doing basically nothing for 19 years.  But, its alright im different now and i have really come to understand repentance alot more on my mission. Its just awesome.
So the ward is happy to have me back and so are the old investigators I had when I was here that were still being taught. It has been great to see everyone, ion Sunday as my companion an I were introduced at ward council I was called "the recycled elder" Its funny because its true.
Well I have to get going because Prep. day is done in like 5 mins so I am going to wrap up here. The work is moving forward and i am happier then ever. I know this is the work of the lord, I can feel it and I will never be able to deny that I know this is true. I am grateful to proclaim his word. Speaking of which that's what im going to do now, so good bye.
I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!
Elder Jason A. Glowa "El Mexicano del Norte"
-Forever Strong-
Happy Birthday Uncle Tim.... you rock !!!

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