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Monday, August 8, 2011

So this week we had an amazing miracle happen.

August 8th ,2011

Hola from burning California,
So its not really burning or super hot it just feels like that when your on your bike riding around. But I would trade that feeling for the world...... I take that back maybe a nice bottle of ice water that would be awesome.
So this week we had an amazing miracle happen. It was actually during a dinner which makes it all the better. So on Wednesday we when out to eat with one of our members Brother Seay. Every time we go out to dinner with him we always go to the same place for Chinese food. So as we drive there we pull in and its closed so we get a little sad.(not really but it adds dramatic effect to the story) Brother Seay remembers about another place in town that he hasn't eaten yet that someone told him he has to try so we go to this Mexican/ sea food restaurant and sit down to eat. Our server comes over and of course she is Hispanic so she comes and the first thing she say are "Usteds son Mormones Verdad?" (your the Mormons right?)  And i say " Si " Which means yes and she starts talking to us about how a year ago missionaries were coming by and then they (her and her husband)  moved to a new house and lost contact with the missionaries and so she asked if we could come by after she talked to her husband and so of course we say yes. So long story short we got her number and have been in contact with them, she works quite a bit and is going to call us soon so we can pass by. But it is just amazing how the Lord works, I know that it really can a miracle we found her and I know that Lilly (that's the girl) will have us come over soon. Oh and the food was great too.
Its just really amazing to see miracles happen all the time. I want to share more but we have to get going so ill shut if off here and talk about some of the stuff i didn't get to next week. Nothing really big happened this week, other then some conformations and alot of sweat. We have been working to the bone and it makes me feel really good.
I love you guys and thank you for all that you do for me. Remember why we are here and where we came from. If we can remember that we CAN NOT fail. We just have to remember and everything will work out. I love you!
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El Mexicano del Norte"
       -Forever Strong-

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