Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I had a great birthday !


 Alright so first of all I want to say thank you so much because my birthday was amazing, I had a great day. The funny thing about birthdays on you mission is that well, its just another day. Its actually been really humbling and filled me with gratitude to see that in the end even if there is no celebration or mountains of presents that it doesn't matter what really matters is that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I know His plan and I have an eternal family. That is all I need so remembering that really makes everyday a happy birthday. 

So this week was the week of zone conference and we in the Visalia zone were the host zone for the Porterville zone. So it was 2 zones with us all in Visalia and since neither me or my companion have ever done that before it was a great experience. I have learned that I stress externally a lot and that I need to work on patience but it was awesome and fun none the less. We had our vehicle inspection that day and there was a competition to see who could have the best car and the companionship with the best car got 100 extra miles. So me and my companion took the challenge and we got there extra early to make sure to clean it once through again because we are out in the country area and so our car gets dirty like 20 seconds after we wash it. So we completely perfected the inside, the windows, we armor-alled the tired and the cleaned the engine on top of washing and waxing it. That car was so nice we got a 10.5 out of 10 because we missed one spot (we forgot to rub in the wax all the way.) We would have had an 11. But it was great we won 100 extra miles for the next four months. So needless to say that was a good birthday present and it made me feel good inside.  

We have been really working hard as always and this last week me and Elder Constantino committed to find a family this week. It has really consumed all my mind, its strange I just think about this family I don't know all day everyday. I have to find them, its crazy, there has never been this much focus on one thing in my mind before. I mean you know me I have a short attention span, but I know what I must do and will do. We have to find this family and help them come into the gospel.  We came together as a zone today and talked about what we need to do and how many baptisms we need to have to help reach the goal of 550 before July first, and so our goal for June in 16. I know that we can do it. We are all so excited and we will keep up the momentum from April and may and help our brothers and sister come to the gospel. That is why we are here to help them and the only way they can return to live with our Father in Heaven is by entering into the way, that is baptism. It is my purpose and my life and I know we will do this.

We have picked up alot of new people, we are teaching a couple. Its our ward mission leader's brother and his wife. And we got back into the home of the Orijel family and were able to sit down with the wife and the husband as well as one of there sons. It was great we didn't even have to re-teach the restoration because she read the pamphlet and she understood it perfectly. We one had like 7 mins with them so we answered a question from the husband about the need of the book of Mormon. It was great, they were attentive and really wanted to learn. We didn't have time to commit them to baptism, so I kick myself for that, but we will next time we meet. I am so excited we are finding and are going to baptize I can feel it in ever fibre of my being. I really can't think of to much else to say other them. I am well, I am happy and I am 100 focused and dedicated. I am giving my all for this call. Hey that rhymed, I feel cool now. 

I know this gospel is true and it does bless the lives of all who let it. I know we have a living prophet and that Christ is with me. I feel so amazing all the time. I would never change anything that has happened. I will look forward, I learned something important the other day. We can change the past, because today will soon be yesterday so all we have to do to make our past better is live a great today.

I Love you all,
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

that vava story had me rolling in my chair laughing, thank you for giving me the great up date, oh and tell Ashley I say hi.

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