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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There is nothing more that I love to do then to find, teach and baptize. Not even new trucks.

                        JUNE 7th, 2011


So this week I'm writing Wednesday because we had our exchange with the assistants yesterday and needed to work as much as possible so they could do a final stewardship. So this is the last week of transfers and it feels really weird, I really do not like the feeling of time just flying by. I really hope that Elder Constantino and I stay together another transfer, that would be amazing, but whatever happens I know that it is the Lords will and that I will do what he asks of me.

So that's great to hear that Patrick is getting married, I'm happy for him, its messed up to actually think about so I usually just push thoughts like that away, but if you guys see him, please tell him I'm happy for him and that I love him and that he is one of my bestest friends pretty much another brother to me. Tell also that I know he is doing the right thing.

So I did write Grandma and Grandpa this week the letter should be on its way to them I'm going to send it tomorrow, I haven't had to much time to write the envelope so I'm going to do that tonight and send it. So it is on its way, but in the mean time if you could let them know that I love them with all my heart and that I want to thank them for doing there best in bring our family up in the gospel. Oh and Vava will probably be jealous of me saying that so tell her that I love her too and remember to tell Vovo that as well.

As for my last week it was great, you know everything about my last Zone Leader Council, so from that point to now we have been running around a lot, we have been doing our best to just go out there and find, teach and baptize. It has been crazy but fun, we have really put a big focus on finding in our area. Last Saturday we organized ourselves as a zone and met at the church building on Caldwell and we blitz an area of the zone, one of the companionship's has been really struggling to find and to work so we went in together and now they have a lot of potential to go and see. It was great to work in unity, I love this zone so much and I pray that not to many changes happen for the transfer.

We found out that President and Sister Gonzalez leave on the 29th, and that is when President and Sister Gelwix come in. I am sad to lose my mission president, but excited for the new things that will happen as a new president comes in. It will be an adventure and a half. And you know me, boy do I love adventure! I'm so excited.

The last up date that I have for you all is the stuff that has happened today. So we had our last district meeting and it was a bitter sweet one, but the kicker is me and Elder Constantino had to leave early to go to Sanger. For a vehicle switch up, well not just a normal one, the mission got new cars and so we gave our old one to another companionship and we are now driving a brand new (only had 6 miles on it when i got behind the wheel) 2011 Chevy Colorado! And its red (like a maroon) color. Its a truck!!! It is so amazing, it handles well and just is amazing, I love it so much I can't believe it.

The more exciting thing now is that we get to go out and work! There is nothing more that I love to do then to find, teach and baptize. Not even new trucks. I love you all so much and am grateful for the time that i have to represent Christ and bring his message to all the world. God lives, we have a prophet on the earth and Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.

Thanks for everything,
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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