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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh yea, so this Sunday is FATHERS DAY!!!!!!! SO HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!

JUNE 14th ,2011

Hey everyone,

Alright so I'm not going to lie I am really thinking of moving to America after my mission because all the stuff and the length of time it has taken to get my new license because you my country is ridiculous. I can hardly believe it, I know that mom and dad you have been doing all you can its my country fault. Well I guess I can't complain to badly my companion is getting his license so we will have a way to use our car, just think biking all the way around to drop off all the packages in the zone and supplies, that who actually be kind of funny. I could get a little red wagon and pull it while I'm riding to Visalia. Yea, so don't worry i am do great I'm just ranting a little because 1 I can and 2 because it's actually kind of fun and stress relieving. 

Anyway, so I don't have a lot of time today because I have been printing off my fax Information so I'm going to have to keep it short. I'm sorry about that but i only have a little time left. So we got transfer calls this week, and Elder Constantino and I are staying together here in Exeter! I am so excited, we are going to baptize up a storm this transfer. I am so happy, when we got the call we went through the roof we were so happy. Life is going great we are losing president and sister Gonzalez on the 29 and welcoming President and sister Gelwix. I'm really excited to meet them. The zone is doing great we have a great load of potential for now and the coming months so we will continue and push. I have really been able to grow in my love towards others as well as my patience, it is being tried pretty much all the time, but i am learning and i have seen growth, whether it be from missionaries or bad California drivers it is coming. I have really learned when you ask for something heavenly father doesn't give it to you but gives you the opportunity for let it grow.

So we are doing are transfer thing the next couple days so on Wednesday everything goes well. There is alot more behind the scenes things then i thought there was, but it really makes me appreciate the other leaders in the mission and of the world and the church, leaders don't have it easy, but i think that is why they are looked up to.  


So i have a little more time so I'm going to share one of the cool things that happened last week. Elder Constantino and myself have been seeing a great companionship struggle so we decided to help them out, so thinking outside the box, we came up with the idea of not just a normal exchange but doing a double team. We both went into there area and saw all aspects of the work. It was a great way to help them and learn and just see why things are happening the way they are, in the end it was great we built unity and helped them a lot. They had an amazing week last week after our double team. It was so fun to do that, we have to keep coming up with outside the box ideas so if you guys think of anything cool and effective let me know so we can try it.

I have to get going but thank you for all your efforts on my behalf, i know that you are doing your all and that it is not your fault. So just remember the phrase i tell myself and everyone else when trials come "Just keep on keeping on" and of course " Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". I know this gospel is true and that all we have to do is our best once we have covenanted with God and made his promises, then he will do the rest. I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything.

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

Just do your best and forget the rest. (that is also a good phase)

I want to send Pat a wedding card but its not going to get there in time so next week im going to write a message for him, if you could buy a card you think i would get and then print and paste the thing inside the car that would be great, thank you!

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