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Sunday, April 17, 2011

This past week we saw an amazing miracle in the Exeter ward.


Hola Everyone,

So first off I want to say a special hello to everyone reading this whether it be you mom and dad or anyone who is reading this via my blog. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You guys are amazing, some have been reading from the beginning, some have just started but you are all apart of my life and have help make me who I am, so thank you I couldn't be who I am today without you. I love you all.

This past week we saw an amazing miracle in the Exeter ward. We had a BAPTISM!!!!! Cameron Chipchase was able to be baptized, it was so amazing. I just keep think back to teaching him and learning and growing with him over the past 2 weeks and it has just been a great miracle. Cameron is so awesome, he is coming out on a team up with us this week, we is teaching in elders quorum next week and he is also getting the priesthood next week! He is just taking everything in and loves the church so much. It is juts amazing to see true conversion happen.

My life is so great, we just came back from the temple and boy was that a great relief to be able to finally enter into those doors after about four months. (That is how often we get to go) As I sat there I realized how blessed I am to have a temple in my mission which isn't the case for other missions. I felt humbled and privileged to be there and I know that for those who cannot attend that the Lord truly has given a greater portion of his spirit to them. I thought a lot about Ben and what he maybe doing or going through. I love that kid a lot. Man mom and dad when we were in the pre-existence we really drafted an all-star family team.  

I know that I am so blessed. I was able to bare testimony of the power of prayer with one of are investigators and I felt prompted to talk about you mom and dad and how you followed the spirit as to when you were to have your children. As I was sharing my witness of this true principal I realized how amazing you guys are, mom and dad thank you so much for following the Lords council,for had you not. You may have only had me or maybe no one. You would have just had the dog with you.  I cannot imagine where I would be or what would happen if I had not been born of goodly parents and taught much in the learning of my Father in Heaven. 

My mission and the service I render is a mirror imagine of how I was raised. Thank you so much for raising me unto the Lord in righteousness. I know that sometimes I may have not been the best to get along with but through those times of hardship came happiness and joy. I am filled with Love for all, always, it is so amazing to be able to proclaim the truth of the gospel, I love it and never want it to end.

This past week has been great, I am continuing to learn a lot and I am progressing, that is something that I am so grateful for. Is progression, I don't know what kind of person I would be if I didn't take my mission serious thus far. When we give ourselves over to God, He helps us progress in an eternal way. I have learned this week more then anything that the way of the world is nothing. It is an abomination. This is the only true path. There is no other way, if there were a bunch of different ways to get to God then I wouldn't need to be here because anything would be fine. That is not the case through a Modern Prophet and the restoration we have all the blessings of the priesthood once again on the earth. It is only by ordinances done with that authority  that we can return home to heaven Father.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to live with my family forever, Mom, Dad, Ben, Me, Lobie, Tommy, Bunny, grandma, grandpa, vava, and soon Vovo. We are all sealed together by binding authority. Mom I have received a sure witness on my mission that Vovo will be fine and that I will baptize him. There is no question anymore, no nothing he will be with us forever. I know it and I know that God has promised that to me, I think of that everyday. That is what drives me,  in exchange for my service the Lord will give us Vovo, his heart will be softened and we will be happy forever.

I love you all more then I can ever describe with words, you are everything to me. There is nothing that I could gain from this mortal world that I would ever exchange for the knowledge that I have that we are all in this for the long hall, together. Nothing matters, this church is true, Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God. We have a Prophet today that leads and guides us, Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration. I know the book of Mormon is true and that no one can deny its truth if they really are looking. You will never get a no when you ask to know this truth from God with the true desire to follow him. It is true there is no lie. Thank you all for everything.

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

I know a lot of it was testimony in e-mail, I just felt that this is what really need to be said this week. 

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