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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I mean there is always those trials and what not from being a missionary but I am so happy I can't even explain.


Hola Everyone,

Elder Glowa (the on in Fresno) checking in. So life is going amazing, I mean there is always those trials and what not from being a missionary but I am so happy I can't even explain. Every zone leader companionship gets together at the end of each month to present our goal for the month and council about how we can help the mission. What we can do better, what we need to improve, etc. Anyway it was amazing, before that day Elder Bryant and I came up with the goal to have 10 baptized in the zone at the end of April. This is something that the zone has not seen in years an achievement this great. We prayed and knew that was the goal to set, we presented it to the zone and all of us were on board. We now have 18 with a date for April and 1 baptized with 4 projected for the weekend. 

I am so excited we are seeing Miracles left, right and centre here in our area and the zone. We are going to have a baptism this weekend for a man named Cameron Chipchase, I'm pretty sure I mentioned him last time but yea anyway. He has been having a lot of trials but is doing so good, he knows the church is true with all his heart and is so excited, I can't believe it sometimes. Just how great the Lord loves us and the truthfulness of his message, because its not my message, not yours not the worlds but it is God's message to his children that we can return to him as we follow the council of a living prophet. He sat through and paid complete attention to all 10 hours of conference, he was with us all Saturday and most of Sunday and on Friday he came out with us on a team up and bore powerful testimony to our investigators. He is so prepared it is not even funny. Its amazing and I cannot tell you how happy I am all the time because of the knowledge that we can do good and at least help one of our brother and sisters find there way home. 

That is something I really have come to understand on my mission these people are not strangers or weirdoes or anything like that, they are my brothers and sisters and I want them to come home with us so that we can see Father again. That is truly what its all about.

So to answer your questions on conference it was amazing, I have really learned to love it so much there is just an out pouring of the spirit. My companion is going home at the end of the transfer and so I have been making jokes about him getting married really fast and he said he isn't going to get married for 1-2 years and so we go to conference and what happens he gets the smack down from Richard G. Scott and President Monson that we need to get married. So I look right at him and laughed my head off. It was really funny and Cameron joined in which made it even more funny. I really loved Priesthood session and the Sunday afternoon session that is my all time favourite sessions. Sunday afternoon and priesthood, because priesthood is always good and Sunday afternoon its the last most powerful session. I loved the talk about pain and also the one about afflictions. They are so necessary and it brought a lot of light to some thoughts that I have been having. I can now teach those aspects a lot clearer and the talks really moved me. 

I have to go but I'm so grateful for all the blessing that I have and all the miracles that are going to happen this week, I love you all very much.

Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

If your wondering why my email is spelled better its because I now use the magic of spell check to make me look smarter..... what do you think? LOL!!!

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