Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last email from the mission field in California.

October 15th,2011

Just a quick note, today is preparation day because next week is going to be transfer week and its on Monday this is the day president switched to preparation day. I just wanted to say thank you and that I'll see you around 1:35 am in Montreal Tuesday morning. Its crazy to think about what is happening. I am so tired it feels great I am going to work until I pass out tonight and then I will be seeing you all soon and give you the up dates of my life. I just wanted really to write that and make sure you had my Itinerary for my flight. I'm pretty sure you do, anyway I have to get going because we are trying to get everything done really fast so we can work as much as we can today seeing as its the last working day I will have in california. Hey so I hope you have been able to talk to the YSA elders so I can go with them on Tuesday for my last hours as a missionary.
I love you guys,
See you soon,
  Elder Jason A. Glowa
 "El mexicano del Norte"
     -Forever Strong-
I understand I will be really weird for a while so just please bare with me as I try and get sane or at least some version of it. We went to the Temple yesterday and I felt so weird and awkward all day. It was just weird not having a definite companion even for a couple of hours, I just felt lost so bad, I hope you can still love me even though I'm crazy. LOL!!

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