Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am having a great time and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission.

WEEK 68.......Tulare, California

Hey everyone,
Alrighty so this is Elder Glowa the original Elder Glowa that is. Not saying anything against Ben but I was here first so I'm Elder Glowa sr. or #1 what ever, that's not important!!!! LOL!!! So my week went by really fast and really well. I am having a great time and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission. Some times I really can't believe I'm here. It's funny, I look back at all the things that have happened on the mission and I truly see the blessings of the Lord.
So right now I'm writing my email for my ever so familiar Lindsay library. I'm on an exchange with Elder Martinez and so I'm back in Lindsay! That's one of the perks of being me and where I am in the mission.
Before I forget something really amazing that I learned this week is how I can know if I'm doing good as a missionary or not. Before I was always looking to others to say I was a good person and even sometimes I would ask if I was a good missionary, but no one can tell me because they don't know all my works or my hearts actions and desires. Only Heavenly Father can do that. As I turn to Him instead of the world I can really find where and how I need to be better. That is truly what it is all about, its about becoming better and really doing all that you can to become who God needs you to be.
Sorry I just wanted to share a little bit of revelation that I got this week. Everything is going well in our area of Tulare it's great. The members love us and we are really focusing on finding people who are looking for the gosple. We have some really solid investigators and we really are doing all we can.
 Elder Jolley and I get along very well and have a lot in common. I can't believe it sometimes, we are really unified it kind of reminds me of when I was with Elder Larsen last year. Except the roles have changed and well I'm older and somewhat a better missionary.
Its weird to know exactly where you were last year at this time. But hey life goes on, I'm excited to the rest of the day as I have the exchange and the chance to be in wonderful Lindsay once again.
Mom and Dad I want you to know that I love my mission with all my heart and that I'm doing very well, everything is good and I am happier then I have ever been. This work is true, I know it with all the energy of my heart and soul I know that it is true.
Mom I want you to do me a favour, can you email the elders who baptized you and tell them thank for me and for you. Just write them and tell them what a great blessing they have been to us, because you are here so am I. When you do if you can send me there address' because I want to write them and personally say thank you.
I have to get going but thank you for everything.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa

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