Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The message we share changes lives, not only has it changed my life but I have seen people be able to accept Christ in there lives.

WEEK 69 ..... Tulare, California

Hey everybody,
Alright to start off tell Becca and Bruno congratulations for me that's so awesome! Oh and to Patrick (this it to be quoted to him as I would say it) "WHAT THE HECK, you can't wait like 4 months for one of your best friends to see the wedding." (then follow up with) "Im proud of you though brother, my best wishes and even though I can't be there I'll be there in spirit." So I need you to tell him that for me.
To answer some questions before I get into what's going on with me. So I got Merr's letter and I haven't finished the reply. I'm going to be done next week so i'll send it next Monday. As for packages I'll get them on Thursday because my zone leaders have them and that's when I'm going to see them. So I'll finally get my Valentines day package and the flags! So the flag isn't for my companion but another missionary I know it was his birthday and we are good friends so I wanted to give it to him because he is from Minnesota which as we all know is Canada #2 or so I joke with him. Anyway so yea and the other flag is for some awesome people I'm teaching.
So I think that answers all your questions alrighty as for whats going on with me. I have some shocking news! President Gonzalez is getting released! His 3 years are up as my mission president July 1st. He is awesome so we are sad to see him go.He and sister Gonzalez have done an amazing job and we love them alot. Our new mission president (yes I know who it is) Is going to be President Larry Gelwix and his wife. He coached the highland rugby team and is the coach in the movie forever strong. (It's not really him but an actor is playing president Gelwix). So yea I'm sad and excited, sad to see President Gonzalez go, but excited for the new adventures ahead. I bet President Gelwix is going to tell us awesome sports analogies! Hurray for sports!
Oh yea that's something that I have really learned to love and appreciate, is that opportunity to be outside and have fun. Apart from taking football back up I want to play tennis and basketball and a whole bunch of stuff. I love begin outdoors it's so much fun. Don't get me wrong I love to work hard every single day preaching the gospel but I also love a good Preparation day. Having fun with a bunch of missionaries playing sports and making memories is super fun. I have learned that when you work right as a missionary you really need those preparation days. Oh speaking of preparation days next week we are going to play against our neighbouring zone the Visalia zone in flag football. We are going to dominate! I'll tell you how it goes next week.
So to talk about some of the people that I teach for the sake of time I'm going to talk about one couple in particular. Andrew and Maria, they are awesome. I think they are some of the funniest people that I have taught on my mission. Andrew is in web design and really good at it so if anyone back home needs help, like dads company or anything like that he is the man for the job. So I'll get you his email address so you can get in contact with him if anyone needs it. Maria goes to school, and works with kids. The both of them are really funny and love to learn and understand what we are saying. They have such great spirits about them I just love going over and teaching them.
Oh that reminds me, they have this friend I met once who is pretty funny too,his name is Hampster. I think he has a real name but I'm not sure what it is. I've been trying to figure out where the name came from too. He doesn't drive a ball or anything but he has a white patch of hair on his chin so it could be that. I've never been to his house so it could be that his room has pellets on the floor, an exercise wheel and a big bottle of drinking water, but I don't know because he lives out of our area. I guess its one of those mysteries of life, I'll have to ask him, maybe if I give him some lettuce he'll tell me. I'm just playing around, Hampster is a great guy from when we were talking with him and what I know he's pretty cool. When we were talking he absorbed all we were talking about quick, he is a fast learned I just wished he lived in my area because then I could actually teach him. But them's the breaks.
Life is great, it's so amazing to be a missionary, to run around each day and talk to everyone, I love it. The message we share changes lives, not only has it changed my life but I have seen people be able to accept Christ in there lives. I'm so grateful for this time I have to share the gospel and to really know and understand that these things are true. I know that I'm not prefect and I know that I have weaknesses but I can and will be made strong through Christ. "Whom the Lord calls he qualifies" He as called me to be a missionary and so because of that I will not quit, until the time my tag comes off I will not stop because I have work to do and a loyalty to God to do it. Thank you guys for everything you have given me and for all the support that I have from you guys. It makes things easier here knowing that your alright back home.
Tell Vava and vovo I love them very much and that they are always in my prayers, I know that because of them being guided to where they are now and following the spirit. Thank them for everything and tell vovo to hang in there I'll be home soon to baptize him so get him ready so we can be an eternal family all together. I love you all with all my heart.
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa


  1. I am Andrew that Mr. Glowa speaks of. I have recent pictures of him signing a flag and giving it to me. Would you like me to email them to you? They will be on facebook just in case you do not want your email given out.

  2. I just saw your comment now, I don't know how I missed it !
    That would be great Andrew, I would love to see those pictures !!!
    You can email to me at....
    I'll go look on facebook.....but it would be great to have them.
    Elder Glowa doesn't send me to many pictures....
    Once again , thank you.