Birthday: May 20th ,1990

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I wish I would have taken the church more serious in my youth,

WEEK 70 ..... Tulare , California

Hey everybody,
So I don't have to much time to write today because I have to get to work, but everything is going great. I love being a missionary, there is nothing more fulfilling and great and happy and peaceful. I love this life and I could live like this forever. That's probably why they give us a time limit because no one wants to leave so they force us to. I wish I would have taken the church more serious in my youth, man the kids who are born into the church or even into a gospel setting don't know how good they have it. I have seen so many things on my mission. Just the different walks of life people have taken and where it leads them. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have had to learn and grow with people. In reality that's what it all is, is that we all come together and learn and grow.
Not to much happened this week other then Monday, we had a zone activity, we played football and the whole zone bought shirts so we have amazing shirts and pictures to which I will send copies home......someday. This week I'm going to get to go on an exchange in Lindsay on the 10th which is the first day I got their last year. So it's really amazing. I have been in the south of the mission for a whole year! That's right people will have to start calling me King of the South! Not really but I think it would be funny.
We are really focused on finding new investigators and trying to help other come unto Christ through that, so we are doing all we can and I know that the Lord will bless us. I am so grateful for you guys my parents and for all you have done for me. On my mission I have been able to really know that my redeemer lives and that he loves me. This is a great time and I have to get to work, to help my brothers and sisters come home.
I love you guys a lot
Love Elder Jason A. Glowa
Peace, Love, and Temple Marriage. (a quote from one of my zone leaders bishops)
I have the packages and everything is great, thank you so much you guys are amazing! Oh and I promise I'll write more next week.

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